TW // Hurt/Comfort, Injury, References to Depression.

Can't help but think about a #VMINAU where Jimin is a globally aclaimed singer and performer who doesn't know anything but the stages, the lights, the noise, so when he gets sick he doesn't think anything of it. ImageImage
He keeps performing, going out to crowds of thousands and putting on shows that other performers could only dream of. And it doesn't worry him at first, how he doesn't seem to be getting any better. Colds are tricky like that, sometimes they stick around.
He's fine.

Until he's not.

Until he wakes up one morning and never sings another note.

His vocal cords are shredded, the doctor's say. Misuse and abuse overtime damaged them beyond compare and there are no treatments in this lifetime that could repair them
and give him back the angelic voice the world had come to love. All he's left with is a hoarse rasp, a broken dream, and a career that ends far too soon.

His label is sympathetic but over time he's cast aside.
He's shipped back to his hometown, a fallen hero, a god like man brought back to humanity's reach, a mere mortal when he used to soar above their planes of existence.

And Jimin takes it /hard/. His whole life, all he's known is music and performing.
He dropped out of high school to pursue a dream that's crumbled to ash right in his hands. And he can blame nobody but himself. Nobody was pushing him. Everyone told him to rest, to relax, to take the much needed break before he could rise again. But he didn't and now?
Now he doesn't know what the point is anymore. What is life if he can't find joy?

Enter Kim Taehyung, soft spoken and gentle librarian who spends his days volunteering in the NICU and playing with disabled puppies in the animal shelters.
They bump into each other at a cafe, Jimin spilling his coffee all over the tall handsome man. When their eyes meet as Jimin tries desperately to save Taehyung's cream sweater with a pathetic stack of thin napkins, he freezes.
He waits for the recognition, the excitement and starstruck smile followed by the slow fade into realization and pity. It's a look that breaks him every time, a look that's turned his gaze hollow.
But Taehyung simply smiles shyly, hand gently finding Jimin's and stopping him from mopping up the spill. "It's okay," He says in a voice so soft and deep it makes Jimin still. "It's only a sweater. Accidents happen."
"But. . . But it's a nice sweater!" Jimin can't help but protest, albeit weakly.

Taehyung tilts his head to the side, glasses slipping down his nose as he shrugs lightly. "It is. But I can always find a nicer one."
There's a lesson there, a message Jimin doesn't think the man is trying to insinuate but he picks up on and shies away from it anyways. He ducks out of the coffee shop with another hasty apology and Taehyung lets him go, smile still soft and sweet.
And they keep running into each other, over and over until Jimin starts to wonder if it's fate, if this man is supposed to see him now when he's at his worst. When he's hit rock bottom so deep he's got no clue which way to start climbing up. It's humiliating.
It's raw and intense, tears at 4 am and shouts that come out hoarse and broken. It's broken bottles and tightly coiled fists.
But it's also warm arms and strong embraces. Gentle hands peeling open fists to stop the nails from biting into skin, kind hums in the midst of panic attacks.
It's someone showing you that it's possible to have a dream different from the one you've chased for so long, that life does go on and it can be pretty good when you see past what you've lost to notice what you've gained.
It's learning that love happens when we least expect it and sometimes even when we feel as if we don't deserve it. It's proof that love sees the true you and loves you with all your scars and insecurities, depressive tendencies and anxieties, because of and not in spite of.
Jimin dies his first death but is reborn as something different. Not necessarily better or worse. Just. . . Different. But different can be just as good. Different can even be great.

Taehyung shows him so every day, smile warm and eyes full of all consuming love.
And Jimin burns for him.

It might not be the stage he's used to, but it's a spotlight he thinks he can thrive under.
[I have so many thoughts on this random concept. So many scenes, so much heart break and coming to terms with self love despite mistakes and lost dreams. *siiiigh*]

• • •

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