1/ What threatens the foundation of the modern left more than the scientific research into race and intelligence?


So it's not surprising that a co-founder of critical race theory, Richard Delgado, wants it stopped.

2/ Delgado et al proposed in 1983 that scientists conducting race and IQ research could be "regulated through an institution's control over tenure, promotion, and merit increases," and, if that failed, perhaps the government could step in and establish "a complete prohibition."
3/ After reluctantly acknowledging that scientific inquiry has constitutional protection, Delgado wondered whether calling intelligence research (one of the most robust research areas in psychology) "pseudoscience" might provide an opening to kill it. (Sound familiar?)
4/ Delgado continued by discussing "possible restrictions on the activities of race-IQ researchers at various stages of their inquiry." In particular, he seemed interested in cutting off funding.
5/ Delgado then raised the possibility of "prevent[ing] dissemination of [IQ] research results" or stopping dissemination of data and findings "under a theory of protecting the public from... imminent lawless action."
6/ Or perhaps "a group libel action brought against the researcher" might do the trick?

He also discussed the option of using obscenity law precedents to create a judicial avenue for killing off research and punishing researchers.
7/ Other ideas included:

— Laws to prohibit teachers from presenting "controversial scientific ideas in classroom or lecture halls." (Ironically, the father of CRT worried about "the danger of indoctrination" in schools.)

— "[University] restrictions on speech to assure the tranquility of the campus." (Delgado is arguing for campus speech codes and safe spaces before either existed on campuses. No surprise there.)
9/ Delgado seemed convinced that certain scientific information, even if valid, could cause "psychological harm" and a "risk of violence," and that arguing for the existence of these potential risks might open up legal opportunities to establish laws against research.
10/ Tellingly, he wondered aloud whether intelligence findings have any "utility."

Well, of course they don't to people who believe that racism is responsible for racial disparities, but they have enormous utility to those who don't.

Which is why Delgado wants them undermined.
11/ "We concluded that regulation of genuinely scientific race-IQ research would be constitutional if narrowly aimed at those specific social harms that may arise immediately and demonstrably from the very act of research: stigma, psychological injury, and the risk of violence."
12/ I'll leave you with this famous Delgado quote:

“Unlike traditional civil rights, critical race theory questions the very foundations of the liberal order, including equality theory, legal reasoning, Enlightenment rationalism, and neutral principles of constitutional law.”
13/ You can add to that laundry list: "Critical race theory also questions the value of scientific inquiry."

• • •

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