*clears throat, taps mic*

due to everything about me as a person, this will be a thread of star trek characters as the 22 major arcana of the tarot
0. The Fool
Captain James T. Kirk ("Star Trek: The Original Series")

(i did consider using chris pine because as a person he is so infinitely superior to shatner, but my traditionalist heart won out)
1. The Magician
Q ("Next Generation," "Deep Space Nine," "Voyager," "Picard", should be in everything tbh)
2. The High Priestess
Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi ("Next Generation", "Picard")

3. The Empress (of both the major arcana and MY HEART)
Dr. Beverly Crusher ("Next Generation")
4. The Emperor
Captain Benjamin Sisko ("Deep Space Nine")
5. The Hierophant
Commander Worf ("Next Generation", "Deep Space Nine")

not me making my birth year cards two of my favorite Trek characters (find yours here and play along btw tarotschool.com/Calculator.html )

P.S. god this photo search made me miss K'Ehlyr
6. The Lovers
Paul Stamets and Hugh Culber ("Star Trek: Discovery")
7. The Chariot
Captain Kathryn Janeway ("Voyager")
okay, pausing for the night, back with more tomorrow

this mildly blew up, so, to forestall the inevitable:

1) "well actually" trekkies get muted
2) no i do not take requests, i already have my list
3) "but where's ____?" wait til i'm done!!!
4) sorry i haven't seen "Enterprise"

5. yes I know there are typos but I do not care, this is just for funzies, my bar is low

6. no this isn’t & won’t be a real deck, I don’t own that LCARS border and I don’t want to monetize someone else’s work (but if any illustrators want to get into this, call me lmao)
throwin' on some "Attached" in the background while I work on the rest of these
okay it's 2:30 a.m. but I just finished them all so you can have a few more before bed
8. Strength
Major Kira Nerys ("Deep Space Nine"), aka my teenage gay awakening
9. The Hermit
Spock ("Star Trek: The Original Series", "Next Generation," "Discovery")
10. The Wheel of Fortune
Michael Burnham ("Star Trek: Discovery")

(siblings side-by-side because I'm never not emo about them)
okay, second half tomorrow!
Good morning, I’m absolutely about to fall back asleep again but here’s two more I had on my phone

11. Justice
Captain Jean-Luc Picard (“Next Generation,” “Star Trek: Picard”)

you probably saw this one coming
12. The Hanged Man
Constable Odo (“Deep Space Nine”)
13. Death
Jadzia and Ezri Dax

(not gonna lie, I was very proud of this one, fam)
14. Temperance
Saru ("Star Trek: Discovery")
"claire what are your birth year cards" oh i'm a worf/saru
15. The Devil (reversed)
Seven of Nine


Upright Devil is Borg Seven (trapped, physically and psychically chained to the Collective, forced to be a tool for violence)

Devil Reversed is Seven breaking free to forge her own path, despite the pain of change
16. The Tower
Emperor Philippa Georgiou ("Star Trek: Discovery")
17. The Star
Ensign Sylvia Tilly ("Star Trek: Discovery")
18. The Moon
Guinan ("Next Generation")
okay you get the last three after i finish with my afternoon meetings
19. The Sun
Captain William T. Riker ("Next Generation," "Picard")

I was specifically envisioning the retired dad version of Riker from "Picard", living in a cabin and making wood-fired pizza and raising kids with Deanna, just savoring the simple joys of life
20. Judgement
Chakotay ("Star Trek: Voyager")

obviously a lot of the canon content about his spirituality and culture has uhhhhhh not aged well, but the idea of looking inward to make decisions in alignment with your own soul values fits him well, I think

21. The World
Data ("Next Generation," "Picard")

we end on nothing but blue skies
thank you so much for tolerating my nonsense

tbh @StarTrek should hire me and the rad queer illustrator who does their header art to turn this into a real deck they can sell
@StarTrek anyway if you enjoyed this thread, the tarot play I wrote comes out on Friday and you can buy tickets to stream it here thetheatreco.org/the-broken-hea…
I did think about this but I don't have it nailed down yet. Off the top of my head:

Swords: Vulcans. Romulans, Cardassians, androids/synths
Pentacles: Ferengi, Starfleet, Borg
Cups: Betazoids, Kelpiens, Changelings, the Q
Wands: Klingons, Bajorans, Kazon

yeah so it turns out A) i couldn't let the minor arcana go, at least the face cards (I don't have the spoons to do all the numbers lmao) and B) you can't really break it down by planet, i got better results by freestyling from personality type

• • •

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21 Jul
i'm watching the HBO "Catch and Kill Tapes" (the TV show of the podcast of the book of the New Yorker articles) and I like that it focuses so closely on the women like Rowena Chiu and Ambra Gutierrez, who had no wealth and fame to cushion their fall but were fucking heroes anyway
Ambra's story is legitimately so spine-chilling even though I've read the book and heard her on the podcast so this isn't the first time I've heard that fucking horrific wire recording, but like

my God

the unbelievable bravery that took
i know the bar for men in media is like, ON THE FLOOR, but even so, it makes me really emotional seeing producer Rich McHugh - who worked with Ronan on the reporting NBC refused to air - just ENRAGED on behalf of the women who took such a risk to entrust them with their stories
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my grandfather made vanilla ice cream from scratch every time we came to visit. to this day, no other ice cream of my entire life has ever matched up. he worked all his life for Union Pacific Railroad and is the reason all the Willett grandkids have a lifelong passion for trains.
His wife, my grandma Melita, was my dad's stepmom. God, I miss them. Granddad had terrible hearing but a perfectly good memory, and Grandma Melita had mild dementia but her hearing worked fine, so they used to joke that together they added up to one basically functional person.
Sometimes, just to fuck with her, Granddad would elaborately and performatively turn his hearing aids all the way down while she was in the middle of telling him to do something, which usually got him swatted with a pillow.
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Naomi Osaka continues to put her own mental health first, you love to see it
refusing to acknowledge the existence of Megyn Kelly is self-care
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19 Jul
the real bummer here is that it’s such a missed opportunity for a way more interesting horror narrative about vampires as a metaphor for like, the limitless accumulation of power and wealth? Evil Confederate vampires genuinely checks out!!!

I’ve been thinking about this since yesterday and about how rad it would be if there was like, a horror franchise pitting white supremacist institutionalist vampires, who are secretly behind every crisis in western history, vs stealth rebel activist vampires trying to defeat them
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i mean i KNOW why, the answer is "money and politics", but like

people are absolutely going to die because of this, the city of Tokyo is in a state of emergency, and yet still somehow every country is cheerfully sending its national heroes into INCREDIBLE DANGER
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family progressive dinner party stage 1 was a hit! THE CORN FRITTERS WERE WORTH IT, also my dad got to hold a baby which is his favorite pastime
Then we went to my uncle’s house for homemade pulled pork, and my cousin who lives next door made pie

Here are uncle Pat’s chickens and bees
Now we are at my other cousins’ house down the street for movie night
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