Hey @jbarro guess who doesn’t like Star Wars or us
(Avenatti’s lawyer is giving his client a skillful and zealous defense but the motion this is from is firmly on the bullshit side of the spectrum)
(Also complaining about publicity is just rhetorically a heavy lift for Avenatti, like if I started whinging about ennui and snark)
I think the worst motion that I ever saw a lawyer get talked into filing for a defendant asked the judge to order one of the UCs to throw out the defendants’ son’s F on an exam because it was from stress from his parents’ prosecution. Good lawyer bad moment. The judge was wroth.
Anyway I’m starting to think that he’s never going to get around to his GAME ON promise
Anyway my favorite part of Avenatti’s motion is when he says he didn’t notice that the former AUSA was retweeting stuff about him, but the government knew and hid it from him because the generic CDCA AUSAs account follows the former AUSA account.

• • •

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21 Jul
Got a call from a TN number. Youngest is visiting there so I picked up in case she got arrested or something. It's a 1985-quality voice synthesizer saying they're U.S. Customs and they've seized a package to me full of drugs and I will go to jail and press 1 not to go to jail./1
/2 I press 1, because I'm in a mood. There's a flatulent buzz and a lady picks up. She has an accent like a one-season SNL cast member pretending to be Eastern European. "Yusss, this is the United States Customs, how can I help you."
/3 "Give me my drugs," sayeth I.

"Wut," said the lady. I swear you could hear the u.
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19 Jul


Honestly I'd rather the robots just exterminate us like the olden days. This reminds me too much of 4th grade when they moved everyone from Oak Grove, which was closing, to Paradise Canyon, which wasn't, and Paradise Canyon made us learn disco as an ice-breaker
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16 Jul
Here’s how the Biden Administration could handle the plague of deadly disinformation in a way that wouldn’t play into the Trumpist censorship narrative:
1. “The First Amendment and Section 230 let private companies like Twitter and Facebook choose how to moderate their sites.”/1
/2 2. “American free speech rights are exceptional and protect a very large amount of speech many of us would agree is dangerous or harmful. That broad protection helps insulate speech from political and ideological urges to censor.”
3. /3 “But the government has a leadership function as well as a governing one. Part of leadership is praising good behavior and condemning bad behavior, in hopes that people will do the right thing, without the coercion of law.”
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15 Jul
Protip: being a real-world shitposter will get your bail revoked.
/2 Some people are responding to this with "wait, isn't it permissible -- even healthy and good -- to have contempt for the government?" Yes, it is. But you have to pay attention to context.

The context here is the judge's determination under the Bail Reform Act:....
/3 "Will any combination of conditions reasonably assure" that this person will show up for court and not be a danger to the community?

Here the judge didn't find this doofus was a danger, though I suspect some judges might have (the judge is right, IMO, on this record).
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11 Jul
We were half an hour into our walk, rounding Palm and Foothill, my wife indefatigably and me very fatigably, when I saw the bear, across the boulevard, ambling into a driveway just west of the YMCA. I would not describe the locale as rural.
/2 “Holy shit, that’s a bear,” I said. My wife reacted with a skepticism I have earned, at least since the time that @SouthJerseyBlu and I convinced her, over a good bottle of Riesling, that wombats are mythical. But then she also saw the bear.
/3 “I’ll call 911,” I said. “For a bear?” She asked. “Do you have the number of the bear police?” I asked somewhat waspishly because my iPhone doesn’t recognize me when I sweat and wouldn’t unlock. I was too slow with it to get a picture of the bear.
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9 Jul
ICYMI: After a very long delay I finished Chapter 3 of my series on what Anti-SLAPP statutes are and how they work. This chapter explains why some Anti-SLAPP statutes are better than others.

/2 Previously, in Chapter One, I explained what a SLAPP is, what an Anti-SLAPP statute and Anti-SLAPP motion are, and why civil procedure without Anti-SLAPPs is inadequate to stop frivolous litigation aimed at speech.

/3 And in Chapter Two, I covered how an Anti-SLAPP motion works and what makes it more effective in stopping bogus anti-speech lawsuits than existing procedure. popehat.substack.com/p/what-is-an-a…
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