Hard knocks

How to train your brain into doing challenging things

// THREAD //
When you read this many of you will be confused.

Why would one voluntarily choose a difficult life with challenges?

The answer is because it's the only life worth living

Facing hardships and breaking through them teaches you all of life's lessons

Easy life = Weak self.
Look at every single person you admire

More likely than not, they've been through tremendous adversity

Beat the odds, survived and thrived to create something magnificent

Challenges excite them, fire up their spirit 🔥

This mindset goes parallel with success

No coincidence.
Think about the first time you got high

How you felt then is completely different to the 20th time or 100th

This is because the dopamine secretions in your brain have saturated

Because the excitement for the reward is diminished

You need larger doses subsequently.
This is a powerful phenom that can be used to your advantage.

The trick here is to train your mind into finding pleasure in solving difficult problems

Once you get a kick out of facing adversity, you crave challenges

The more problems you solve, the more you untangle your mess
⚔️ Rewiring

To start Rewiring your brain, you have to reset your dopamine receptors

Start with these,

➼ Quit social media cold turkey
➼ No pornography
➼ No sugar and junk
➼ No gaming
➼ No feel good music
➼ No stimulants

Do this for 30 days to start with.
⚔️ Replacement

Now when your levels are fairly regulated, we replace easy dopamine with hard tasks - big rewards.

Start small and load progressively

➼ Simple exercise
➼ Reading & writing tasks
➼ Study / deep work
➼ Speaking to people
➼ Speaking to a crowd
➼ Meditation
Let your brain adjust to the new dynamic.

Initially it's going to be hard because you need to work hard for your dopamine shot

However, the rewards last longer.

As you saturate, load more tasks or improve difficulty marginally.

Repeat and execute
You need two things to make this a part of your identity.

➼ Belief system change
➼ Daily habits change

Your beliefs prior to this will be very different. One of bare minimum effort and coasting through life.

This needs to go.

Adversity is good.

Internalize this mantra.
To make lasting change you need to make adjustments to your daily habits.

Goals are good, but to achieve them you need to have daily habits that form a system of growth.

Start small, don't do everything at once

Pick habits that are

➼ Obvious
➼ Attractive
➼ Rewarding
Once you gain momentum, your brain makes the association by itself

Positive results = Challenging tasks

Now your source of dopamine has shifted from easily acquired to requiring effort and determination

As you improve you flow with the momentum.

Direct it where you want.
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20 Jul
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Ignorant and Arrogant.

This is how I diagnose people who do not think for themselves.

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~ One grand adventure

The best way to look at life is like one big adventure

Most things that will happen are out of your control

The things that you can control you hold fast

Try to develop the skills and tools you need to go on this journey

You will certainly hit upon some storms and unexpected setbacks along the way

You just repair your ship and set sail again

You visit some ports and meet new people often

You give them a chance

If they deem themselves worthy you bring them along for the ride

On this journey you have a choice -

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Success, now means to sustain, grow, evolve and thrive.

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And then we're surprised when it manifests and happens

Your thoughts are seeds that grow into your reality

This is actually a good thing.
All of life starts within and flows outward.

To be an immovable object of self confidence,

You need to take complete ownership over the contents of your conscious mind

When you're stable at your core

Nothing will faze you

I will try and break this down for you.
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