Not a hard question to give a good answer to! and yet,
"The needy are just outsiders who travelled here to take advantage of our naive generosity" is such an old meme it literally predates the United States. The 17th century English Poor Laws made you prove you were baptized at that Church in order to receive charity.
Wasn't true then and isn't true now! Study after study shows that the overwhelming majority of homeless people in California are from California and from the same metro area that they are homeless in.
Yes. Asking people to think about how this would work for even one second. Hawaii!

• • •

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20 Jul
As with the post office and DMV, conservative freakouts about oppressive TSA agents often boil down to it being one of the only situations wealthy white Americans will find themselves in where a minority worker is not required to be obsequiously polite to them.
And look, a lot of airport security really is useless security theater, but it's a minor nuisance most of us don't really get offended by. (Also by the way, you can opt out of a lot of the most annoying parts by getting pre-check which I think is like $100 for 5 years?)
But the thing that rankles reactionaries is that the situation requires passengers to (very temporarily) submit to the orders of TSA agents - placing them higher in the hierarchy - even though conservatives see the agents as their social inferiors due to race, education, pay etc
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20 Jul
This is a great thread on a hugely important bicycling infrastructure project in San Diego but I really wish we weren't defining down the word "bollard" to be inclusive of the little plastic flex posts.
The experience in NYC was basically that flex posts are barely better than having nothing at all and will be gone or mostly gone within a few months as drivers mow them down.
I walk by real bollards every day as I walk my dog near the federal courthouse downtown. The kind that are sunk into concrete and designed to stop a truck at high speed. That might be overkill for a bike lane but is closer to what we need than flex posts are
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20 Jul
Discovered the insane workflow for grouping a slow motion clip in Avid with normal speed clips and synced sound and it feels like breaking the law.
(Create a sequence, dump the slow mo clip in the sequence, apply the time transformation to bring it to normal speed, hit autosync with nothing but the sequence selected to convert the sequence to a subclip (?!), group the clips with a slate)
A good way to describe what working in MediaComposer is like is "the moderators in the official forums tell you something won't work, then it does and they're surprised."
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19 Jul
again do people think "take vacant houses (most of which are between tenants) and give them gratis to homeless people" is a solution to housing problems in markets like san francisco?
"help i can't live in san francisco anymore because the only available apartments are $3800 and that's more than my family can afford"

"have no fear, we took all the rentals currently on the market and gave them for free to the guys in tents. problem solved"
frankly you don't even have to spend 5 minutes to figure out why the "more vacant homes than homeless people" talking point is stupid! people are being intentionally stupid about it because they don't like the solutions to the actual problem.
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19 Jul
Policy makers see transit, even in NYC, as an inferior substitute good for people too poor to afford cars, and are thus indifferent to how quick or reliable the service is as long as it gets you there eventually.
(Not that this is a good attitude towards poor people either, who are more likely than most to have a "you're fired if you're not on time" job!)
The feeling is sort of "be grateful for whatever we deign to give you" like transit is a charity for people who can't take care of themselves rather than the circulatory system that makes America's richest city physically possible to exist and function.
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15 Jul
The "out of control inflation" propaganda campaign succeeded.
I think they're much more concerned with their next corporate lobbying gig than with keeping the House, which they likely understand is outside of their control anyway
Yes, I suppose it's probably pretextual but it still sucks that they're using this
Read 4 tweets

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