My reaction to the PM’s ‘UnFreedom Day’ speech

1) So “irreversible” easing of restrictions now means “reversible”?

As I said last Saturday:

“You will - and take it from me - continue to hear new reasons for why lockdowns must remain…”
2) UK government seems to be blaming the unvaccinated for the (much expected) steep rise in (quite mild) covid cases

Hence the hard push for mandatory domestic vaccine passports

But recent data from Israel for percentage of vaccinated in hospital seems to suggest the *opposite*
As does the Zoe app appear to suggest the *opposite*
3) Then Vallance says the below:

So what % are single jabbed? Add that to 60% who are double jabbed, find total

Compare total with % admitted among *unvaccinated*.
Adjust for distribution ratios. Work out how much 1 & 2 jabs reduce chances of severe illness VS unvaccinated
4) So PM announced mandatory domestic vaccine passports from September, but considering the above data on vaccinated hospitalisations, how does that make any sense?

Support @LibertyHQ, and @BigBrotherWatch to oppose those who want to turn us into a ‘checkpoint society’
5) But still, even if the vaccinated seem to be getting Covid at a higher rate than unvaccinated, don’t panic!

Look at deaths in hospital (Vallance’s graph here)

They are right, *right* down

Our hybrid approach to herd immunity (jabs + natural immunity) seems to be working
6) we *will* get a third wave. This is unlikely caused by coming out of lockdown, as covid is seasonal and lockdowns *correlate* to the waves (we do not have good evidence to say they *cause* them)

By all accounts that 3rd wave already appears to be weaker and less deadly.
7) Don’t let people use fast rising case rates (they’ll go higher yet) as a way to seed fear & make you panic.

We are simply testing far, far more than any other European country, and we are in a natural (and expected to be weaker) 3rd wave
8) Finally, never forget Ferguson, Cummings, Hancock, Johnson, Sunak, G7 bbq, UEFA cup VIP exemptions, Royal Ascot, Grand Prix:
None of them even appear to believe in these restrictions themselves:
And does 2+2=5, yet?
*Dr Vallance issues a correction:

Yet alongside this 60% figure he also gave a detailed explanation to justify why having more double vaccinated people in hospital was to be expected, so I’m assuming he still stands with the essence of the point he was making

• • •

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20 Jul
“First they came for the nightclubs, and I didn’t say anything…”…
And the entire point of the quote I’ve adapted above is to remind us all to notice & *oppose* signs of oppression *before* they lead anywhere more serious. Otherwise, there’s no point nor meaning to the saying in the first place.
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15 Jul
If correct, then in Israel the delta variant appears to be escaping the vaccine, and natural immunity is stronger

So, besides the human rights concerns, domestic vaccine passports make even less sense

We already know lockdowns make little difference too

Herd immunity, anyone?
And don’t panic. This is why. We already know from UK that link between:

1) number of tests done
2) positive result tests
3) admission to hospital
4) time spent in hospital bed & release 5) deaths in hospital

are all looking better for UK, even as Delta is more transmissible
PS: to preempt any waste of time strawman replies, yes I already got the jab.

Doesn’t change my view that

a) it must remain voluntary & not compulsory


b) natural immunity appears stronger (isn’t nature wonderful?)
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13 Jul
Domestic vaccines passports contravene article 6 of the Universal Declaration on BioEthics, which guarantees informed & voluntary *consent* that can be withdrawn at any time & for any reason, without suffering any negative consequence of said withdrawal:
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13 Jul
South Africa was already looted

Zuma & Guptas are accused of looting the entire country via State Capture:

“State capture describes a form of corruption in which businesses & politicians conspire to influence a country's decision-making process”

“As most democracies have laws to make sure this does not happen, state capture also involves weakening those laws, and neutralising any agencies that enforce them.”
“Full-on state capture is where corporations can influence the nature of the legislative process, and political actors allow them to do so for private gain. The whole policy-making structure of the state becomes commodified - something that politicians are willing to sell."
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8 Jul
“Do you think putting 1-2m people in concentration camps without charge is okay, if it brings peace?”

Note: the caller did not deny the existence of concentration camps, so do not seek to distract us in my replies, dear CCP propagandists.

His argument rests entirely on the notion that these camps do exist, and that they are justified for “peace”
And no, though I am no pacifist, I do *not* advocate for war with China.
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8 Jul
Allah Akbar 🌙 for England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Brethren in Blackburn, someone send them a big screen for the final!
Something unprecedented is shifting UK ethnic minority support for the England team. Growing up, we were beaten at games and outside of them, by those carrying the St George’s flag.

We would leave the game 20 minutes early to avoid a beating

Now feels very different 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
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