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19 Jul, 30 tweets, 6 min read
In the past 11 months

I've sent over 350k cold emails

5 timeless lessons I've learnt:

1// The best cold emails have 3 main components:

🤜 Well personalized

Research the other person.

It takes just a few minutes but the returns are exponentially higher.

100 personalized emails >> 10000 copy paste spammy cold emails
🤜 A short intro that instils trust & authority.

Tell them who you are, what your experience is & why they should care

Tell them how much money your clients have made because of you
Learn how to write I sentence case studies from @blackhatwizardd


My name's X & I recently helped {{client-name}} more than double their revenue from $12k/month to $26k/month in just 9 weeks just through email marketing.
Namedrop your clients

Build social proof by namedropping bigger companies that everyone knows.
🤜 Strong CTA


"Worth exploring?"

If your prospect likes the rest of the email and then reads the CTA, what will he think?

"Yeah, maybe I should do ads. This is definitely worth exploring."
And they will think about ads later.
They won't think about you.

They don't care about you.
But what if you had a stronger CTA?

"If you want explosive growth like {{case-study-client}}, let's talk this week?"
Now, you've transitioned them from thinking about your mechanism, which in this case is ads

to thinking about YOUR service

and thinking about YOU.
"Yeah, this guy seems to be experienced and is able to get good results. Let's just talk to him and see if he's legit."

That's it, you got the call!

which brings me to the second lesson👇
2// Your goal is to sell the phone call, not the complete service

Imagine this:

You get a cold email from a stranger from some corner of the internet

Unless you have a ton of money spare, there is a very low chance that you will pay him $5k or $10k just from an email
You'd want to

> Research him
> Talk to him
> See reviews & testimonials

So when you email someone

Give them a chance to do all this

- Share your website
- Have testimonials and case studies
- Make a VSL explaining who you are and what you do
- Get them on a phone call
The goal is to move them down the funnel


Cold email > Phone call > Demo call > Invoice > Onboarding > Fulfillment

Don't try to take shortcuts or act smart

Sell the call, let the call sell your service.
3// Talk like a human

"Dear sir

We at [newcompany] strongly believe..."

I'll stop you right there mate.

No stop.
You don't email people like that.

> Be a little casual.
> Sound like a human
> And definitely don't send a template to 10,000 people.

Start with Hey/Hi

Introduce yourself
Do some market research about the language those people use.

The industry and person's name determines a lot about how they read, write & talk.
You don't wanna mail a 55-year-old corporate guy:

"Yo man wassup!"
But you also don't wanna email a 23-year-old founder:

"Respected sir..."
4// Keep it short

We all know attention spans are at an all-time low in 2021

If you send a 600-word cold email

Keep it short
Less than 150 words

And don't write in a 3-inch block of boring text

No one's going to read so much text

Add spacing & line breaks
🤜 The goal of the first part is to get the prospect to read the intro & case study.

🤜 The goal of the case study is to get the person to read the CTA

🤜 The goal of CTA is to get the person to reply or book a call.
5// If you wouldn't respond to it, don't send it.

This is by far the best test to find holes and shortcomings in your cold email.
Read it out aloud.
✔️ Does it flow?
✔️ Would you trust that guy if this was your first interaction with them?
✔️ Would you respond to it right now? Is there enough urgency?
If it passes this test, you can even run it through a friend or business partner and ask them the 3 questions above.

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The best agency owners to follow and learn from: @oliviercantin @THETYFRANKEL @NickAbraham12 @sean0to10k @linkedin_king
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Do you want:
🤜 13 cold email scripts that work and get you booked calls?
🤜 11 hot services that everyone is buying right now
🤜 9 profitable niches that could make you a ton of $$$
🤜 My omnichannel guide

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I get so many requests

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15 Jul
Why outsourcing is more high ROI than you think

Let's say you want to outsource the kost basic things

> Cleaning your home & cooking

Now how much time would it take to do that everyday?

Let's say 3 hours (random number)
But does it only take 3 hours?

What about the time you keep thinking

" Oh I have to get my stuff cleaned"

Let's say cooking a dinner takes 60 minutes

Well how about the time taken to get the groceries

What about the time and mental real estate going to think about
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8 Jul
Easy business idea

Charge $1,000 for 15 minutes of work.

Target market: Local businesses

1. Med Spas
2. Roofer
3. Plumber
4. Landscaper

Outreach medium:
Cold email (won't work that well)
Cold call (easy and good ROI)
Walk-in (high close rate, high ROI)
Your offer:

"We will build you a digital call booking and brand awareness calendar to help you close clients, according to your comfort zone."

Here's what you will do for them
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1 Jul
How to think about pricing

Here's the 1 sentence rule:

If you're not confident, charge based on the work you do.

If you're confident, charge based on the value you generate for your client
This is exactly why most small companies charge a fixed fee per project

While most big agencies charge based on their performance.

Because they are confident about their work.
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30 Jun
How this 19-year-old student grew his audience from 29 subscribers to 4 million+ in less than 3 years LIVE in front of me

Thread 👇
Start with a very small and specific niche and then expand

You see that everywhere

But don't know how to actually apply

Here's a simple and real-life case study that I saw in the first person

Experienced with him in real life
2 years ago...

This guy, let's call him A, was one of the studious nerdy topper kid

But he wanted to start something of his own

The problem was:

He wanted to do Youtube

But his life was super boring (so we thought)

Not one of those charming and attractive youtube guys type
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