This sentiment exists in the minds of so many because they’ve fully accepted an alternate reality that BJP has created - that highlighting failures means you’re anti-India, and if you’re Muslim you’re obviously anti-India… How did they do this?
The branding of students, activists and critics wasn’t an isolated act. It was actions done for a larger purpose - to conjure the reality that so many people inside India are against the country.

Many think it’s to scare critics, and it is in part, but even bigger reason:
It gives their supporters an enemy to hate. And gives them ammunition to deflect any legitimate criticism.

Instead of rage being directed against them for failing during 2nd wave, and actively making it worse, they redirected anger against those who covered it!
There’s an entire book that covers just how alternate realities are constructed.

Not just in politics, but also by religious godmen, nation states and intelligence agencies.

The war for your thoughts is actively being fought right now!


• • •

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18 Jul
While you follow the #Pegasus #spygate stories, remember that it costs $7-8 Million per license, and one license can be used on 50 phones.

It throws off ALL data - calls, messages, keystrokes, remote activation of camera + microphone… complete access. What this means is…
That a significantly large team is required to sift through it all.

It isn’t mass surveillance automatically looking for keywords in conversations, it’s targeted and total surveillance of a small group of individuals… Someone is manually going through it all.
This raises an important question that won’t be answered today… who are these people doing the snooping?

We know it’s the govt, but who in it? It’s likely it’s under MHA, but someone must follow up exactly who… the potential for misuse and blackmail is tremendous.
Read 11 tweets
18 Jul
Sure there are many activists, journalists, judges and bureaucrats whose phones were illegally tapped by this Govt, but what’ll surprise many is how many BJP and RSS people who are considered close to Modi were tapped!

Why? Because the regime depends on sycophancy.
They depend on controlling the information environment to dominate your thoughts. Media is only the first and most obvious lair.

To make it sustain, all institutions and people must be brought under control. This includes their own leaders - they have to make sure…
That the Bhakti is real, and to keep blackmail material ready in case it starts diminishing.

It’s for this information control that they’re fighting Facebook and Twitter, through which a lot of information flows. And why all statistical bodies of India have been destroyed.
Read 9 tweets
28 May
I am pro vaccines and I also want government to release important data surrounding it. That’s not hesitancy, it’s common sense.

What data do I want?

- Covaxin Phase 3 trial, peer reviewed.

- How many got COVID after 1st, 2nd dose. With what variant. (We need genome sequencing)
- How many had to get hospitalised, died after vaccines (1st and 2nd dose breakup. Covaxin / Covishield breakup, state and region wise.

- Status of variant identification in India. Because with these many cases, virus has a much higher chance of mutating. Must be tracked.
Without such data, impossible to make informed calls on policy. Our great Govt operates entirely on one man’s feelings and gut instead of data. It’s proven this is a horrible way to do things.

Why I want the data instead of just accepting the efficacy data out there? Or UK data?
Read 6 tweets
28 May
Demand traceability that’ll break encryption - claim we respect privacy.

Try to censor everyone on SM except your abusive trolls - claim we love free speech.

Ensure farmers get less and consumers pay more - claim we’re doubling their income.

Keep increasing fuel prices...
Claim “global rates” even when they’re the lowest they’ve been in decades!

First claim Modi’s made Indian image amazing internationally, yay Modi. Then switch to world is against us, defaming us, conspiracy, when they report the truth of your failure.

The vaccine order claims,
All clear lies and falsehoods.

They’ve demolished all institutions that had credibility, removed all competent people and placed in sycophants that’ll lie and say nonsense all day for them, including a Health Min who’ll support a charlatan Coronil salesman over doctors.
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6 May
I think I’ve figured out COVID death discrepancy. Was looking at how states are compiling the death data that they release, and it’s crazier than one could imagine. [Thread]

Looked at 3 large states, but the figures they release of deaths are collected from hospitals!
The death figures you hear only counts people who died while COVID positive when admitted in a hospital!

Someone never admitted to hospital - not counted.

Someone released after being negative and dying due to post COVID complications - not counted.
Someone even dying outside the hospital, pleading for a bed - not counted!

The data is assuming COVID deaths is only COVID patients dying in a hospital, which is obviously going to lead to a massive undercounting of COVID deaths.

There is a source of the real numbers though...
Read 8 tweets
19 Apr
Why is the PM missing? Why are they campaigning in Bengal? Here’s the likely answer:

In any event, the first question he asks is what’s best for his image. It’s never what’s best for people or nation, it’s always the image.

In the current crisis, they took a concerted call...
And they reached the conclusion that staying out of reach and away from the crisis was a better bet for his image.

Thought process: Nothing to be done, we’ve already exported vaccines, not allowed foreign ones or prepared hospitals and oxygen, so people will die.
If Modi leads from the front, people will associate him with the deaths and the crisis. So he’ll do nothing.

In a few weeks, when lots have died but the situation starts to get better - oxygen, medication sorted, bed situation better, vaccines being imported and made...
Read 9 tweets

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