There can be deep fear, despair, rage, when the reality of the climate crisis permeates one's consciousness. In my experience/observation that can come right away when you first understand the trends, the politics, the science, or later, when all of that has been digested.
That was the early 2000s for me, which I more or less cried through (a few of you were there, like @barbaraeford1). There's no manual for this but also no avoiding it. As far as I know, our choices are (1) to process what's happening or (2) to move through it all numbly.
Processing is hard, but possible.
And numb, you aren't able to see clearly. And we need as many of us to see as clearly as we can right now. To take the wisest actions we can for the people and places we love, for the other beings who don't have a vote in human affairs, and for all the people yet to come.
So thank you, those of you who are willing to feel it, to be aware in this time of danger and opportunity (I really mean that opportunity part, not just as a slogan - the society we need to make to respond to climate change will be so much more healthy and just than this one).
Everyone finds their own way, but I will close by offering a few things I've learned that help me as somewhere along the way, I stopped crying quite so much, and had more energy to try to be useful.
So, a short list (my list, you'll need yours in the end, but maybe there's a start here).
Find your people, the ones who are also able to *really* acknowledge what's afoot, the one's who can look straight at things with you. Treasure those people, be there for them when they are low, turn to them when you are They are rare still, but their numbers grow by the day.
Find your part. No one has to (or could) do everything, but we all need to do something. That doesn't require total reinvention by the way. Since climate touches everything, you can start by doing what you are already doing, but look for the intersections with climate.
Curate your experience - this may sound contradictory to all of the above, but it's not. Fires and floods and death and loss are real right now, but they are not all that's real.
Mutual aid and food forests and infrastructure bills that can be influenced these are all real too, (and net zero buildings and microgrids and bike shares and multi-racial democracy, and....)
On the front pages these are not as prominent and not as gripping as the images of loss and devastation but the problems and the solutions co-exist right now, and neither is the whole story.
So feed your imagination and use your hands and intellect and let it hurt (how could it not hurt to be aware and awake right now)? And find your people and find the beauty and just keep going, because nothing is final yet...
....and the difference between potential futures is in your hands, at least a little bit.
And..... thank you for being willing to let it hurt. That, perversely enough, is how I believe we keep it from hurting more.

• • •

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