Yep, it's about time to talk.

There is a poison, a sickness that is running through the United States of America right now, and it ain't just COVID.

I don't know about you, but it's been about 20+ years since I saw the United States ACTUALLY united.
As I recall, one of our most famous and important Americans said "A house divided against itself cannot stand."

So what do you think the outcome of the current situation is going to be? It won't be pretty, not by my measurement.
The politicization of this pandemic is one of the darkest things I've seen in my whole life.

Doesn't matter what your political stances are, or who you think did what. Americans are dying from it (and obviously world wide too).

Should be saving your squabbles for another day.
We can no longer say "Avoid that like the plague" because brother, there IS a plague and people insist on not avoiding it.

I'm not saying to kiss anyone's ass. I'm saying, really think about your priorities in the here and NOW.
If you're a grown adult arguing with dumb-ass kids on the internet, you're actually dumber than they are.

They're kids. They're stupid by default. So you should know better than to engage that shit. Ahhh... but ego raises its ugly head. Always does.
If there's something that's having a direct impact on your life, absolutely act on it.

But we ALL need to learn how to get back to the mantra of staying out of business that doesn't concern us.

As we said back in the day, "Mind your P's & Q's." Mind your people and questions.
Corporations are not your friends, they're revenue generating companies.

They are NOT your moral guides, nor ethics counselors. They're companies that will go to GREAT EFFORT to do whatever they can to extract money out of you to the extent of legality (and sometimes further).
Unplug. Seriously.

I didn't say make a holier than thou lifestyle out of it. But take a day to yourself each week without most of the internet, and PARTICULARLY this hellscape.

Catch up on a physical hobby. Go take a walk or go sightseeing. Just sit outside and soak some sun.
Stop conflating numbers with how right someone is or isn't.

Just because someone has a gajillion followers doesn't mean they're smart. It just means they have a ton of followers. It's completely possible they're an actual moron and people like watching a train wreck in action.
Beware of pop culture and trends.

Both are extraordinarily fleeting. Be especially wary of any trend that encourages you to make permanent or extremely difficult to reverse changes to your life.

Regret is a human feeling for a reason.
Stop saying "It's the internet it's not real life."

That may have been true before, but it's NOT ANYMORE. Whether we like it or NOT, real world consequences are dropping on people's heads for things that happen online, so yeah. Get with the times.
Spend time looking at things that came before your time.

It's a lot easier to tell where you (and the rest of the world) is going when you know where we've already been. It'll help you get an appreciation for SO MUCH of history and people, even if they're flawed.
Anyhow. That's just what's been on my mind.

• • •

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