I don't choose to follow (on Twitter) people on the basis of their follower size but, rather, on the strength of their posts.

Like this one.

And I have some relevant bits to add...
Back in the late 90s to 2002 I was speaking out on "global warming"/climate change. I still have copies of the talks I'd give, the flyers I made...

I was hitting all the themes that @AbruptClimoMet hits in his thread.

During that time, I recall an online conversation with....
3)...Bill McKibben, in which McKibben wondered what it would take to wake people up to the magnitude of the problem.

Would it have to take a direct CAT4 or CAT5 hurricane hit on a major US coastal city, say New Orleans?

I was with my wife on a several day day hike getaway and
4)...in a cheap (but nice) motel room, there on the TV, was the scenario unfolding - CAT4 Hurricane Katrina heading straight towards New Orleans.

I thought to myself, "OK, is this going to do it?"
5)...of course, as you know, the devastation of New Orleans didn't make a bit of difference - nor did the devastation parts of NYC by Hurricane Sandy 7 years later.

Now the Atlantic "thermohaline" pump (the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, AMOC) is slowing...
6) As the AMOC slows, it will pump less heat to the high latitudes of the North Atlantic, so Europe & the Northern part of the American Atlantic seaboard will get cooler; as a simple matter of thermodynamics, bigger storms will take up the slack, pumping the Equatorial heat...
7) ...North. Scale hurricanes up - what if another Sandy, but a CAT5 Sandy, were to hit NYC? Even a CAT6?

It's inevitable.

Meanwhile, horrific "heat domes" are roasting whole regions in the North American West. These will get even worse, to the point that power grids collapse.
8) As with the #COVID19 pandemic, the results are wholly predictable - and, as with COVID, the accompanying denialism will persist even past the point of disaster.

Meanwhile, other factors can derail action in disturbing ways. Back in the Fall of 2001...
9)..I was at a major environmentalism conference, & the American luminaries of the movement were cranking up to have at the new George W. Bush administration, concerning global warming/climate change...

I had been talking, at dinner, with a woman out 30 years older than me...
10) Walking back from the dining hall, to the main presentation hall for an evening event, we passed a little outdoor amphitheater. A group of the event luminaries were there, chatting. "*You* need to be there", the woman said, "go!".

Who was I to say no?
11) So, I found myself in a little, semi-private meeting of some of the biggest names, at the time, in environmentalism, sustainability, etc.

They were brainstorming on how to speed things up, because the pace of growing public awareness was far too slow. One guy gave a talk...
12)..on a new piece of software (which I later realized had only been at the vaporware stage) to help people visualize what global waming/climate change would do over the years & decades. They could choose the variables, set the parameters, & let the software model run to show..
13)..what would happen to the planet.

Then, people in the group got onto politics. "We need to *organize* - focus on political organizing. We need to get into that." Of course, a minority movement on the US right had been doing that for several decades, which was how GW Bush..
14)..got to be president. The US right & religious right got politically organized and put him there.

Anyway, the gathering broke into sub-groups of people hatching their preferred schemes for doing it. I chose mine, & got contact info from people in my little group...
15) The conference wrapped up and I drove my car home full of energy, plans, enthusiasm.

I got home on September 10, 2001.

If you, reading this, are older than 30, you'll probably recall what happened the next day.

• • •

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From 1900 to 2017, oceans have risen 6.3-8.3 inches. And the rate is accelerating.

The only way coastal cities will be able to cope, in the long run, will be to gradually build inland, to higher ground.
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Rumsfeld's obit should include pictures of Fallujah babies born with internal organs outside their bodies & without heads.
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Literally millions of pregnancies were effected. In Hanoi, there's a government museum dedicated to the war that has foetuses in jars...
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I also view CRT through the frame of weaponized conspiracy theory - b/c it plugs neatly into William S. Lind's "cultural Marxism" conspiracy theory construct, which was designed to unify elements of the right (evangelical right, racist right, etc.) under a single narrative.
I think, in terms of outraged citizens at town/school board meetings ranting about CRT, @pastordan is spot on. But like the "Nazi socialism" narratives floated in 2009 to gin up the base in advance of the 2010 election, CRT & closely related "cultural Marxism" consp. theory serve
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