Got this message. Not entirely sure where to even begin: ticks every box imaginable, from anti-semitism to transphobia to Covid-denialism to anti-vaxx.
PS: I'm now having people email me to tell me that I can't share messages like this because it's not the right approach. However well-intentioned, please do not explain to me how I can and can't deal with crap I get. I get crap every day. I very rarely share some of it.
I do that for a bit of public documenting, but primarily because I see it as a reclaiming of my voice. Unless you're in the same boat and have had this happen to you for 5+ years, please don't think you know better; please don't explain to those who get this ...
... what they can and can't do. You honestly have no idea at all. That's not meant negatively, it's just a fact that you really can't know unless you are in this situation. So even if comments like this are meant in a helpful way - and I assume they are - they don't help.
Plus, and this is the most important point to remember: the onus of behaviour change is never on the person who gets this kind of garbage. Recipients get to choose what they do with the crap they get. Nobody else. /end

• • •

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19 Jul
I hope Sky News is really proud of how they’re reporting this — anti-vaxxers have undoubtedly opened the champagne already because it gives them such a great opportunity to spin their anti-vaxx nonsense.
While this is about death, read this for context—same principles. All vaccines we have are very good and holding up well. So as 1000s continue to die around the world not even having access to any vaccines, don’t accidentally feed anti-vaxx narratives.…
PS: The worst bit is that another tweet does explain all that with the appropriate detail. But of course the “breaking news” one trumps this and it doesn’t include that vital info. This really is a very poor way of reporting to split the news in this way.
Read 4 tweets
19 Jul
Hi @NHS_Lothian & @NHSScotland,
I received my vaccination status record but it’s incorrect—my surname is misspelled. It’s been a known problem since May. My GP corrected it in May. It’s visible in your system that they did. Still my vaccination status record remains incorrect. 🧵
I have called the helpline repeatedly since May to get this resolved. To make matters worse: it was resolved …. my record was actually correct for a short while in June, as your own messages to me document. But now it’s wrong again, rendering my vaccination record unusable.
I am immensely appreciative of the huge effort and complexity of the vaccine roll-out. But this isn’t just some minor inconvenience: I have a small window of opportunity to see my parents again for the first time in nearly 2 years …. But that won’t work if this isn’t resolved.
Read 8 tweets
18 Jul
If I still lived in England, I would always double-mask now as per advice by CDC in the US. I have already been wearing FFP2 masks on public transport as per rules in Germany. I tried double-masking today when visiting a bigger shopping centre and it’s really no biggie. 😷💪 Image
Key for any mask is that it fits you well and snugly against your face. Even the best FFP3 mask won’t protect you well if it doesn’t fit. So make sure you check the fit. My face coverings are all adjustable with a simple “bead-mechanism” as per image above and have a nose wire.
Learn more about why I too think it’s right we keep wearing a mask and why double-masking is a good idea in this long thread by an actual expert rather than just me. Care about your own health and others? Then it’s well worth your time to read this by @trishgreenhalgh:
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17 Jul
What a fabulously sunny day in #Edinburgh today — though the wind was pretty strong and even the birds had to struggle a fair bit. But that made it a lot easier to capture them in flight … in this case with beautiful Fife in the background across the Firth of Forth.
Also a shoutout to @StarbankPark: what a beautiful place.
Even the fairies agree and are happy to live there! 🧚
Read 4 tweets
17 Jul
I do hope you will recover fully soon and I wish you well. I mean that. But it’s really quite disrespectful to tweet how vaccines are protecting you *knowing* what decision has been made about Monday and that millions do not have this protection yet. What will their symptoms be?
And then there are those who have had two jabs like you, but because of the Government’s decision about Monday—to do away with all mitigation measures in England—they are now fearful again because they are in a vulnerable category where vaccine efficacy ist likely much lower.
And then there are all the children and teenagers who aren’t allowed to have a jab and are currently being used as guinea pigs in an experiment to see what happens when a Govt chooses to mass-infect them.
Read 4 tweets
17 Jul
The only reason I know about an announcement at 5pm by a certain toxic someone is because you are all sharing it. You know that that’s exactly what the certain toxic someone wanted, right? Us talking about it to get him the traction. Don’t help him keep himself in our feeds.
That applies to any type of engagement, tagging and naming etc: it gives him (and others) traction. Don’t keep doing that. Sometimes things need to be called out, I agree. But the daily engagement—of whatever kind—only achieves keeping them in feeds. That *only* serves them. /end
PS: To stress this again: I think it is vital to call some things out sometimes, for instance when actions have an immediate impact on others—a good example of this is KH in Australia just how. That also gives some traction, yes. But we still need to take a stand sometimes too.
Read 4 tweets

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