Vulnerable post-seems fitting for today because major sacral purging & so many downloads. This is not feel sorry but more of a you can do it. I post for me, but know that I’m not alone because we wouldn’t vibrationally match and this message will only reach who it’s supposed to
Last year my mom died from sexual abuse from my dad. She was already dying from late stage dementia which I’m sure was her mentally checking out from my dad’s abuse for over 50 years. I was the only one that pieced it together. At the end, my mom was lucid only around me. We
So many special moments; We meditated together, we were able to have conversations. She hadn’t been able to do that for months. I spent my entire life trying to get my mom to believe in herself and leave. But being told you’re worthless and stupid for decades makes you believe
that’s who you really are when you don’t take a stand. I knew I had to leave my city. I tucked away all of my problems and created a really great life I learned a bunch about the law of attraction. The thing is I have similar wounds from growing up in that environment. I was
hyper sexualized by my mom because she thought that was how I could change the narrative. Which drove me crazy because I am so much more than my body. I AM a soul being having a body experience. I was so wounded. I had addiction problems, I had a fear of lack, fear of love.
I didn’t know what unconditional love was because I hadn’t experienced it. I think many of us haven’t till we move into our heart & Experience that love for OURSELVES & then we can give it to everything else-So I am manifesting from a wounded place & I collapse into my life
what I view as the perfect relationship. Someone who loves me. Doesn’t challenge me. Let’s me do whatever. Provides a great life. Here’s the thing. I always dreamed of being
Part of a power couple. I am a freaking powerhouse. I am aware of some of my power. But it was always misdirected because I was working from a fear of lack, unworthiness, and being told my entire life I was too much. And I was lucky to have what I have. Everyone wants to find
Person like my partner. So that added another layer of guilt that how is it that I don’t want to be with this person, but everyone else does? Then you layer on a child. And all of the entanglements that life hands you. So then, you just feel stuck. So you keep manifesting the
Best you know how. And that comes as stuff. Because you haven’t unblocked your chakras and done the trauma work. And then it turns into more stuff. Then it just gets overwhelming. And you’re stuck. And he’s stuck. And you don’t know how to communicate. And then your mom dies
And that shows you even more how stuck you are. Because you’re processing, you feel alone, because you chose and manifested someone that doesn’t really want to talk. And all you need is to talk to process the grief.
So you go to healers. They start triggering you. And then you start hearing this voice that you’ve done so much work. It’s time to listen to your inner voice. You have all of the answers within you. So you start doing all the work. Then you collapse your twin 🔥 into your reality
and they meet you at the exact vibration you are at. They mirror the profound love you have inside-but for yourself. They trigger kundalini awakening. My pineal activates. They can fully understand and feel what you’re going through
Because they are a particle of you. If you meet this soul contract, you will be awestruck how you can read each other’s minds. The life choices mirror each other. You can transmute and feel each other’s pain. It’s insane. But they are also a match to all of your trauma too
This experience threw me into warp awakening. The runner/chaser is so real. Because you’re triggering each other to heal. I understand so much more about DF/DM inside myself and the TF journey. I understand so much for about merkaba activation because of the triggering you
realize it’s all an inside job & it has nothing to do with ANY OTHER person. Because you collapsed ALL of them into your reality with your frequency. My husband was perfect-Someone that didn’t call me on my shit. Provided a safe life that was good for what was important at the
Time. As I became more clear,did the work, then came the big question. Do I just need to choose to be happy and stay? And this is where I think a lot of people will relate. This is why/how I finally came to my answer. It took months.
We collapse everything into our lives with our thoughts and what we energize. I spent years in that vibration. I’m not there anymore. I can’t expect anyone else to change to level up to where I am or where I’m heading. Because I only have control over me and my choices
And thoughts. And it’s totally scary. I had so many fearful thoughts of being homeless, not being able to myself. (Child wounds)-silly because I’ve been running 3 businesses. I’m going to be fine. Once you put all of your trust in God/Source/higher Self and the bigger plan, the
Magic starts to unfold. I married someone that doesn’t tell me I’m pretty. Which was great because I was so over my exterior being “the thing”. I love yous are semantics. I love words. Words are beautiful to me. When I got married, it was a transaction. I joked that I wanted to
Married in my sweatpants. And I was going to if I didn’t course correct THE NIGHT BEFORE MY CEREMONY. I was like what the hell are you doing?!? You’re getting married!!! I didn’t care and I matched with someone that felt the same. And remember my moms issue? I had the same one.
I didn’t love myself demand & invoke the life of my dreams. My clients gave me the love I was missing. My son mirrored where I was screaming inside. My gifts felt like a protestitution because I was giving my soul for money. I started to love myself everything changed. I broke
up with clients. I had the hard conversations. I made the move. My move out of my situation was so much unbinding. So much 🧅 peeling back another layer to see how I had recklessly manifested my entire life. People coming out of the woodwork to work
With me. I keep telling everyone I’ll let you know when I’m working clients again. I choose me every single minute. Feels so good. And the universe is unfolding in the most magical way. I’m watching something manifest so quickly & with so much ease better than what I had
Imagined. Before I was always manifesting, but with that caveat of unworthiness. So there was always something that came up tainted the manifestation that mirrored the love for myself. This is why you do the work. Cause you’re always manifesting how is up to you-do it consciously

• • •

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I’ve been getting several ?’s today about pineal activation. Here’s what I can tell you.

I’ve done spiritual work for decades

A lot of info I received while I was fast asleep. Thank God I remembered

The process is unique to YOU-I can’t tell you how to unlock yours but
This ENTIRE ACCOUNT, How I interact and who I interact with, are all clues on how to do it for yourself

I journeyed with Shamans, practiced yoga and Sanskrit teachings for years

I have worked with an astrologer for years

I worked with a pendulum and now use my body as one for
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I meditate daily

I don’t really drink anymore and I don’t use drugs-even OTC

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6 months ago today my pineal activated. I celebrate it like a birthday every month because it really was a rebirth day for me. The world came alive for months up to it. In the past 6 months my life has been flipped upside down. Before then I was manifesting financial freedom
Only to now realize a entirely different conclusion. Freedom from the mind, is the biggest freedom of all. Letting go and surrendering instead of clinging to controlling everything, is how you get everything. Because letting go aligns and allows source to rearrange and align
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The thing about sharing on here is that we are all having different experiences to wake up. Most of them are subtle. Because of sharing, I’ve been able to recognize things that were so significant that I didn’t understand as they we’re happening. I would’ve discounted my pineal
activation as a sleepless night night listening to music and thinking crazy things. I would’ve thought meeting my higher self and slipping into her body was me just seeing something in a meditation. Because we create these ideas of what it’s supposed to look like. And then it’s
never like that. And so we minimize the experience. Grateful for the ones the share. Because I thought these things were going to be so obvious. But source isn’t always that clear. The in between, seeing things through the eyes of a child, shattering your beliefs, being open &
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This is sunny. I am a Leo. The sun. My sun sign. You are my sunshine is something I remember my mom singing to me my entire childhood. Sunny went missing the last few years. Healers have had a constant message my adult life as I’ve been searching. ImageImage
And it was that the earth can’t live without the sun. Be the light. Don’t worry about who it triggers. I used to adjust my light so it didn’t make others comfortable. I married someone who told me they already had their sunshine. I had so many chakra leaks/blocks that I was ok Image
that. I dimmed my sunlight to the point the sunlight couldn’t reach me anymore. I was busy shining on everyone else’s lives but my own. Which is silly because as the healers say, the world cannot exist without sunlight. So that’s why changing my habits to watch Image
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27 Jun
Vulnerability overshare part 2. The ascension process messy. I numbed for a long time with addictions only catching glimpses of great potential. The thing is when you believe your fears, they rule you. Self fulfilling prophecies. To break chains from my upbringing, I swung
The pendulum to the other side and chose a partner who was opposite of my narcissist father. No control, as much space as I want, no talking, anything I can dream I can do/be/have. I have what many remind me I’m so lucky have. So making the decision that you want something
more, different or more aligned with your soul when you finally decide to go inside and really make the best choices for who you are as a soul being makes it that much harder. As I really started to wake up, my team showed up. If they hadn’t shown up, I would has dismissed all
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27 Jun
Vulnerable overshare. I’m so grateful for all of you that have shared this space with me. Many preach about not oversharing but for someone who’s kept secrets their entire life, it’s refreshing to be able to come here and share an authentic space. We’ve gone through
so much together. You were there helping me laugh as my mom was dying last year. My mom was being sexually abused by my dad while she was dying from dementia.The last time I saw her the cops were escorting me out of the house because I was the I only one that could read my dad
Like a book. He tried all his classic narcissist ways to get me to go away; name calling, threatening physical harm. I spent my life trying to keep my trauma under 🔒 and 🔑
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