Republicans are all over the map about how their party should proceed on the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure proposal…
GOP strategists tell @axios they've struggled over not only whether they support the current Senate negotiations but how to message off the broader infrastructure debate

There are competing dynamics at play, they say, making it difficult (thread)
The conservative movement has existential worries about the increase in spending, particularly as vaccines fuel a better economy and inflationary fears grip consumers — and send the stock market diving, as happened Monday
They're wary of going on the record supporting a package that includes such a steep price tag, particularly after Congress already passed a $1.9 trillion coronavirus package this year

They're also terrified of being held responsible for killing the bipartisan deal
All this comes as they try to message against "reconciliation" and "inflation" — two terms not well understood by everyday Americans — and search for ways to simplify their attacks

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19 Jul
Schumer announces that he will file cloture tonight, setting up a vote on a motion to proceed on debate for the bipartisan infrastructure proposal

This was expected -- but comes as many Republicans threaten they will not vote to advance the deal if the bill is still not written
This part is new: Schumer says if the bipartisan group does not finalize text of the agreement in time for Thursday's sessions, he will offer an amendment "consisting only of the elements of the bill that have already been put through committee on a bipartisan process"
Manchin says the 5 leading Democratic negotiators, Sens. Sinema, Warner, Tester, Shaheen & Manchin, are all on board with this approach
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23 Jun
Progressives are drawing their red lines

They're exerting as much pressure as they can before President Biden takes an official position on the bipartisan G20 bill

Here's what they're saying:

WARREN: "There's only one deal to be made here, not two separate deals"

"And that deal may have a bipartisan portion that covers some subset... but we've got to have an agreement on the whole package & that means we need every Democrat committed to moving through reconciliation"
SANDERS: "It's going to be either both or nothing. There will not be a bipartisan bill unless there's a major reconciliation bill."

Sanders told me he doesn't think Chuck Schumer would put a bipartisan bill on the floor without guaranteeing he'll also offer a reconciliation bill
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22 Jun
A key thing about today's vote on S1 that is getting lost:

*Even if* Manchin votes to clear this procedural hurdle, it doesn't mean he'll ultimately vote in favor of the voting rights package…
As one senior Senate Democratic aide put it: "There's still a million outs for Joe Manchin, regardless of how he votes"

And he and Sinema have consistently made it clear they will not blow up the filibuster for this bill
Remember: This is a bill Democrats *never thought* would get 60 votes in the Senate

When it was first introduced in the House, it was largely seen as an overly ambitious messaging bill w/ no shot of becoming law while Trump ruled the White House & Mitch McConnell led the Senate
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22 Jun
New w/ @HansNichols: Senate negotiators for the bipartisan infrastructure bill are trying to create momentum for a "too-big-to-fail" package by adding an equal number of Democratic and Republican co-sponsors…
White House officials are pleased with how the talks are proceeding and are discussing how President Biden might declare his support for the roughly $1.2 trillion package, if the remaining issues are resolved

Biden hosted Manchin & Sienma separately, at the WH on Monday
Several additional senators — from both parties — are expected to come out in favor of the bipartisan package this week, the aides say.

The key is to employ a "one-and-one" or "Noah's Ark" strategy, in which each supporter would also bring a colleague from the other party
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12 May
New: Cheney opened up today’s conference meeting to remove her with these words, from a source familiar —

“I am going to take a moment of personal privilege and then we will have the prayer and pledge.

I have tremendous affection and admiration for many of you in this room”
“I know we all came to Washington to do important work for the nation. History has chosen every single one of us. And history has put us here together at this moment of challenge for our country.

Our nation needs this Republican Party as a strong party based on truth”
“To do that, we must be true to our principles & to the constitution. We cannot let the former president drag us backward & make us complicit in his efforts to unravel our democracy. Down that path lies our destruction, and potentially the destruction of our country,” said Cheney
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30 Apr
NEW: Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice told members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee they're are concerned with Biden's plan to withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan, with Rice suggesting the U.S. may need to go back…
“We had Secretaries Clinton and Condi Rice Zoom today with the committee," one committee member told @axios on Wed.

“A little disagreement on Afghanistan, but they both agreed we're going to need to sustain a counterterrorism mission somehow outside of that country”
“Condi Rice is like, 'You know, we’re probably gonna have to go back,'" amid a potential surge in terrorism, the member said
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