If this gets 20 likes I’ll write a super autistic thread about the difference between the thinking taught in school vs real world thinking

It will be more complex than “you have to think creatively in the real world”

Has more to do with pros & cons of linear thinking & averages
Ask and you shall receive

School places tremendous value on knowing PROVABLE things

What’s the probability of X, what’s the growth rate of Y type questions

The reason school tests these things is there is a definitive correct and incorrect answer to score students by fairly
The problem is, after 16 years of being tested on questions like this, students begin to believe the real world works linearly

“If my savings grows by 7% per year, I’ll have 4x in 20 years”

“The chances of a new business succeeding are 10%”
This is a problem because real world systems do not work linearly, they work exponentially

They just APPEAR to work linearly when you look at aggregated data, which discards exponential outcomes as outliers

But if you want to succeed in life, you NEED to be an outlier
And you can be, because success is not random

Do you think Mark Zuckerberg looked at the average outcomes for M&A deals when he paid $1B for Instagram?

Of course he didn’t. The MBAs wasted their time doing that

As did journalists
To be an outlier you sometimes need to do things most people think are dumb

Otherwise you end up overpaying for things that are competitively bid, and ultimately trying to replicate models that have been PROVEN to work

So what’s the problem with that?
If there’s proof it works, you already have competition

And the world rewards outliers more than commoditized offerings

So in Zuckerberg’s case, most M&A deals could still be dumb decisions

But that doesn’t mean HIS was

Because he had a vision and IG was a necessary piece
The real world triple rewards winners and triple punishes losers

Build unique & desirable offering ➜ charge monopoly pricing ➜ make monopoly profits ➜ use profits to change rules so others cannot compete

Nothing is linear about this. It is all exponential
The same thing is true with losing

Follow normal career ➜ enter highly competitive field ➜ work to the bone because you’re easy to replace ➜ manage the stress by damaging your body ➜ look too disheveled to get a higher paying job
Wins and losses are not independent events as you are led to believe in school

In life, each win makes the next win more likely

And each loss makes the next loss more likely

And the chances of winning are not “one in a million”
In fact, unlike what you’d be led to believe in school, you cannot even assign a probability to it

In the real world, there is no such thing in “9 out of 10 business fail”

-What KIND of business?
-What is the competition doing and why?
-What can I offer that nobody else can?
If you ask the right questions and invest energy in intelligent areas, you may succeed half the time

But if 80% of people don’t do this, then sure 9 out of 10 businesses WILL fail

And remember, academics LOVE averages
So the overeducated kid will say “I won’t try super hard because I KNOW 90% who do will fail”

And while he may be wrong for saying that, he is not incorrect

After all, he has been told how smart he is for knowing these “facts” his whole life
And this is actually emblematic of the right/left divide

The left loves school and school loves facts and averages

But the real world uses “facts” out of context so often that you can be BETTER off for not knowing them

This is why the guys in the corner agree
The real world values approximative intelligence because every problem worth solving is a partial information game

By approximative intelligence, I mean, the ability to generally under what’s happening even if you get the details wrong

This is one reason why the academic left hated Trump

He would be a C student in their classes because he’d get A LOT of details wrong

But there’s a reason B students get hired by A students to work for C students
In the real world, the higher you go, the more knowing the big picture is FAR more valuable than knowing the small details

Ideally you can do both, but the big picture matters more

But knowing the big picture is not TESTABLE because it cannot be PROVEN
So you won’t see it in school

Not in first grade, not in graduate school

But it’s not a conspiracy

You literally cannot prove the unknown, you can only SENSE it

And those with the best sense in the real world, win big
But because sense cannot be defined by academia, it cannot be graded

All that can be graded is what is provable

As good sense can only be proven by the outcomes it brings, not a binary true/false, it is academically intangible
So academics don’t study it

They just categorize it as an outlier so as to ignore its lessons

Because what success teaches us is that what is selected for in school is invalid for real world training
If you want to learn to view the world the way I do

I have a few consultations left on sale sustaingluttony.gumroad.com/l/RTngU/freedo…
Adding some morning thoughts, the real world rewards building things that do not yet exist and scores them by dollars which accrue exponentially

Academia rewards assessing features of what has already been built
If school were to mimic the real world, the 1st person to turn a test in would get a 30% grade bonus

2nd person would get a 20% grade bonus

And the best scorer would either be allowed to skip the next test, or, should he take it and score high, be allowed to write the 3rd test
I wrote this entire thread high, save for the last 2 tweets

Now tell me weed isn't a performance enhancing drug!

• • •

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