It is hard to overstate the cruelty & absurdity of mandating tens of millions of children wear masks in school.

CDC stats, extrapolated to correct for severely at-risk, show approx. 18 healthy children died with COVID over 18 months of data.

This is roughly 1 per month.🔻 1/8
This is because around 95% of deaths with COVID have severe comorbidities, such as obesity, heart disease & other major illnesses.

The full data set can be found below at the CDC: 2/8…
Furthermore, mask efficacy with a population that is not at risk and with low mortality rates makes little sense.

The CDC estimated daily case & mortality growth rate at just -0.9%-1.9% after 100 days.

This is negligible in the childhood population. 3/8…
But other mask studies shows even lower efficacy. An academic study has cast even further doubt:

"Case growth was not significantly different between mandate and non-mandate states at low or high transmission rates, and surges were equivocal." 4/8…
Another study shows carbon dioxide levels from wearing masks “suggest(s) that children should not be forced to wear face masks.”

(It should be noted the CDC disagrees with this assessment.*) 5/8…
Even more concerening are soaring depression & anxiety rates among children.

"Rates of suicidal ideation are highest among youth," a 2020 report pointed out.

Thus, mask mandates may contribute to social alienation and may indeed cost lives. 6/8…
A new study whose results were published at WSJ shows young people may be impacted even less by COVID than originally thought.

“Children are at extremely slim risk of dying from Covid-19, according to some of the most comprehensive studies to date." 7/8…
"The pandemic & its economic fallout are taking a toll on the mental health of many Americans. But the burden is perhaps greatest for those on the brink of adulthood."

We are causing real damage with overreaction to this virus. It's time to say 'enough.'…

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