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19 Jul, 4 tweets, 1 min read
i don’t believe in gender identities. i don’t believe it’s kind to tell people they can change sex or tip toe around reality because they might get upset. i don’t identify as a woman and i don’t identify as a detransitioner; i just am those things. i am way past done pandering.
pandering will not work. ever. the trans orgs and the trans activists will never care about detransitioners. ever. because their objective is not to help people with gender dysphoria and it never has been. ever. their objective is to gain political power. we are an inconvenience.
i am not the other side of the coin to a trans identified person. these aren’t just two “identities” that “both sides” should learn to respect.

ever notice that trans people who go against trans activist dogma get treated like shit? yeah, they’re inconvenient too.
so i’m done being “nice”. i believe gender ideology is morally wrong. it harms society because it manipulates people and draws vulnerable people into harms way. it harms individuals because it sells them a fantasy that carries huge risks. i don’t respect it, sorry not sorry.

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9 Jul
ever notice how these stupid celebrities who glamorize chest binding never wear an actual binder? they make stupid artsy posts fake binding their boobs, encouraging regular girls to get binders (which can damage your breasts, lungs, back, and ribs) and eventually mastectomies
anybody remember ruby rose with that artsy video of her being a trans guy? so fucking cringe.
inb4 someone says binders are “safer” than whatever this is

yeah, not when you wear them 14 hours a day and too small a size like 90% of girls do

i wore a “safe” binder for years and it gave me chronic back pain that i still deal with, and i’m fucking 22 lol
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9 Jul
my stance:

bans are probably not the answer, because they don’t address the lack of options for people in these situations and it comes from a lack of curiosity into why people want to transition and how to best help them
but i also can’t square my sense of morality with the idea that a provider should be empowered to perform extremely risky and often times damaging (in the short and long term) procedures and treatments on people for a mental health issue
ESPECIALLY with the lack of long term assessment of the safety and efficacy of these treatments

ESPECIALLY with the lack of information that ensures a patient knows how risky, experimental, and radical transition is

ESPECIALLY with so many social factors pushing transition
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8 Jul
huge thing to know about “the trans community” is that the ideology is that trans men are men, therefore they have male privilege and oppress trans women. so they’re expected to bend over backwards to make up for all this oppression and tend to the trans women’s feelings
literally results in these young girls being told to shut up, send nudes, and donate to a trans woman’s paypal because if they don’t it’s transmisogynistic violence. not even joking.
and you’d be surprised how many young girls DO shut up, send nudes, and donate their petty funds to trans women’s paypals. it’s fucking disgusting.
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7 Jul
i’m begging for someone to explain me the difference between “sexual attraction” and “sexual desire” and how you can have one without the other
i’d love to see a survey of how many “asexuals” have been on SSRIs since they were teenagers 😶🙊
also i’m obsessed with “aceflux”

“fluctuating between asexual and allosexual”

99% sure this is just normal for most people. sometimes you’re horny sometimes you’re not. lmaoooo
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6 Jul
my friend bella is raising money to hire an attorney. her husband took their daughter, lied about where she is (3 states away!!!) and won’t let her have any contact

i’ve talked to her about everything that happened and i’m genuinely worried gofundme.com/f/legal-aid-fo…
bella hasn’t seen or spoken to her daughter in 4 days and only just found out she is 3 states away when she went to go pick her up from where she believed she was. her husband won’t tell her the exact location or when she can see her again.
he also controls her finances and she has no access to her money right now, which is why she’s fundraising to hire an attorney. if you want to help her do so the link is above.
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4 Jul
my ideology can be boiled down to a near fanatical opposition to bringing grocery store bought sides/desserts to any kind of celebratory function
i can see picking up something from a local bakery or restaurant in certain situations, but something about going to an event where almost everything served is in kroger packaging is extremely depressing to me.
i mourn our collective loss of ability to express and celebrate through the crafting and sharing of food. needless to say, i will always show up to your function carrying something made with love.
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