I'm calling them Flying Monkeys now Keri!!!! Just for you, darling. 😘

Also, stop fucking searching for us and focus on your own life. Mind your own beeswax. It's gross for you to be all up in other people's business.
Also, let's be real for a second: If I was REALLY the narcissist Keri says I am, I would NEVER lower myself to even acknowledge her.

That's the truth. Given the difference in the size of our platforms, a REAL narcissist wouldn't even acknowledge her existence.
I'm punching down in this feud with Keri, and I know it.

I've just stopped caring because when you post private text messages publicly and support people doxing my house and putting my family in danger, I cease to care.

She wants war, she gets it. Never bend the knee to SJWs.
If Keri wants to keep it up, I'll do a full psychological profile, including about how Keri is so distraught over me because I symbolize her unlived self: A strong, powerful woman who doesn't give a fuck.

In other words, Keri hates me because I represent what she wants to be.
It can stop anytime, Keri. Just stop fucking talking about me.

Live your life.

Focus on your work.

Stay out of my business and get your MINIONS to do the same.

• • •

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19 Jul
I'm sorry, but I just find this particular accusation so hilarious.

What Unsafe Space thinks happened versus what actually happened based on my Locals post at the time:

I was exploring a campground.

I walked down a path.

I heard Carter’s voice and kept walking.

I turned around to make sure I heard correctly.

I tried to avoid you the whole rest of the time.

This is not a grand fucking conspiracy.
And the tent I rolled into was selling A LOT of stuff I liked.

You apparently would have done yourself well by visiting the same damn tent.

They would have helped you remove the giant stick from your ass.
Read 6 tweets
18 Jul
The first Art I started collecting was concert posters when I was in college.

Here are a few examples that aren’t in storage at the moment.

(These have horrible frames on them because the glass glares, but they’re still protecting them and that’s all that matters.) ImageImage
When I started traveling more for work, I would just explore different antique stores or galleries from the different places I visited. When I found prints that looked interesting, I snapped them up. ImageImageImage
One day, I was walking down Newbury street in Boston and discovered Know No Truth. I stopped in and met the artist. I loved the dark humor of his work. A year later, I bought my first original painting from him on IG for $55. ImageImage
Read 13 tweets
18 Jul
Me: “Can you just cut the nonsense for a few days so I can enjoy my VIP Art weekend?”


Oh look, Unsafe Space host (the “reformed” SJW) interacting with the account that’s been stalking me for over a year.

Hey Keri, are you also OK with pictures of my house being posted on the internet?

If that happened to you, would you consider it parody? Image
Keri, what qualifications do you have to make psychological diagnosis specifically?

And if I really am mentally ill, do you find it ethical to make the diagnosis public to cause shame and ridicule? Image
Read 6 tweets
18 Jul
By “walking away quietly” what Keri means is she literally talks about me ALL THE TIME when I just want to be left alone to do my work.

Why are you so obsessed with me, Keri?

Why are you following my stalker, Keri?

Why do you talk to my stalker like you’re friends, Keri? Image
Does anyone else find it curious that everyone associated with Unsafe Space follows and interacts with the account that’s been stalking me for over a year like they are all best friends?

I know I find that curious.

Especially when they all claim to be against cancel culture.
Why are you making mental health diagnosis, Keri?

Why are you dictating to others how to use their social media accounts, Keri?

Why are you harassing my supporters and trying to gaslight them, Keri?

So very many questions for someone who claims she “walked away quietly” Image
Read 5 tweets
18 Jul
Hi @TwitterSupport: I've been dealing with a stalker on your platform for over a year.

I've reported them multiple times. You did nothing.

They've posted pictures of my house on your platform without permission.

I reported it. You did nothing.

How exactly can we resolve this?
Please RT the above tweet if you FINALLY want @TwitterSupport to do something about the account that's been stalking me for over a year.
The account that's been stalking me (and has already admitted to posting pictures of my house on here) is now mocking the fact that I'm asking @TwitterSupport for help in ending the year of harassment. ImageImage
Read 6 tweets
18 Jul
Oh look, a member of the Unsafe Space team ENDORSING photos of my house being posted on the internet by a stalker.

It's like they're a little ban of SJWs or something.
And no, Beverly, I never posted the pictures this stalker account posted. Those are from real estate records from BEFORE I bought the house. But nice try, you evil bitch.
(Just gonna leave this here for when she deletes the original tweet when she realizes she endorsed doxing someone with Unsafe Space fully visible in her title) Image
Read 4 tweets

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