au where helian yi commands zzs to find a heavenly healer when he almost krills jby yet again so zzs is like yessir. and then accidentally travels 1300 years into the future, drags dr. wkx out of a pediatric hospital that zzs reasons must be heaven, and back to the royal city
wkx: you've got the wrong guy. hang on i've got work! I'VE GOT LIKE THREE SURGERIES TO OVERSEE TODAY
zzs: i have someone who's gushing blood everywhere. can you save him
wkx: i......i can try, what's his blood type?
zzs, slowly:
who am i kidding. this is a 신의 faith the great healer au
of course ensuing heaps of court intrigue where everyone wants wkx to work for them bc he really seems to be a heavenly healer while zzs has to find out when the portal next opens to send wkx back home and both of them....realize....they don't want wkx to go back home....

• • •

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More from @tothedeaths

26 Nov 20
wwx posting for family holiday season like

need a date to your family gathering so they’ll stop asking if you have a boyfriend?

for $50, i will
- show up
- dress nicely
- laugh at your jokes
for $100, i will
- do everything in the $50 tier
- hold your waist all evening
- tell our meetcute story

for $200, i will
- do everything in the $100 tier
- say “i love you” where your parents can hear
- kiss your cheek or mouth, your pick
and his friend mianmian actually takes him up on the offer. wwx is like uhm we are friends i will give you a discount just treat me to dinner sometime. and it’s some jin dinner party of which lwj is also in attendance and they havent seen each other for like [handwaves] 7 years
Read 5 tweets
17 Nov 20
wangxian modern ldr where wwx is like. on some work rotation for 2 years far away and he wants to surprise lwj at the airport so he contacts lxc and says "hey i know you guys aren't super hot about lying but can you convince him you're visiting and need a ride from the airport"
and lwj totally believes him bc casually excellent liar when given the chance lxc is a hilarious headcanon i'm committed to now. mianmian also goes separately and """pretends""" to bump into lwj to pick up her gf wq. all of this logistically makes sense
anyway wwx walks comes through the arrivals gate and lwj is so shell shocked he just stares and then turns away with his hand over his face before opening his big sweater arms for a big sweater hug Fuck Yeah ldr airport hugs
Read 4 tweets
6 Nov 20
au where hualian find wwx in yunmeng when he's a child. xl mentions to hc how he misses having kids trailing after them everywhere they go, so hc of course thinks "well it is time to do a crime and steal a kid for gege then!"
xl is like "san lang it was just a passing thought" and hc is like hm right. so anyway do you want one in larvae stage or do you want one that can walk and talk already
and xl is like. if it looks like they need a family, only then should you bring them home, don't find a child that looks like they'll be missed

hc, seeing wwx scruffy on the streets: oh fuck yeah this'll do
Read 59 tweets
23 Sep 20
it's almost spooky season, so: crimson peak-esque au where yllz!wwx lives in a sentient manor that needs a resident with a golden core to stay standing, and bc the ghosts of his sister, wen qing, and wen ning live in these halls, he desperately tries to keep it upright.
he hasn't seen them before. he knows they're there; he's heard them, but the ghosts won't show themselves to the guilty. not the gentle ones, anyway. but the roofs are caving, the stairs are crumbling away, and before long his sister's old room will be nothing but ash.
so wwx devises a desperate and Totally Foolproof plan that he knows wen qing would have disapproved of: go into the village at the foot of the mountains and find someone and make them fall in love with him.
Read 21 tweets
21 Sep 20
if we're gonna talk about college aus we have to discuss how wwx is the chinam that sets foot in university and goes buck fucking wild bc he's grown up not having room to fuck up, ever, at all, and suddenly the only supervision he has is a stressed poli-sci/econ third year ra
my first year in college i was on an aapi floor and it was clear that no one had ever broken a rule in their life. one of my friends brought her violin to practice. i cannot explain how much vomit and lost underwear i encountered by the end of rush week
lwj is the one that sits in one of the dorm rooms watching the Friend Group drink and do weird shit and sits next to wwx watching silly videos, sober, and their friend group is just like "god. are they dating"
Read 4 tweets
16 Sep 20
⚠️ cw: medication, anxiety, panic //

about 2 months ago, i got meds for panic attacks. i'd stopped eating and sleeping and i was constantly on the verge of taking myself to the er because the panic attacks were so bad.
i'm not a stranger to panic attacks, even long bouts that lasted for weeks at a time; they're not usually triggered by anything, but in may they came and never left. i would be frozen in place for hours at a time, every day, shaking and panicking so much i was hardly breathing.
luckily, the meds stopped the panic and most of the anxiety, which has been awesome! the first day they started working and i woke up and felt like i was anchored in reality again, i just sat at my desk and cried.
Read 8 tweets

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