One of the reasons the whole anti-sex bed discourse annoys me is the people saying “ha ha, the Olympic organizers don’t realize you can have sex somewhere other than a bed” and Western beds are PROBABLY NOT considered necessary by traditionalists in Japan?
The other reason is that people are looking at the beds being made of cardboard and the clickbait articles and saying that the beds suck when the actual information explicitly states that they’re stronger than wood.
This may surprise you if you think cardboard must be like a Prime box, but like any substance, it can be specifically engineered for better or worse performance.
And it’s incredibly annoying that people assume that material that is made to be more sustainable must be worse. It isn’t.
There is no evidence that this Olympic Village is any worse than other Olympic Villages. There is always a certain degree of suckage.

This is because the Olympics, as a concept, are wasteful and terrible.
If we actually want Olympic Games to happen, we are going to have to start figuring out how to do this kind of thing.

It is ridiculous to expect cities to shell out billions of dollars in non-necessary infrastructure every two years.
But instead, here we are. I promise you, the Olympic Villages have *never* given a shit about the athletes, and these particular beds are probably not any less fragile than other options that have been provided just because they’re more sustainable.
But here’s one of the athletes jumping on the bed. It’s not flimsy shit that’s collapsing at any sudden movement.

I’m not telling you this stuff is amazing and the most durable thing in the entire world, but it meets the dim standards set by prior Olympic Villages, and this entire brouhaha seems designed to make people mad at any sustainability effort.

• • •

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As the Olympics get ready to go, please remember that there are still a lot of people in the world who do not have access to vaccines, and that may include Olympic athletes from some countries.
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It’s a travesty that Tokyo is holding these games when a super-majority of the country thought they shouldn’t.
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They had cardboard beds before COVID.

Here is an article from January 2020 saying that they are stronger than wood and are made of cardboard for recycling purposes.…
Don’t know who came up with the “anti-sex” narrative but it’s not.
Can you all please read the article before replying.

This entire thing is click bait: “wood and cardboard would each break if you jumped on them” and “they are stronger than wooden beds”. Those beds can stand up to ...
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