Recently a “bandit” boasted on video that he kills and slaughters Nigerian soldiers.

Two days ago a “bandit” shot down a Nigerian military fighter jet in the air.


But today, the Nigerian Govt has arrested Sunday Igboho.
People rise up to kill nigerians, to murder nigerians, to host caliphate flags, to tax farmers, to destroy farms and wreck villages- the govt rebrands these “terrorists” and calls them “bandits”.

Then it cuddles them, hugs them, pardons them and even throws them a party when
when they “surrender”.

However the people who speak up in defence of their rights to life, who say the killing is enough, the landgrabbing is enough, the ethnic cleansing is enough, the genocide is enough;

Those ones are treated as terrorists and enemies of the state. Lol.
In Nigeria, nothing is what it is anymore.

Terrorists are now “bandits”.
Or sometimes “unknown gun men”.
But never terrorists. Even if they tax farmers and hijack local govts.

Ethnic cleansing is now “community clashes”. Systematic land grabbing is now “farmer herder crisis”.
Peaceful protesters are now armed terrorists and coup plotters that must be shot and massacred by drunken lunatic soldiers.

But the actual armed terrorists who shoot down a military fighter jet are just “bandits”.

This govt is running mad.
And you morons are applauding them.

• • •

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21 Jul
BREAKING NEWS: The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) says there has been an outbreak of MonkeyPox.

There are 59 suspected cases,
15 cases already confirmed.

In the next set of tweets;
I will tell you all you need to know on monkeypox.

It takes only 2seconds to Retweet. ImageImageImageImage
There is a gentleman from Dallas Texas who recently returned from Nigeria and has tested positive to the disease- he is being managed by the USA health authorities.

And as we speak right now,
Nigeria has 15confirmed cases of MonkeyPox and 59people suspected to have it.

Read on.
So what is MonkeyPox?

It is a rare viral infection occurring primarily in remote parts of Central/West Africa, including Nigeria, near the tropical rainforest.

It is a viral zoonosis (that means a disease transmitted from animals to humans) because it was first seen in monkeys. ImageImageImage
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27 Jun
NEVER use a toilet-roll after you shit.
NEVER use a toilet-roll after you shit.

Can tear your anus,
Waste of time/money,
Leaves your anus dirty and smelly,
Can give you urine infection,
Stains your pant/boxers with shit.

Toilet rolls are bad for your anus.
Pls RT for someone.
The real problem with a toilet roll is that it actually does NOT clean your anus properly. What a toilet roll does is to take off the top shit and smear the rest of the shit across your anus (and anus hair if you have some).

This left over shit can cause you medical problems.
So what’s the BEST way to clean your anus after you shit?

Use soap and water!
Washing your anus with soap and water after you shit remains the MOST EFFECTIVE way of cleaning.

If no soap (or time),
The next best way is to use water only.

If no soap and water,
Use wet wipes.
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3 Jun
The DG of NYSC says youth corpers can be sent to war.

There has been insurgency in the NE, but they never thought of corpers. The President threatens war on Igbos and now the NYSC DG says this?

The DG has a point, but this sudden growing appetite for war by this govt is insane.
Something is deeply wrong somewhere with this govt. I hope someone stops them quickly on their path of insanity before the whole country blows to pieces.

What exactly is this morbid obsession with war by this govt?

Why the sudden crazy appetite for war? What is this madness?
Why is there so much talk about war?
What exactly does the govt gain filling the media with drums of war?

Is there something being planned that we the people are totally unaware about? Or is this just a mad govt running insane as usual?

I honestly do not understand this crazy.
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1 Jun
We the Yoruba people agitated fiercely for the recognition of June12 and we never stopped till we got it. Today June12 is a National Holiday.

But people are telling Igbos to shut up about a war that killed 3million of their people.

And you expect them to believe in One Nigeria.
At least 1,000 people massacred in cold blood in Asaba. Women and girls raped. Men and boys shot to death while chanting “One Nigeria”.

These were even Delta people.
What did they do wrong? Why were they killed like chickens?

Why can the Govt not admit wrong and just say sorry?
About 3million people slaughtered in the East through guns and starvation. Every Igbo family knows/heard of someone who is dead, was killed, or never found till today.

Their grandparents and parents still live with this trauma till today.

But we want a whole region to shut up.
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1 Jun
There are Slavery Museums,
But to Etinosa, black people should just move on.

3million Igbos were killed in the war.
1,000 killed in Asaba Massacre.
But to Etinosa, the Igbos and Deltans should shutup and move on.

I’m so sorry you have a balloon on your neck- instead of a brain.
How do you tell those whose mothers, fathers and kids were killed to just “forget”?

How do you tell someone who waited 30years for her son to comeback from war and died never seeing her child again- how do you tell her to just “move on”?

What kind of heartless insanity is this?
How do you think any national healing will ever happen when there’s absolutely zero acknowledgment of wrongdoing?

The Govt never admitted to any atrocities done to the Igbos. Neither has there ever been an apology for all the war crimes.

How do you expect people to “move on”?
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31 May
Hippopotamus 🦛 have one of the best PR teams in the world.

They are the most brutal land animal on earth- worse than lions, worse than elephants, worse than snakes; they kill about 3,000 people every year.

But children books makes you think they are fat, harmless and sluggish.
Hippos kill lions.
They kill crocodiles.
They kill buffalos.

Do you know how big a buffalo is?
But a hippopotamus will tear it apart.

These mad hippos will kill a crocodile with ease. Have you seen a lion running for its life from a hippopotamus?

Lol. Hippos are crazy bullies.
Look at a hippopotamus in action.
This is a full watermelon o.

See how it looked like TomTom in its mouth. Now replace this watermelon with a human head:
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