Every time I rehearse my theme of elite stupidity, I hear this:

“They wield enormous power and influence. If they’re stupid, you must be even dumber.”

You need to understand that power is exercised via institutional control.
We are talking about a small group of people, who wield power from entrenched positions of authority within various prominent institutions.

Getting into those positions surely did require a wide skillset and some intelligence. Maintaining them is a different matter entirely.
You love to hear me trash academia, and it’s where I have the most experience.

The ppl in charge of leading Unis are a lot of things: Heavily networked with each other, an odd mixture of Bioleninist rats & the pied pipers who pipe them, some of them are borderline sociopaths.
They are not selected for wisdom, or the ability to plan, or far-sightedness, or ambitious vision, or their tolerance of complexity.

Like the leftist ideology that has parasitised their minds, they are selected for their ability to maintain institutional control.
A key faction are women & ghey men. They form informal social alliances, via which they advance their interests across the whole school.

Suddenly, within a matter of hours, the same initiative/complaint/idea will crop up in many different departments and offices.
“We need moar courses on wise brown people environmentalism”

“Our tenure processes are unfair and racist”

“We must install an enormous plaque on our most prominent quad acknowledging that our land has been stolen from the Klamakwatchaa tribe”
Members of these informal networks are constantly recruiting sympathetic new faces to their ranks. They are always trading favours & promoting each other to the heights of departmental & administrative control.
They also work to keep their social, intellectual and political opposites - mostly, the more solitary (white) men who got where they did on the basis of hard work and talent, many of whom have strong student followings - away from positions of influence.
You’d be tempted to call this behaviour conspiratorial. That probably exaggerates its coordination, but if that’s your view, I won’t object.

The point is this: All of this striving, and cunning, and sociopathic energy, is being expended *within the institution*.
They have no grander purpose, other than the promotion of their own influence. This is in itself an odd kind of power, because they’ll literally do anything to accomplish these venal goals.
This means, above all, that the *external* actions of the institution, the stuff it does in the wider world, are undertaken almost entirely on behalf of the *internal* goals of this faek & ghey cabal.
From diversity & raep freakouts to building projects & the endless hiring of new administrators:

These are all undertaken because, in one way or another, they accomplish the internal goals of cementing dominance & expanding the ranks of the cabal with more likeminded simpletons
So the University says stupid things all the time & undertakes daft recruiting initiatives & sets hundreds of millions of dollars on fire every year tearing down prefectly good buildings to erect shittier ones in their places, *and all of this is every inch as stupid as it looks*
It’s just that this stupidity has an internal payoff for the mediocrities who are behind the scenes, directing.

So, to summarise:

-The locus of “conspiracy” is generally internal & focussed on seizing, expanding & maintaining institutional power.
-The great advantage the ruling cabal has in this came is they totally lack principles & goals and also loathe (or are indifferent to) the institutions themselves, and are willing to steer them off a cliff if it means they and their friends stay in charge.
-Yes, you see what the school is doing and how stupid it is, but there’s no way to capitalise on this and take back control from the zombie morons doing it. They are in charge.

That’s all.

• • •

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19 Jul
OK, I’m pulling the plug these Event 201 tweets, b/c I’m losing my mind

1) This isn’t a real simulation of anything. It’s a press-friendly discussion heavily structured by the Johns Hopkins moderators to arrive at a small set of vague globalist pre-determined conclusions.
2) These conclusions aren’t interesting. They’re like “An international approach to keeping trade pathways open will be essential”. Or “A cordinate effort at fund allocation will help.” I’m not even being uncharitable, this is literally what they are discussing.
3) The generalities and abstractions of their discussion make the whole event totally worthless as a planning exercise. I can’t even imagine the purpose of it.
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19 Jul
I am now 40 mins into Event 201. God help us if this is The Plan
They've just finished piping in expert advice from their all-blaq "epidemiologist" panel & now someone named Latoya Abbott is rambling abt "financing" & "production" & how "it's about buy-in"
Other notable points: It's some sort of pig coronavirus, originated in South America (? not sure), the vaxx is years away but there's a promising anti-viral treatment.
Now some German guy named Martin who represents Lufthansa I think is saying they want a "decentralised approach" to distributing whatever (drugs? ppe?) but "if it's not organised it won't work".
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19 Jul
A response to the criticism:

Yes, our cultural elite & ruling classes have a loose, self-serving globalising agenda. Their responses to bad things that happen play to their own interests &, where possible, further this agenda. That doesn’t mean bad things that happen are planned
In a way a lot of the theories err, in imagining the elites are weaker than they are. They don’t need pretences to implement their policies. Staging a pandemic to establish an international ID system is totally unnecessary for them.
Corona has made them, their bureaucratic agents & their scientific proxies look terrible. It has cost them enormously. They have been wrong in demonstrable, public ways, about basically everything: About masks, seasonality, vaxx efficacy, the origins of the virus & its properties
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18 Jul
You should not blaqpill, OK? A lot of your conspiracy theories are about how the elites are always 50 steps ahead, how we can hardly imagine the genocidal plans they have in store for us, how they are just getting started. It is a huge mistake to think like this.
It has led a lot of people on our side, to get Corona policies completely wrong. This is elite dumbassery through & through. I’m not saying that makes it better, in some cases it might be worse. But what’s happening is not a plan. It’s a massive & continuous failure.
We know this, because there *was* a plan. It was hashed out by an older generation of public health bureaucrats & academics, many of whom retired in the 2010s, and it was basically what Sweden did. That was the plan.
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15 Jul
In a deep way, variants & the vaxx are two faces of the same edifice.

Before December, Corona groupthinkers denied every suggestion that strains behaved differently; before December there were no vaxx.

The variants are the primary moral argument for universal vaccination.
The variants excuse the vaccines: If they’re not working so well, that’s down to Delta (or Gamma, or whatever).

I don’t understand the relationship entirely, but it’s undeniable. I think it’s at least arguable, that there is something more than propaganda at work here.
Not for nothing, the variants are all paper tigers. Literally nothing ever comes from them. And the vaccines are every day a greater failure. That’s why the press and politicians praise them to the heavens.
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14 Jul
Summing up, on the vaxx:

1) Countries that deploy them en masse see infections spike, often until 20-30% of the population has had one dose. The mechanism doesn’t really matter, but it’s hard to believe this is all caused merely by exposure at vaxx centres accounts for this.
2) The vaxx work in the short term, but they take somewhat longer to fully protect elderly & vulnerable, than the trials suggested. This is because, as everyone has noticed, the trials were thin on elderly & vulnerable people.
3) Three to four months after full vaccination with mRNA vaxx (and likely with vector vaxx too), more and more fully vaccinated people acquire symptomatic infections. In Israel at the beginning of the month BioNTech was only 64% effective, down from almost 95% in May.
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