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20 Jul, 5 tweets, 1 min read
Remember when it was 4 weeks so the hospitals don't get overcrowded.

You gave up the principle, now you have to deal with it.

Only way out is to logically accept the argument that life contains risks and that people need to be responsible for their own lives and risk appetite.
You need to be able to say you are okay with risk and death.

You take calculated risks every day.

You also take risks of what you don't do.

To defeat the idea, you need to be comfortable with the real world. And the real world involves tough decisions.
Government is a drug that offers you perceived security in exchange for your freedom.

The security isn't real, but the loss of freedoms certainly are.

The only way out of the logical bind is through the unthinkable to what you have been programmed for the past 15 months.
You have been programmed that way because the drug dealers of perceived security, the people in power, saw it as an opportunity to take power for themselves.

You have to accept the possibility that people can and certainly will die as a result. And that it's apart of life.
Only once you reject the principle can you push back against the premise.

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7 Jun
So many western companies design their products in their home countries and then outsource the manufacturing of those products to china to produce.

Especially high tech stuff.

Nobody considers this an issue in govt.

They don't even think to understand why it happens.
Every company then has the ability to capitulate to every psychotic leftist demand imposed by governments, because the companies don't care.

They just move all the actual production to where any of the rules they pass don't exist.

Environmental, legal, labour, electricity etc.
People who have no idea how the world really works get to pretend to be virtuous people by banning or regulating entire industries out of existence.

The working guys now have no idea about the jobs that they don't have.

Nothing is free. You got swindled by people who hate you.
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7 Jun
You don't realise how third world the west has become until you start trying to do anything productive.

Literally all manufacturing of value has been outsourced years ago due to corporate cowardice and short term thinking.

It's difficult to rebuild even if we wanted to.
I literally can't take any military general seriously anymore in the west.

The real enemies are next to you in government.

The next war is going to be a manufacturing war, of who can produce the most drones, equipment and armaments.

The west will lose horribly.
Due to the regulatory environment and the lack of will in corporates to push back on leftist insanity, the two merged together to create a monster of unproductivity.

The manufacturing base has been completely eroded.

If a war ever happens, we will lose and it wont be close.
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3 Apr
29 weird things learned doing over 700 business software implementations.
1. Most companies are terribly run, you have no idea. It’s a miracle some of them still operate.
2. When you go in and everything is run by outdated excel spreadsheet data, you know it’s going to be a good time. The more spreadsheets they run their systems on, the lower your IQ drops interacting with them.
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2 Apr
Let's do another argument thread.

If you have any issues arguing a position either ideological, personal, business, persuasion or whatever else post below and I'll do the logic or argumentation for you quickly.
You can ask via dm if you are shy.
From the dms.

Firstly alot of broke, weak and stupid guys.😂

But more seriously to the point, this argument comes from a misunderstanding of species dynamics.

Like everything, I always go back to first principles. What is the underlying principles behind what's being argued.
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3 Mar
Currently reading about the military logistics of Genghis Khan and the Mongol empire. It’s fascinating that back then they understood that meat&dairy diets is what made them stronger than their foes who were on primarily grain based diets.

Their soldiers were able to last days.
Without food while maintaining their strength, they were stronger and had better endurance than their enemies, and they designed their entire military logistical structure around this. Scribes back then understood the importance of this and documented it extensively.
When the difference between winning and losing a war is on the line, people go with what works. The impositions of life and death of your culture forces you to live in reality, rather than ideological delusions of moral superiority and self hatred of both yourself and species.
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16 Jan
I'm going to go through this in depth because I find this to be an instructive mistake many smart people make in debates from a persuasion perspective.

When having a discussion with someone about a topic, it's important to understand what the discussion is ACTUALLY about. 👇
While I sympathize with the position, in your personal interactions this methodology will only inflame and cause the reverse outcome you seek to desire.

I did a brief introduction to explain the correct way to do it here:

The mistake she made however was a very deep mistake in argumentation. In that she assumed the topic was abortion itself. This was not the case. The real topic was anti-natalism, which is caused by a belief of equality of outcome. Abortion was the symptom of the ideological...
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