I hope you had an excellent #NationalIceCreamDay yesterday.

Today is Monday & the rule of law in America is a shambles.

I’m one of the 58% of Americans who approve of your performance, but that poll doesn’t mean we are OK with how things are going on the justice

Chris Wray’s Congressional testimony was both eye opening and deeply disturbing.

I simply cannot reach any other conclusion that he is either incredibly incompetent or compromised.

After what we have been through, we deserve leaders at DOJ & FBI whom we trust and in
whom we have absolute confidence with respect to courage & competence.

Garland & Wray wholly miss the mark.

As a citizen and supporter, I am asking you to remove them BOTH, and appoint people we know are morally sound, like Eric Holder and Sally Yates, to take over & CLEAN

It is an urgent and exigent matter of national security that the man charged to protect us on 1/6 isn’t the man investigating why HE FAILED TO DO SO!

Mr. Wray’s testimony makes clear he is just NOT serious about the task.

Time is of the essence. America deserves answers
not more subterfuge and betrayal.

The power to fix this HOT MESS is solely and exclusively YOURS.

Please USE IT!


• • •

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19 Jul

Would you have been willing to serve America for 2-4 years in an area of critical need, if it meant free college and grad school (including expenses)?
To clarify… I do not mean the military. We already have ROTC.

I mean service in the areas of: environmental stewardship, elder care, child care, education, job training, counseling and therapy, business development and small business assistance, legal services, health care,
research and development, transportation and systems design, agribusiness & cultivation, community-based programs, etc…
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18 Jul
I was in Savannah GA on 1/5/21, doing all I could to help elect Warnock & Ossoff.

On that day I was at a Kamala GOTV event, waiting for a contact at the outside gate, where a smattering of TFG-ers were waving their massive flags.

Two them attempted to start a convo with me.
I didn’t get their names, so I call them Billy-Joe-Jim-Bob & Inbred Jed.

They were crowing, in GREAT detail, about what was going to happen the next day. When I chided them about the idea that a crowd could force the installation of TFG, they proceeded to detail for me
the kind of violence that was going to be unleashed.

Again, I laughed it off as delusional because I couldn’t conceive of a breach of the Capitol by a violent mob, as Billy Joe & Jed were promising.

So here is my question:

Is it remotely possible that Billy Joe &
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18 Jul
THE FUHHHHK does that mean?

Can you imagine an answer like that vis-a-vis the Boston Bombers?

The SHIT show happened on HIS WATCH!

Which means we start with the premise that he FAILED TO PREVENT IT OR INTERCEDE!

HE was the Deck Officer on the good ship United States of
America, and let a bunch of red-neck pirates over take it nearly run it to ground!

THOSE ahole terrorists were plotting on PARLER & Wray couldn’t give ANYONE a heads up?!

If Pelosi was assassinated, what was Wray gonna say?

My bad?

I didn’t think the threats were serious?
NO military person with that kind of DISASTER on their watch would still have a gig.

So basically he STARTS with an F and negative 5000 on the credibility scale.

And now it’s keystone
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18 Jul

I have to assume you are aware that Christopher Wray testified under oath to Congress that he is “unaware” of any investigation into Trump’s role in 1/6.

That’s GOBSMACKING & incredibly problematic on several levels.

It’s possible he was lying.
But that would be a CRIME we call perjury.


If he was telling the truth, the implications are breathtaking!

Implication #1 is that he did not direct anyone to start such an investigation.

The question there is…WHY THE HELL NOT?!

Can you imagine simply
deciding not to investigate the person who inspired, coordinated, raised funds for, mobilized and gave the go order to ANY OTHER ATTACK ON US TURF??

What. The. Actual. EFF?!

If Wray failed to order an investigation, he has GOT TO GO!

That’s a level of dereliction that is
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17 Jul
I’m sorry, but NO!

I invite you to wake up to the evidence.

No one put a gun to his head to back up Barr on presidential immunity, “religious freedom” to discriminate against LGBT, gassing BLM protesters, and remaining silent on GOP attacks on civil liberties.

Those were HIS

No one forced him to let EVERY Jim Crow state attack reproductive rights without so much as a peep from him.

No one stopped him from speaking out in the attacks on our voting rights, waiting until the damage was done to do or say ANYTHING!

No one told him to
let a ridiculous fraud take place in Arizona that literally broke election machines.

No one told him to sit in silence and not level with us about the Mueller Report, Russia & everything that happened to our elections.

Those were all HIS
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17 Jul
The future of our voting rights, of our democracy rests SQUARELY in the hands of Joe Biden.

There is a concerted effort underway to try to rattle every person in this drama, EXCEPT THE ONE GUY with the sole & exclusive power to turn EVERYTHING around:


We are
busy begging dozens of BAD people to do good, instead of grasping that all we need is ONE GOOD PERSON to do bad,

or more accurately, to do hard/harsh.

Joe doesn’t want to piss off the GOP.

He is deeply committed to trying to return America to normal governing, despite the
fact that there is NOTHING normal about these times.

His hands-off approach to Garland and DOJ is a relic that just DOES NOT fit with the exigency of our times.

If he feels squirrelly about “directing” Garland to get a move on, the only answer is to REPLACE Garland with
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