Whenever some rich minister’s money in take gets passed around people always respond with ‘tax churches’ or ‘take away non-profit status,’ like that will do anything.
The huge churches that are taking in the kind of money that can pay their minister hundreds of thousands/millions will easily absorb any tax. Just like a huge non profit like Red Cross would.
Churches are not like Amazon, where they hire millions of workers world wide while using extensive public infrastructure, whereby taxing a billionaire at 70% would make a difference.
They’re run by volunteers almost always, workers are almost always part time, their money is going into building upkeep and minister pay.
If ur going to tax churches, it needs to be very specific shit, like the land/property they own. The Catholic Church owns god only knows how much land/property across the world- if you started taxing THAT- you’d get much different response, I think.
Or you start taxing clergy rather than the church itself (which I know I know it would never happen), bcz clergy get free houses or are paid for housing and get other similar perks-
Like it doesn’t happen as often, bcz so many churches have had to shut down, but those old community style churches (not mega box chain churches) often sit next to cute little house- those cute houses were where the ministers lived while they worked at that church.
Tax the house and the property the house sits on. Tax the minister of mega church 70% instead of allowing him to write off cost of living expenses.
Making a church pay taxes on their staples purchases isn’t going to do much. Taxing the areas they invest their money in (ministers, buildings/property) will. And it will allow the small churches that *would* be hurt by losing non profit status some breathing room.
A ton of churches own land where they do church ‘get always’ and camps. Tax that land.
I am not going to say anything more than that because god knows I’m no tax expert and god only knows I’m already pushing my knowledge to the extreme limit.
What I do know is that non profit status isnt what’s protecting mega ministers- the CHURCH is. If that makes sense. They direct their flow towards ministers, and they’ll do that whether they pay taxes or don’t.
Taxing Amazon, a for profit industry, is important because it is using public resources to create private wealth. Taxing bezos is important bcz he pays millions of workers starvation wages for private personal wealth.
Churches redirect private personal wealth of individual donors (donations that are tax exempt) into buildings/land and ministers. Tax them where the money flow is.
The reason churches can’t get public money/resources is because they are private entities. Betsy DeVos has worked hard to eviscerate that distinction. So some legal scholar will have to speak to what it would mean to have churches paying taxes-
And thusbecoming entitled to benefits of public resources, but it’s an uncomfortable thing that I already know without being told will NOT benefit public, but will again benefit churches.
I mean, Betsy already almost got the work around whereby they get to discriminate against people bcz of private status while getting public money, I can’t imagine what she would manage if ‘churches’ (rather than ministers, for example) had to start paying taxes.

• • •

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20 Jul
people keep saying this will happen--but 1. it has never, not one single time, ever EVER happened to me--whether in a bathroom or at a conference. and 2. the biggest crossers into spaces they're not wanted i've experienced are white people crossing into designated poc spaces.
i've never seen the scary 'woman' word no longer mean woman thing happen. all the scary fear mongering they promise will happen has just never happened and i live in a very trans and non-binary friendly space.
a huge number of bathrooms in my area are just single stall 'anybody can go here' bathrooms, lol. that's the biggest change. and that's actually good for women bcz it's usually 20 thousand women lined up to use one bathroom while men have no line at all.
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19 Jul
Watching Olympic documentaries on TCM- saw 1948 olympics versus 1964. 😳😳😳😳

Wow- I really feel like in 1948 you were still dealing with actual armature athletes. By 1964, the professionalization of athletes bodies was *firmly* in place.
By 1964, it looks like you’re dealing with the semi-professional college athlete of US and the full professional communist athlete.
In 1948, they had a 55 year old competing in skeleton!!! The vast majority of male athletes were old enough to be balding. The games had the feel of a regional high school competition.
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19 Jul
Hm. I’m the most firmly entrenched space of white culture is Protestantism. Sure there’s POC Protestants and all that- but even things white folks appropriate from other cultures is super informed by Protestantism.
See this:
Versus this:
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19 Jul
Watching Star Wars with HATM, and I’m realizing that I have never quite figured out the timing of the boarding process at the end of rogue one and the beginning of new hope.
Also- I have never been clear why they didn’t shoot down escaping droid plane. If *eye* were a general boarding a plane in such a manner, I’d either shoot down anything that tried to leave or hunt it down and bring it back.
That general is like- oh just some escaping thing, let it be.
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18 Jul
What the fuck is happening right now with hyper intensification of transmisogyny and anti-trans violence- literal online fights moving to police sponsored acts of terrorism????
I know it’s always been there, I know these fights have existed since ive been politically aware- I’ve never seen a cop point blank shoot a person because they say trans people are people.
Really brings home that it was trans women that said enough at stonewall.
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25 May
so i rebelled a bit at having this conversation with a white guy, but it turns out that he had a lot of really great information that makes a ton of sense--
in particular that the single greatest indicator that a person wld participate in attack on capital was their belief in the idea that black and latino people were getting more 'rights' than white people and would be 'replacing' white people and taking white people's 'rights.'
it's at it's core an anti-immigrant sentiment, i think, but it twists and turns its way into every aspect of white supremacy--and this researcher said that the people most inclined to participate were people in biden strongholds, people who think they 'see' replacement happening.
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