Do you know that Amul is the acronym for Anand Milk Union Limited, India's largest dairy company?
Situated in Anand, Gujarat, this cooperative institution removed the middlemen and made the dairy farmers of Gujarat jointly owner of the milk business. This brought a new
revolution of milk, which came to be called India's White Revolution or Operation Flood in the 1970s. It transformed India from a milkless country into the world's largest producer of milk and dairy products.
Amul's victory saga depends on the hard work and vision of three men -
also known as the Amul Trimurti - Varghiz Kurien, Tribhuvandas Kishibhai Patel and HM Dalaya. Who were these?

In 1946, Verghiz Kurien started Amul as a dairy cooperative. He also founded the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Institute, which managed the Amul brand. Today, the
institute is jointly owned by 36 lakh milk producers of Gujarat.
Freedom fighter and Gandhian Tribhuvandas Das Patel took the responsibility of the exploitation being done on dairy farmers and he founded the Kaira District Co-operative Milk Manufacturers Union in1946, which late
r became Amul, along with Kurien was also behind the establishment of Amul. The hand was
Harichand Megh Dalaya was a dairy engineer who designed a machine that could convert excess buffalo milk into powder by a process known as 'spray drying'. Till then, only cow's milk was
spray-dried, as buffalo milk had a high fat content.
Dalaya's technological revolution did not waste the excess buffalo milk, but in the activity of making milk powder, which could be taken to large markets and milkless areas. This brought a new revolution in the milk dairy
industry and set a new path for the success of Amul.

Source - Internet

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13 Jul
The biggest problem with the history of Indian independence is that most of the information about the Indian freedom struggle is scattered here and there and this information is limited to individual or a particular group. The names of many fighters are found, but apart from
their families, now there is hardly any mention of their contribution in the villages of these people. This is the reason why the history of independence has been reduced to a few names only.
By the way, many historians and institutions have tried to preserve the memories of the
sacrificers at their level.
Veeran Azhagu Muttu Kone, also known as Azhagu Muttu Konar and Sarvaikarar, was the first freedom fighter from the Madurai region of Tamil Nadu who revolted against the British East India Company.
Azhagu Muttu Kone was the general of the Poligar
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28 Jun
Asif Ali the lawyer who fought Bhagat Singh's case.
Every child of the country knows the name of freedom fighter Bhagat Singh and is familiar with his sacrifice in independent India. But do you know the name that was behind Bhagat Singh and was supporting him at every step in
his freedom struggle.
Before independence, the unity of Hindu-Muslim freedom fighter in India was very strong.The story of such unity has been that of Bhagat Singh and Asaf Ali.Freedom fighter and lawyer Asaf Ali was born on11 May1888. He was an able lawyer and freedom fighter.
Let us tell you that Asaf Ali was the first Indian who went to America and became the first Ambassador of India. Apart from this, Ali has also served as the governor of Odisha. Asif, who graduated from Delhi's St. Stephen's College, was arrested several times for participating in
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28 Jun
This story dates back to 1849 when a man named Walter Hunt living in New York Martisburg, USA, was living in extreme poverty. Despite working hard, Walter was not able to pay the huge debt taken by his ancestors, due to which he was living his life under extreme stress.
Walter was associated with his father in the iron business since childhood. He had the enthusiasm to try something new from an early age. He always thought of doing something new and strange.
After much thought, Walter, understanding the need of women, first created the safety
pin. Walter is said to have invented the safety pin in a span of just three hours. Walter first sold this pin to 'WR & Company'. Later the company ordered them to manufacture a large number of safety pins. Walter earned $400 from this invention and paid back his entire loan.
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16 Jun
श्रृंखला --------
नारी और उसका सौन्दर्य
नारी निःसंदेह परमेश्वर द्वारा रची गई ब्रह्माण्ड की सभी रचनाओं में सर्वाधिक सुन्दर रचना है। उसका सौन्दर्य चिर काल से आकर्षण का केन्द्र रहा है । नर , दैत्य, दानव, गंधर्व प्रत्येक श्रेणी में सुन्दर स्त्री के प्रति मोह का वर्णन
मिलता है । श्रृंगार के प्रति नारियो में भी आकर्षण सदैव देखने को मिला हैं। उसके सोलह श्रृंगारो का वर्णन अनेक ग्रंथो में परिभाषित हैं। परन्तु शरीर के जिन अंगो पर श्रंगार किया जाता हैं उनका वर्णन कदाचित ही देखने या सुनने को मिलता है।
वो जो रमणीय हो । शालीन हो।
जैसे ---------
1--सिर पर काले घने लम्बे बाल जैसे काली घनघोर मस्त घटा छाई हो ।
2--हाथो की लम्बी उंगलियां ।
3--दीर्घ नेत्रों की तिरछी चितवन ।
4--दीर्घ ग्रीवा मोरनी के सामान
5--छोटे छोटे हीरे जैसे चमकते दांत ।
6--छोटे छोटे नुकीले मगर उठे हुए कुंछ ।
7--कम चौड़ा ललाट दर्पण के
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22 Mar
Britishers looted our precious knowledge acquired over thousands of years.
"The Third Mysore war took place between Tipu Sultan and Britishers. The Mysore soldiers captured a truck which was carrying food for the British army.A simple Marathi named Kosaji was the one who
drove this truck. Tipu Sultan ordered to cut off his nose. Kosaji with his nose cut was released after the end of the war.
A British doctor came forward to treat him. But Kosaji did not allow that doctor to treat him and said to take him to a traditional physician named Kumar.
The Britishers scolded him for choosing the local remedy instead of modern medicine.
He said, "Dr. Kumar will fix my cut nose again.” Everyone started laughing. But they agreed to his request and took him to Kumar. The local physician, Kumar, was doing a brick kiln business.
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20 Mar
Many many years ago, Prabhu Shiva gave a huge ShivLinga for Nandi to do Pooja 🌻🌼🌸. Ever since then, Nandi have been continuously performing pooja every Monday without skipping ☺️.
One fine Monday morning, Nandi was about to perform the pooja, that’s when Maa Parvati Image
approached him.
“Dear Nandi, Prabhu Shiva have forgotten to take this food that I’ve prepared for Him. He will be really hungry later. Could you please give it to him? Muruga and Mayura are not here, else I would ask their help ☺️🙏🏽” said Maa Parvati.
“Oh Maa. For sure! Let me
do it right away! 🥰” replied Nandi.
While walking towards the Shiva temple, Nandi kept thinking about the pooja that He has to skip for very first time 🤔.
By the time Nandi gave the food and return to Kailash, its already late afternoon.
“Eh!! What’s this? Flowers and all? I
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