This aint how it started at all

The Liberal party have been running their rorts as a scheme now for some time - this is not some isolated incident out of "Alan Tudge's office"

The scheme is run out of the Prime Minister's office, from weekly data…
It goes like this:

a data base & master spreadsheet managed by a person in Scott Morrison's office who calls themselves "backbench liaison" is used to send out to ministers to tell them when & where to put funds, according to the weekly data and polls.

It's been going for years
The misappropriation of federal government funds to keep themselves if office is coordinated between Liberal party headquarters & the Prime Minister's office (PMO)

It's sophisticated, researched and it's top down.

Staffers in Alan Tudge's office are just doing as they're told.
Anybody who thinks the stealing of taxpayer's funds for #sportsrorts and #porkandride are 2 stand alone incidents is being wilfully naive.

Those colour coded spreadsheet used for #sportsrorts and the same for the car parks rorts?

They come from the PMO & Liberal party HQ.
The Liberal party pay for and harvest data on a daily basis. They jiggle it around to match various electorates, cross match it with latest polls, media monitoring, etc.

The Prime Minister's office also gets it. They massage the data according to who's doing what & where
It's like a master schedule of marginal seats. They even use it to coordinate various minister's pressers or appearances during elections.

When the Ministers get it, it's an easy to read spreadsheet. It's colour coded, easy to see what to do.

The control is coming from the top.

β€’ β€’ β€’

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18 Jul
This is Scott Morrison's KevinPfizerRudd moment, but without half his cunning or chutzpah.

It's like the kid who helped with the oranges at half-time having their mum come up to the coach to make sure they get a mention in the after game speeches.

So transparent.

So juvenile.
This is what Scott Morrison said on national tv 3 weeks ago and in fed parliament.

His comms team's insistence on inserting SaviourScotty into the issue like a sad Superman in search of a cape, denies the reality of what has been coming out of his mouth for the last few weeks.
. ImageImage
This is also part of Scott Morrison's lily-livered policy of throwing anybody under the bus threatening his survival.

From bleating every day about how wonderful Gladys is & how well NSW is handling the latest outbreak to now claiming he wanted to go harder.

Just . . . #pffft Image
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6 Jul
God this bullshit is so easy to see through.

The Aust "Catholic Medical Association" is just a website with nobody's name on it and no member numbers.

They don't even have any members in WAust or Tas.

This is #bullshitandspin, a manufactured controversy that Christensen plays.
If you want to see how easy it is to game the media in this country, just hijack some nominal group with a handful of members, give yourself a big name - but don't provide any details of who you all are or who you represent.

Then get a handy politician to use you for click bait.
I mean, not only do the supposed Aust "Catholic Medical Association" have an ancient facebook page last updated in May 2020 with 125 followers, they also allow anybody - anybody- to join their group.

So who exactly do the "Catholic Medical Association" represent - & how many?
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1 Jul
For those wondering how Scott Morrison tactically stays in power, part of this is what's called 'rotating imagery'.

You focus on 6-8 facets of the prism & rotate them regularly.

Australians will forgive *anything* if they believe a leader is one of them; relatable, ordinary.
This is heavily thought out, it's not done on some random whim.

The imagery around Morrison is

personal facets: Daggy Dad Scotty, Empathetic Scotty, Suburban Scotty

as well as leadership facets: Tough Morrison, Military Morrison, World Stage Morrison.

All of it's tactical.
The time between each facet of reinforcing Scott Morrison's image is also planned carefully

Each photo shoot, each appearance, every Facebook post is planned according to the timing & rotation

So you'll see:

Scott with tanks-Scott with curry-Scott in trucks-Scott with Jen, etc
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30 Jun
Well now, this is fascinating.

The Prime Minister - the one who denies any Qanon sympathies & is "deeply offended" by them - has over 560,000 followers on here

He only follows back a paltry 1,735 people.

One of those select few is a race-baiting Qanon supporting account.

Some even more fascinating things:

I just checked through all of the 1,735 accounts Scott Morrison is following.

From the 24 hours since Tim Graham tweeted out his observation of this racist account being followed by the PM - it is no longer being followed.

Which tells us ...
... regardless of the words Scott Morrison is mouthing aloud about Satan using twitter and what an alleged cesspool it is, his commuication's team monitor it for anything throwing Scott Morrison's reputation into a bad light.

And immediately react accordingly.

Another thing ...
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23 Jun
Thread: Flying High

Recently, @jommy_tee & I posted a (4Corners) thread giving an insight into how we research & collaborate on stories.

Positive feedback was good, so we thought we’d give another insight – this time into the greatest Australian Border Force story never told.
A few weeks back, a twitter comment caught my eye.

Ms TwitterAnon claimed international private flights were secretly landing in Australia.

Intrigued but cynical, I messaged the normally reliable Ms TwitterAnon who linked me to a Sydney Morning Herald article.
Click. There it was in all its glory: an SMH article by a reputable journalist & underscored with hundreds of angry comments.

The article quoted several sources, including global aviation data company Cirium + breathlessly excited quotes from an outfit called Concierge Doctors.
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15 Jun
A short thread on #MichaelDrinkingCoffee

Here is the acting PM once again, using his position while Scott Morrison is away to advance the big important issues.

Like drinking coffee.
It's important to note Michael McCormack is a frequent whiner when it comes to people drinking coffee.

He seems to have a special hatred for them, especially if they do it in a town or city (by the side of the road seems to be ok though).

Michael doesn't like coffee drinkers.
Of course it's all pre-scripted, manufactured drivel designed to appeal to his base.

The govt comms team war-game it somewhere & Michael stands up and says it.

It's just that it's umm, hypocritical.

You've heard of #MinersDrivingTeslas?

Here's #MichealDrinkingCoffee
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