See? Masks are an EMOTIONAL response, not a scientific one.

"Peter Chin-Hong, an infectious-disease specialist and professor of medicine at the UCSF, said the push to mask up again was an 'emotional reaction' to the rising case numbers."…
Children make decisions from an EMOTIONAL place. Adults soberly evaluate data through the lens of objective reality, using scientific evidence, data, and ethics to weigh trade-offs. Our public health departments are run by children. We need adults to retake the reigns.
Let's look now at California's numbers, to see if they warrant the PANIC that is driving policy (again, not rational decision making grounded in scientific evidence, but inspiring EMOTIONAL responses).

Here's California's surge in context.
Here is the burden on hospitals.
Here's the good news on the B.1.617.2 variant SARS-COV-2, which causes the disease we refer to as covid-19, which is referred to as "the Delta variant."

TLDR: more infectious, not any more deadly, our vaccines are effective…
I just can't figure out where the PANIC is coming from. Everyone can go get vaccinated. There are far fewer cases than last year at this time, with WAY more open. And far fewer hospitalizations relative to the cases that exist. Wtf is going on!?
I am looking for a similar chart for the state of California, but here's how well LA's mask mandate worked, alongside numerous restrictions, including closing outdoor dining again in the winter.
Credible people and institutions, btw, do not make decisions or implement policies that impact millions of people based on panic and emotion. This is why California's public health departments should be, from here on out, ignored.

Here is the impact that mask mandates and close to 100% mask compliance made in California since last March. (thank you @ianmSC for the chart)
I think it is worth noting that while the mask mandate was lifted on June 15th, MANY people have still been wearing masks in the Bay Area, including most people working in places (stores, gyms, restaurants, etc.).
So even though the mask mandate was 'lifted', cases are rising in spite of many people still wearing them both by choice and also because their employer is still making them. Plus they are still required on public transit, in Ubers & Lyfts, etc.

• • •

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19 Jul
Reintroducing masks after vaccines are abundantly available is public health killing off anything that’s left of their credibility.
Let’s rewind to February 2020, when the entire medical and scientific community agreed that’s masks don’t work. The msg from the govt was consistent with what had been established from decades of scientific review: masks had limited efficacy against respiratory viruses spreading.
In fact, we were told ONLY N95s could make a difference, but we shouldn’t hoard them because people working in hospitals needed them. If regular old masks DID make a difference, wouldn’t that have been an ideal time to let people know?
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18 Jul
"The leaders responsible for these disasters continue to pretend that their policies worked and assume that they can keep fooling the public."

The Panic Pandemic | City Journal…
"To keep audiences frightened around the clock, journalists seek out Cassandras with their own incentives for fearmongering: politicians, bureaucrats, activists, academics, and assorted experts who gain publicity, prestige, funding, and power during a crisis."
"Journalists kept highlighting the most alarming warnings, presented without context. They needed to keep their audience scared & they succeeded. For Americans under 70, the probability of surviving a Covid infection was about 99.9 percent." (Study linked)…
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18 Jul
I can't believe influential people in the medical community here are advocating for reintroducing masks indoors. They are not thinking about the destructive impact it is going to have on the city, in terms of office workers coming back, tourism, or our businesses functioning.
Yes, many SF businesses "functioned" with masks during the past 15 months but they weren't functioning at their full potential. They survived, but they didn't thrive. (Also if masks do so much, there was literally zero reason anything had to close.)
After 15 months of sacrifices though, we need to shift our focus back to life as a sum of many parts and stop the myopic fixation on ONE virus as the ruler of all we do.
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17 Jul
News that the Bay Area is “recommending” masks again has me in a really deep funk. I thought we were moving on and putting this pandemic behind us.
I am really scared about what’s happening. The Spanish Flu was 1918-1919. It seems covid is going to be a ‘pandemic’ forever.
Because if the vaccines weren’t enough, what will be? We have high vaccination rates in SF, why isn’t it enough?
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16 Jul
If places like Marin and SF that have huge amounts of their adult populations vaccinated (75-85%) reinstate mask mandates, what is the off-ramp for masks? At what point do we get a grip and realize this virus is with us and we need to focus on other aspects of life?
The idea of a mask was supposed to be a very temporary thing, until we had vaccines. Now apparently the vaccines aren't good enough. Are hospitals overwhelmed? No? Then what is the freak out? I hate to break the bad news but sometimes people get sick from viruses and die.
Should I cover my face forever just because sometimes people who are so old a vaccine can't really help them anymore might get a respiratory virus and die? Or because someone has decided they don't want to be vaccinated and they get this virus anyway and die?
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9 Jul
Newsom’s state has a horseshoe economy built to serve two classes of people: the rich and the poor. The middle-class sags, neglected, in the middle. Ordinary working families are all but being invited to go find another state.…
"Tightly restricted housing policies, high taxes and punishing, traffic-clogged commutes make California increasingly untenable for average earners as wealthy progressives buttress themselves behind high gates, go to work on glistening corporate campuses, and shrug at tax hikes."
(Right now wealthy progressives aren't even going to work on glistening corporate campuses, they are buttressed at home, working from home.)
Read 7 tweets

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