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19 Jul, 15 tweets, 4 min read
“Never a thing”. The Balinese and Tamils in the Nusantara have used “Om Shanti” as a bereavement message since forever but these navel-gazing leftists from India think its usage is attributable only to Hindutva. These folk ought to be declared persona non grata from OUR countries
I once recounted that it is sometimes difficult for Hindus in SEA to get along with Indian nationals because they are insular to the hilt. If they (Indian leftists in this case) were allowed to dominate the narrative, this would be “Hindutva”:…
In that thread there is a fella proudly declaring that Hindu bereavement messages that aren’t R.I.P. are sufficient to induce rage in him. Can you imagine this individual in a SEA Hindu setting? He’d get sucker-punched for expressing his views and deported for being subversive
Indians, if you think like this, stay away from Southeast Asia. Don’t immigrate here and make your views known to people that have nothing to do with the political machinations of your homeland. Better yet don’t leave at all, do the world a favour by remaining there in perpetuity
Leftists from India never fail to burnish their anti-caste credentials but by sidestepping Hindu practices that are endemic to SEA – practices that fall mostly outside their homeland’s caste fold – they are ironically some of the most inadvertent caste supremacists around
Apathy towards (or complete ignorance of) aberrant or non-mainstream Hindu practices is a hallmark of caste supremacy. So when INDIAN Brahmin dinguses like Arundhati Roy or Gayatri Spiwhateverthefuckhernameis declare Hinduism irredeemable they ARE being caste supremacists
Southeast Asian Tamil with 300 years of ancestry in the Malay archipelago: “Om Shanti”

Indian national expat that arrived 2 years ago: “Is this person a Modi follower?”
Sorry guys, I’m not usually this angry or incoherent but I am febrile atm after Pfizer dose 2 and am trying to sleep off a 38.8 degree centigrade fever so back to bed I go
Final addendum(s) since some of you fools don’t know how to read:


Not gonna engage with these dunderhead faux leftists any longer. Peace ✌🏽 or Shanti
fwiw policing the bereaved bc they ain’t using proper terminology isn’t the W some think it is

even if it’s in India

it’s demonic behaviour

case closed
more evidence that we need to be a wee bit more circumspect about the indian nationals that we naturalise as citizens (as we would the PRCs – wouldn’t want CCP subversives here would we?)

don’t see why these people should get a free pass

when socmed first became a thing in india its users were from the <0.1% – upperclass anglophone anglophile urbane computer-owning globetrotters

now that the plebeians have joined socmed they’ve brought with them the mannerisms of the actual proletariat

simple… statistics? if that’s the appropriate discipline?

• • •

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21 Jul
Today I learnt that Dhanabalan established DBS (?!) How did I not know this

Further research shows he was part of a pioneer team but I can’t find names

On a separate note more anti-PAP/fence-sitting boomers are revolting against the PSP Image
In case you aren’t sufficiently convinced that the PSP and its seditious followers are a blight upon Singapore, these nincompoops (their accounts are fake) are calling for violent retribution against a marginalised diaspora group 🥱

@tocsg on your page. you’re complicit as hell. Image
South African Indians are very much like SG Indians in the sense that they are descendants of colonial-era settlers – a significant chunk of whom were indentured labourers

Bandwagoning genocidal hatred against them under the pretext of opposing an unrelated FTA is a new. low.
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20 Jul
I know you guys are all “hang all billionaires” on here but I for one appreciate that Jeff Bezos (who happens to own the WaPo) is leading the charge against the demonic Israeli company NSO and its foul Pegasus exploit. He has power and is using it towards an end than benefits us
Bezos has a vendetta against NSO bc the Kingdom of Saudi Barbaria used Pegasus to exfiltrate reams of data from his phone to blackmail him (including his dick pics which were eventually leaked) and I for one can’t wait for him to annihilate the company good ol plutocrat style
though it bears repeating that NSO is allegedly a Mossad front (incestuous relationship between a for-profit espionage corp and a nation-state espionage agency – no surprises there) so Bezos is still limited in his ability to strike back

burn it all down
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