9 Things Fake Rich Do


1. Buying Expensive Cars
2. Being A Walking Billboard
3. Wearing Fake Diamonds
4. Bad Plastic Surgery
5. Bragging About Money
6. Carrying Stacks Of Cash
7. Prioritizing Design Over Utility
8. Living In A Shitty Neighborhood
9. Dropping Names

Let's discuss in detail:
1. Buying Expensive Cars

Cars are not investments. They’re liabilities.

Pretenders try to stand out by buying expensive cars.

Taking out loans to impress others only makes them more broke.
2. Being A Walking Billboard For Brands

Broke people wear luxury brands to signal wealth.

Brands know it.

Georgio Armani is high-end, and there’s a tiny logo on them.

Armani Exchange is cheaper and with big logos and text on them.

Brands know what they are selling to whom.
3. Wearing Fake Diamonds

Broke people wear fake diamonds and jewelry to look rich.

But, the truth is spotting fake things is easy.

And spending real money on fake things is simply dumb.
4. Bad Plastic Surgery and Fake Tans

Fake rich cheap out getting a tattoo, surgery, or tan.

They walk around with terrible plastic surgery, horrible tattoos, and awful tans.

At best it’s tacky, at worst … omg, horrible.
5. Bragging About Money

Poverty screams, wealth whispers.

Rich people don't keep telling people how much money they have.

It’s awkward talking about money in public imo.
6. Carrying Stacks Of Cash

Flashing cash is a sign of poverty.

When you see money for the first time there’s this temptation to carry it around.

Rich people don't carry stacks of cash around.
7. Prioritizing Design Over Utility

Only the fool prioritizes design over utility.

If it feels uncomfortable, don't wear it for the sake of showing off.

And it’s a tell-tale sign of fake rich.
8. Living In A Fancy Place In A Shitty Neighborhood

Fake rich people live in fancy houses in poor neighborhoods.

But, it's better to have the poorest house in a rich neighborhood.

Your environment shapes your future.
9. Dropping Names

Fake rich constantly drop names of wealthy, powerful, and famous to impress others.

They try to look important by association.

But, very few can pull it off.

Fake name drops are easy to spot.

Don’t do it, unless you wish to look stupid.

Many people buy luxury items to emulate the lifestyles of celebrities.

But, their lives are poorly packaged because they lack real wealth.

Fact is:

If they must show it, they are faking it.
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