I am absolutely irate that this remote policy is now affecting people with disabilities who have already disclosed their disability and previously been given accommodation to work remotely.

What kind of a message does that send to your disabled workforce?
This is why I loudly advocate about these things on Twitter, and why I've spoken to the press on the two occasions I have.

People don't know who to tell about these things, and in the past, they've just quietly gone on suffering, or found another job that accommodates them.
It is so important to have the space to talk about workplace issues, especially ones of this magnitude.

This is egregious, & I absolutely will not back down.

Disclosure of a disability is about protecting YOU, not your employer. It's all need-to-know.

I've worked remotely for almost the entirety of the last 7 years, and not one time has an employer asked me to sign a medical release, or required me to prove that I am Bipolar or that I can better perform my job remotely.

Not once.
And I've received other accommodations, too.

At @webflow, I asked for an accommodation to get a stipend for a housekeeper when I was in a very deep depressive episode. I couldn't both work and take care of the house.

They approved it, no questions asked.
Job Accommodation Network (JAN) recommends employers ask employees directly how they can be best accommodated when the accommodation is not well defined.

Receiving a form to release your healthcare provider from HIPAA for TWO YEARS to your employee and all auth'd parties?

Tip: When the impairment and need for accommodation are not
Tip: If an employee with a disability requests a modificatio
Things I'd never sign: INSTRUCTIONS (Employee)Please sign the Authorization to Rele
Anddddd there's more. Keep in mind, this is for an accommodation to work remotely because of a disability, based on recommendation from someone's doctor. This is NOT a leave request.

The third-party processor sends the following form to your healthcare provider after you sign.
If this is not returned within two weeks, filled out and signed by the doctor, to the third party processor - the request is unceremoniously denied, as advised by our People team.

• • •

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Disability advocacy is very important to me. I hid my bipolar disorder for 10 years because I didn't know I was protected by the ADA. When I was deep in depressive episodes, I lied.

I will absolutely not stand for call-outs by people calling this advocacy "pandering".
Tech has always had a loud, apparent struggle with accepting that accessibility is a requirement, not a nice-to-have; that if an application doesn't work for a disabled person, it doesn't work.

This has made the culture around disability disclosure more and more intimidating.
Educate your organization's leadership about the ADA. They should know what information they are allowed to collect, and how their communication can be marginalizing and callous, creating an unwelcome and even toxic environment for disabled employees.
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There is absolutely nothing wrong with disagreeing with someone's opinion.

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