My older sister and I grew up in a small, fairly conservative town in one of the "collar counties" near Chicago. I was a pretty average, mostly happy kid, but Sis was always a little different. Off-the-charts smart, beautiful, very quiet and shy. Not many friends. (1/16)
Our parents' divorce messed us both up a little, but she withdrew even more. She almost never went anywhere besides school and home. Then when she was finishing junior high, a new family moved to the neighborhood and their kids joined our school... (2/16)
...the son was my age, the daughter was Sis's. I started playing at their house a lot after school, and with Mom back to working full-time, the new neighbors were happy to let Sis come over and do her homework until it was time for us both to go home. (3/16)
The daughter occasionally asked Sis for help with their homework, which she was happy to give, but that was about it. The next summer I kept playing with the son, and Sis buried herself in books. Right before Sis started high school that fall, the daughter called her. (4/16)
She said she was trying out for cheerleading, and encouraged Sis to try out, too. Sis laughed at the idea, but the daughter said she could show Sis some moves and help her prepare. To our surprise, she said yes, and the two of them worked pretty hard for a couple of weeks. (5/16)
When the time came, they knocked it out of the park, and they both made the squad. Sis started to come out of her shell, and not just at practice and games. She and her new friend hung out a lot, and after a while they were absolutely inseparable. (6/16)
Sis and her BFF studied together, shopped together, as they got older they went on double dates together, and they were always laughing together. They had very different academic interests, so after graduation they went off to college on opposite coasts... (7/16)
...but they were constantly in touch on the phone and by email. They kept missing each other on breaks - one was home for Thanksgiving, the other for Christmas, etc. Sis came home at the end of freshman year, and that first night she sat Mom and me down. (8/16)
Sis came out to us that night.

She said that with the freedom of being away from home and in a safe and accepting environment, she'd finally become comfortable with who she really was, and she was a lesbian. (9/16)
She realized that she had never really been romantically interested in the boys she double-dated with BFF, she just loved spending all her time with BFF. And once we hugged her and told her we loved her no matter what, she said she had to come out to BFF next... (10/16)
...and she was terrified of how BFF would react.

She told us later that when she walked into BFF's house, BFF took her by the shoulders and said, "Before you say anything, I have to get this off my chest: I'm gay. And I think I love you." (11/16)
A lot of laughing, crying, hugging, and kissing later, they were an item. That summer with both of them working close to home, they were even more inseparable than before. There was never a doubt in their minds that they would survive three years of long-distance... (12/16)
...only seeing each other on breaks and occasionally flying out for weekends, so that's what they did. Neither of them has ever dated any other women. When they graduated college, they both got jobs in Chicago, moved back, and got a place together. (13/16)
A few days before Thanksgiving last year in the middle of lockdown, Sis proposed and BFF said yes. God and the pandemic willing, I'll be Sis's maid of honor this fall when BFF becomes my Sis-in-Law!! (14/16)
I love their love! They are such beautiful people inside and out, and they are perfectly made for each other. Sis panics easily but loves having BFF as a calm and steady anchor in a crisis. BFF is helpless with numbers and directions but loves being able to rely on Sis. (15/16)
Everybody should be as lucky as they are, and I'm so happy for them that I begged Sis to let me share their story here since they're not on Twitter themselves (she said yes, as long as she could proofread 🤣). HERE'S TO MY SISTERS!! 🥰🥰 (16/16)

• • •

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