Kevin DeYoung wrote a 5,900 word review of the Kwan/Thompson book promoting reparations. He concluded the book's vision is one "where sin is White supremacy and salvation comes from a lifetime of moral exertion. It is a vision where the church's mission is to change the...
world and heaven is a world of art studios and co-ops. It is a vision where urban renewal feels central and the grace of the risen Christ feels peripheral. It is a vision filled with many noble aspirations, but one ultimately that depicts a future where the White guilt...
never dies and the reparations never end."

In their 9,800 word response, the authors lay it out bluntly: "Though we believe that he neither sees it nor intends it, Reverend DeYoung, in his review, methodologically centers whiteness at every turn."

Centers whiteness.
A phrase that can mean anything, or be used in any way. It is how CRT advocates deflect all criticism, silence all responses. No one can define "whiteness," because it doesn't exist in the real world. It is a method, a ploy, a means of propping up a narrative that has no heart.
I said it in 2019: there is no endgame in the gospel of the Woke Church. No redemption. No forgiveness. It is *designed* that way because its purpose is to divide and to engender separation. To break down. Only those who have forgiveness can unify and work together, you see.
By ridding the church of the means of reconciliation (all under the guise of "racial reconciliation" of course---double speak works in theology, too) the Woke set up a never-ending cycle of grievance and separation.

• • •

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22 Jun
A few days ago video surfaced of adult blacks (mainly women) teaching a 3-year old black girl to twerk in public. They all thought it was GREAT! So a few days later paramedics arrive to help someone who has been shot and black women climb on the vehicle, wearing very little,
and start twerking to the great joy and excitement of the crowd of black men (who join in simulating sex with the women), all while recording all of this on their digital devices. This is at a SHOOTING I remind you (of which there were 54 last weekend just in Chicago).
So yesterday we watch as a crowd of young black men, pants down to their thighs, drag a husband and wife out of their car and execute them at point blank range (last I heard the woman was barely alive, the man was dead) on the street, again in the failed state of Chicago.
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28 Apr
Emotional manipulation is a powerful weapon, and it has been used to fundamentally end the experiment in liberty begun in the 18th century in what became the United States.

A lot of things had to be accomplished to bring about this end, to be sure. For example, you had to ...
fundamentally change how the population viewed mankind, moving from a responsible creature of God to a random cosmic accident made up of fizzing chemicals and star dust.

That allowed you to change the very definitions of freedom and liberty, as well as law. Vital preparation.
You had to establish an educational system that existed specifically to break down the family and break down the cohesion that comes from a shared worldview. That may have been the most spectacular success in hindsight of the anti-US revolution.
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26 Apr
διότι τὸ φρόνημα τῆς σαρκὸς ἔχθρα εἰς θεόν

We are literally *taught* by our societal context (and have been for a long time) to disbelieve Paul's statement at Rom 8:7: "for the fleshly mindset is hostile toward God."

Well, is it? Why? So few have considered.
The answer is plain, of course, for Paul is drawing the fundamental contrast between being focused upon "fleshly things" and being focused, and hence acting in light of, spiritual things (v. 5). He then shows himself "radical" by stating without apology,
"the fleshly mindset leads to death, but the spiritual mindset (the mindset that comes from the Spirit) results in life, and in peace" (8:6). No way to compromise here, the two paths diverge 180º!
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21 Apr
A few weeks ago an entire spate of videos came out, mainly from spring break, in Florida. What were they of? Black women, normally in various levels of undress, BEATING EACH OTHER SENSELESS. Not just a few, entire streets full, as in crowds of black girls beating up...each other.
At the time I sat there going, "Why can't adults put two and two together and realize that a culture of rampant sexual immorality, baby mamas, no fathers, and the exaltation of the likes of Cardi B is behind this plague of violence?"

We have become numb to the gangs in...
Chicago. The videos of drive-bys barely gets noticed anymore. But now we see what happened in Ohio and we go...what's behind a 16 year old trying to cut up multiple other people? Then I discover that the very day before, in Cincinnati, a black 13 year old girl stabbed AND KILLED
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21 Apr
In the old days--back when social cohesion existed because of shared values--we recognizes that a person doing evil had forfeited their rights, and we rejoiced when the innocent were saved from death.

Today, when social cohesion has been purposefully destroyed and replaced...
with racial identity and intersectionality, people are left with no way of determining the value of life of a person seeking to murder others, and the person whose life is spared from such murder.

Only a few years ago the response to the video from last night would have been...
"Thank God those unarmed girls were not killed by the attacker! What on earth could allow such violence in a 16 year old girl? How very sad! What happened in that family?"

Today it is "abolish police, kill that cop, it's all white supremacy and racism."

Such insanity can....
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21 Apr
So George Floyd "sacrificed his life" for justice.

I guess that's what she said. Hard to say through the mask. Mainly just mumbling.

Jaslyn Adams died Sunday.

She was in the back seat of her family car ordering a Happy Meal at McDonald's in Chicago.

I have heard NO ONE...
talking about her today. Nobody. Leftist, "conservative," nobody.

Floyd was an ex-con on drugs resisting arrest, Jaslyn was 7 years old and looking forward to fries and a toy in her Happy Meal.

The Speaker of the House says Floyd sacrificed his life for justice.
What did Jaslyn sacrifice her life for?

Where are the protests? Where is BLM? The crews from CNN and MSNBC? Why isn't there a mural being painted at the McDonalds?

Let's be honest. Won't happen. Chances are very high this was a gang hit---whether intentional or mistaken...
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