The slogan Build Back Better has always grated on my nerves, especially since it seems they are using it world wide. BiDan is just a cloned puppet, it wasn’t his personal’s perhaps something more sinister
Someone (thx ApOp) posted something that got me diggin a bit. Build..buildings...the foundation of structure.
The sacrifice of humans at the site of buildings goes WAY back…
“Cursed be the man before the Lord that riseth up and buildeth this city Jericho: he shall lay the foundation thereof in his firstborn and in his youngest son shall he set up the gates of it."
Do they take the Bible literal that a sacrifice needs to be made to fortify the structure? It seems they also believe it makes the building more structurally sound, bcuz it appeases their god
Makes you wonder about bodies found in tombs. Were they really “tombs” or sacrifices to the structure? Animals were also used, like cats
The practice of human sacrifice didn’t end. Now if human bones are found around buildings, it’s a “mystery”. But is it really?…
Who is the Master Builder?

Builders' rites are ceremonies attendant on the laying of foundation stones, including ecclesiastical, masonic or other traditions connected with foundations or other aspects of construction.
Traces of burial alive have been found among all the nations of the earth without any exception, which indicates that the custom is as old as the art of architecture
The old pagan laid the foundation of his house and fortress in blood."[3] Under the walls of two round towers in Ireland (the only ones examined) human skeletons were discovered. In the 15th century, the wall of Holsworthy church was substituted
built over a living human being, and when this became unlawful, images of living beings were substituted.
References to this practice can be found in Greek folk culture in a poem about "Arta's bridge".
I think back to when Cemex was being looked into regarding human trafficking....but at that time was when I discovered the practice of blood in cement…
There are also stories of women giving their children away to the sacrifice, the children put inside a column or pillar, and sealed shut...alive.
Foundations Sacrifice

Cant find the pic at the moment, but Epstein had a lot of clay pots in a spiral stairwell 🤔
Cornerstones and keystones of cement, made in blood. The foundations made of human bones/bodies? Pretty gruesome. I wonder how many “famous” buildings worldwide have been “blessed” with sacrifices?
I wonder if every new “era” of design from the architects start with sacrifices? We are in the Age of Aquarius, new beginning, new area which seems to be tech forward, world wide. They are “building back better”, but to build, they need sacrifices
Out with old slaves, in with the new? Like maybe manufactured slave race? Clones perhaps? Sound sci-fi and unreal, but......I wonder if Dr. Mengele knew a thing or two about cloning? Specifically with twins…
About Mengele:

“growth hormone-produced protein called IGF which he’s previously linked to twinning in both cows and humans.”

Human and COWS? Weird, Epstein island
You tend to wonder, Epstein with all of his scientific connections, which included cloning, AI..what if his island was some kind of a lab?

Why did all the movie stars and high profile people go there? To get cloned? Create twins? Of a “master race”?
Mirror image
100 pairs of twins live – one in every THREE families – and no-one knows why…
I also wonder if the collection of dna thru 23&Me type of things is being used either for cloning or eliminating certain bloodlines? Never know how deep this goes

• • •

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Funny, one characters name is Juan Epstein
Another sweathog look
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