The way ppl keep debating whether the far right movement in USA is fascism when it obviously is by definition... Pretty sure it has to do with ppl assuming that fascism is what happened over there in Europe last century & USA defeated it so that can’t describe white Americans.
And what makes it even more interesting is how frequently “socialism” is used to describe things that are not socialism & there’s never the same scrutiny or questioning.

Yes, it is fascism.

The movement being led by Trump & GOP right now is textbook fascism.


Please look up definition of “fascism” & explain how it is NOT fascism. Other than not being the literal movement led by Mussolini who coined the term, it meets very specific definition of this word. It doesn’t require fascists being in total control of govt for it to be fascism.
-Trump is the strongman leader they must pledge loyalty to
-They want to ban teaching anything that challenges white supremacy
-They believe in crushing any dissent
-They don’t want elections
-They have armed followers marching in the streets
-Jan 6

What more do you need to see
Folks: “That can’t happen here! That only happens in Nazi Germany!”

Nazi Germany: “Actually we studied American apartheid systems when figuring out how to do things.”


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21 Jul
Choosing to lift mask mandates before we’re able to vaccinate children under 12 in the midst of a surging covid variant that is more transmissible & deadly than the original is asking for children to get sick & die. What is the purpose?
What is the purpose of lifting mask mandates when we know we’re not on track to reach 80% vaccination rate at anytime in the near future?

Remember this moment in a couple months when the healthcare system, schools & economy are being devastated by delta variant. SMH
Wouldn’t it make more sense to keep the mask mandates & emphasize to ppl that the sooner we reach 80% vaccination rate the sooner we can lift the mandate? That would create collective incentive to get folks vaccinated…
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20 Jul
While it’s true that we could reduce conflict & violence by resolving issues of poverty, the idea that crime only exists among the poor is false. The wealthiest ppl are committing crime on a daily basis but face no consequences for it. 1/
We should eradicate poverty because poverty itself is a condition of injustice & oppression. But it’s not that poor people are the source of “crime”, it’s that poor people are criminalized in ways the wealthy simply aren’t for engaging in the same behaviors. 2/
That’s why claims that the political establishment is concerned about “crime” are bogus. Crime is an industry, especially the more organized it is. Ppl make money off of crime *and* off of the “criminal justice system.” Locking ppl up for low level offenses is profitable… 3
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20 Jul
I’m thinking back to how they debated whether to means test relief aid. What happens when they attach so many qualifiers to federal aid is the states end up spending $$ on bureaucracy & admin of the funds that could’ve gone directly to ppl instead. Relief $ is also delayed.
It still makes the most sense to just give monthly $$ directly to people who will then immediately spend it on housing, food, utilities etc. That is more practical & economical than anything b/c ppl will spend $ where they need it most instead of govt trying to ID it for them.
And it really doesn’t matter if some ppl need more $ than others or if some ppl save the cash instead of spending it b/c overall you’re giving tax $ back to the populace when they desperately need it & they in turn will spend it at businesses that need $ too.
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19 Jul
It’s been a year & they still have learned NOTHING.
It was never necessary for the covid outbreak to reach this level in the first place. But they refused to do what was needed b/c it was an affront to their neoliberal ideology. It had nothing to do w/ science, health or economic realities.
Containing the virus required addressing the conditions of the most marginalized populations from “essential workers” to prison & elderly populations & ppl facing evictions. Instead they looted federal funds via PPP loans & are shocked it hasn’t resolved the economic troubles.
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18 Jul
We will never eliminate the racial wealth gap without dismantling racial capitalism. The race-wealth inequality is a feature of how the economy is structured. There’s no amount of wealth building strategies for Black ppl that will shift the fundamental dynamics of white supremacy
There seems to be a gap in understanding where ppl believe wealth inequality results from us not doing capitalism correctly as opposed to reality— that capitalism is organized around racism. Black ppl are the perpetual extractive capital on which the economy is built.
The economic system & white wealth exists b/c of the perpetual extractive relationship between the white owner class & the perpetual slave class of Black ppl. Racism & capitalism go hand in hand. We can’t resolve racism w/o dismantling capitalism & vice versa.
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17 Jul
Oh there’s most definitely a covert operation afoot to destabilize anti-colonialist & capitalist mvmts worldwide. The main targets are ppl who aren’t deeply knowledgeable of US imperialism but who are growing discontented w/ capitalism, an effort to reinforce a wobbling US power.
That’s why right now in the US we’re being inundated with imagery & messaging about instability in nations that resulted from revolutions against colonial powers (S Africa, Haiti, Cuba) while the instability of white western nations facing a resurgence of fascism is downplayed.
The last thing they want is for the public to have an analysis around how the instability in all of these places, western, African & Caribbean, traces its roots to the conflicts of white settler colonialism.
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