Eyes on target

How to set goals effectively for high performance living

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To understand Goals, think about how it's used in the game of football.

It's the desired outcome towards which all action moves.

A purpose, for which an individual strives for.

It is the director for how we think and act.

Non-reflexive action MUST be driven by goals.
To understand and predict a person's behaviour you need to have a sense of his goals.

To have order and stability you need goals

To have a connect between your desires and their manifestation you need goals

The pursuit of these set goals is what will give your life meaning
⚔️ Grand Vision

A goal is an extract from the grand vision you have in mind for your life.

Fulfilment of these goals realize your vision.

Make sure you think big - Aim for the stars and you will atleast reach the sky.

Refuse to compromise on your vision.
Once you have a vision and direction for your life it's time to set goals to get there.

Usually when people fail to accomplish something it's because they haven't set goals efficiently

Most often it's because you don't know how to,

Read on, I'll try and explain best I can.
⚔️ Well defined.

Your goals must be,

➼ Defined
➼ Directed
➼ Detailed
➼ Documented

Vague fantasies can't be goals. Being happy, falling in love, making money aren't goals.

Sending 10 job applications a day to book 5 interviews a month and be employed in 90 days - is a goal
⚔️ Quantitative

Your goals must be measurable, your progress must be measurable

An outsider must be able to look at your progress and quantify it with numbers

Example - Earning 2000$ in 15 days by selling product X.

It's not a wish, it's a clearly visible objective.
⚔️ Time restriction

Goals without time constraints are open ended. They do not feed you with a sense of urgency.

Lack of deadlines = Lack of commitment

Schedules and deadlines keep you accountable.

Have a specific target date for all your goals

Shut down procrastination.
⚔️ Uncomfortable

Your goals MUST make you uncomfortable.

This is a pure sign of stepping out of your comfort zone and pursuing growth.

If they don't challenge you there is no sense of reward at the finish line

They must stress you but also excite you &

Bring out your best
⚔️ Match with your values

The values you choose to embody must be in synch with the goals you choose to accomplish

You cannot choose to be a man who doesn't lie and have a goal to be a politician

Harmony and congruency in thinking and action is necessary

No contradiction
⚔️ Balanced

It is completely upto you if your goal is to be a fortune 500 CEO.

However the trade off is 100 hour work weeks and less time for yourself and family

To maximize satisfaction set goals that balance all avenues of your life

Family, financial, health & well being
⚔️ Stacking

What do you do once you accomplish your goal?

You give yourself a pat on the back and set a new goal.

Stack goals that are an extension of the previous one

You managed to get a job? Work on getting promoted

You made 2000$ work on 20,000$.

Constant growth.
Steps to achieve,

➼ Determine your vision
➼ Define your goals
➼ Determine the why & How
➼ Set deadlines
➼ Gather skills and resources
➼ Put it all together
➼ Visualise
➼ Go after it relentlessly
➼ Pause, review and adjust.
Further reading -
Brian Tracy 'Goals',
The psychology of goals - Moskowitz


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Personal efficiency + High quality information + Deep work = Success.
97% of the average public slowly drift away from their goals within a few months.

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ALL of my accomplished goals have had one deciding factor - I went all in.

Unwavering single purpose
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