I really appreciate the invitation to open up a conversation about STI status, especially as folks with platforms.

While I (thankfully) did not end up with the chronic form, I had Hepatitis B as a teen because my parents did not believe in vaccinating young people against STIs.
Many parents still believe that vaccinating against STIs will somehow encourage young people to run out and have sex. In actuality, all they accomplish in delaying vaccination is putting the health of teens in jeopardy.
I didn't know I had Hepatitis B until long after I'd fought off the infection. I can remember getting sick, though, and hiding the fact that I was ill from my parents, for fear I would be punished for being sexually active.
The worst part of it all is that I didn't know I wasn't vaccinated against HBV. I assumed that I had all the vaccines I needed; I trusted that the adults in my life were protecting me against everything they could.

When we demonize sex and stigmatize STIs, this is what happens.
It's so important — SO IMPORTANT — that we normalize sexual health as part of our overall health and wellbeing. Otherwise, people suffer in silence and shame, and their health is needlessly put at risk.
I really feel for teenaged Sam, who had to unknowingly grapple with an STI entirely on his own, for fear of consequences. Especially because it happened in the context of an abusive relationship.

We all deserve so much better.

• • •

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20 Jul
There's some ~TikTok discourse~ going around about how non-binary folks who want to medically transition, but wish to control the effects of testosterone, should take finasteride to limit hair growth.

I'm going to say this again: FINASTERIDE IS NOT SAFE FOR EVERYONE.

Thread. 🧵
I talked about this previously, and am going to link the original thread.

There is a long documented history of suicidality — even in people who haven't been suicidal before — associated with finasteride (propecia).

I was psychiatrically hospitalized TWICE after very abrupt and intense suicidality brought on by being prescribed finasteride.

I didn't know it was a side effect, I didn't know there were open lawsuits, I didn't know the drug company is fighting tooth and nail to bury the info.
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20 Jun
Diet culture is truly wild. Let’s blame the processed foods for their health, and not the social determinants of health — including classism, weight stigma, poverty, racism — that we know have a much stronger correlation with future health outcomes.

No. Blame their cereal.
When will folks stop blaming food (and our bodies — which are actually quite smart and know what to do with food!) and start looking at the systems and stigmas that are actually killing people!
We have more evidence to support the existence of body and size diversity as a PROTECTIVE function of health.

fat folks live longer lives than very thin folks, yet no one is warning against the legitimate health risks of undereating? Instead we’re telling people to try FASTING
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19 Jun
I’m live tweeting my experience at a gay picnic as a statement on mid-pandemic social anxiety but also because… oh no what have I done

A thread
Context: I’m at a social event for the first time since the panini

I have completely forgotten how to socialize
(Putting down my phone)
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7 Jun
ADHDers that struggle with appetite: Please remember that ignoring your hunger cues for a long enough time will diminish them. Eating consistently can bring them back — which means that we may have to eat even when we don’t “feel like it.”
This adaptive brain response was helpful for famines once upon a time! It meant we weren’t tormented by hunger pangs when food was scarce or unavailable for a long time.

But our brains don’t know the difference between us choosing not to eat and there being actual scarcity.
I can’t recommend nutritional shakes enough (I personally love Orgain “iced cafe mocha” shakes) for those of us struggling to get back on track.

You can even set up a subscription to have them delivered regularly, so you don’t forget.
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2 Jun
Happy Pride month! 🏳️‍🌈 Just a little update, I’m more confused than ever and my pronouns are please/do/not/perceive/me. Thanks
who at this point isn’t fully dissociated after this past year

Like gender? please drop it already
But also I’m a boy and he/they, talk to you next year 🌈✨🌱🐌💕🐈🎉
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29 May
My favorite thing that's happened so far in 2021 is when my partner exclaimed, in a sing-songy voice, "Mr. Pigggg!" at our cat

...without realizing that their partner was on a very serious "all-hands" Zoom call... unmuted.
I need you all to understand that hundreds of employees were discussing their futures on a Zoom call when my partner walked in the room and exclaimed "MR. PIGGGG~~~"

We call him Mr. Pig because he snores very preciously when he sleeps and lives to eat Fancy Feast, but his actual name is Pancake, which makes this story even better
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