Do not speak negatively my friend.

Negative energy is sticky.

Even if you pry it from the fabric of the universe, it leaves residue.

You’re mentally and physically strong seeking help of professionals.

MORE WARRIOR and a lot less self pity.

You’ll lose any other way.
I am more dedicated than ever to my future offspring.

The pregnancy challenges my wife and I are having pale in comparison to the dedication I have to my BLOODLINE.

We’re going to one of the top fertility doctors in the northeast and theyre looking for answers.
“Wear on me mentally”

“No answers”

You sound like a bitch.

I’m telling you that with love.

Because the universe doesn’t reward pussies.

Snap out of it before you fail forever.

If you have any actual men around you I hope they slap you in the mouth.

If I have to kick the fuck out of you for you to stop being a baby.

Im a philanthropist.

And I’ll show you true “struggle”.

DM me your address I’ll send you a flight.

Anything it takes for you to approach life as a MAN.

I wish you best of luck with your pregnancy journey.

• • •

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21 Jul
I often get asked about the morality of the webcam industry.

It’s constantly compared to prostitution.

Porn and prostitution is absolutely immoral. I believe both destroy a woman’s soul.

Sitting on a webcam in a bra does not.

Only a moron would compare the two.
Of course, to a square, they’re closely related.

But squares don’t know anything about pimping, hence the confusion.

Comparing a cam girl to a prostitute js like comparing a call of duty player to a navy seal.

One gets messy for real.

One messes around on a computer.
Of all the women who have worked for me, over 75 in total, I have never once seen.

1) negative mental effects.
2) regrets of any kind.
3) struggling to find a boyfriend post career.


And the trad con losers who say “I’d never date an ex cam girl” are LYING.
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18 Jul
Every single organisation on the face of the planet is CORRUPT.

Every single government.

All law enforcement agencies.

Even something as simple as the world health organisation, an international alliance of doctors who want the best for people’s health.

CORRUPT to the core
It doesn’t matter the language or intention.

Any organisation of humans you can fathom is absolutely riddled with corruption.

A person can be pure.

PEOPLE are not.
This is the reason you should only have faith in organisations you can INFLUENCE.

Trust the government if you are a high level operator in the government.

Otherwise, they will simply act outside of your personal interest.

It’s binary.

Inside or AGAINST.

Literal enemies.
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14 Jul
How’s your Wednesday going?
I threw a WAR ROOM member the 911 992 and jumped in the 765 LT.

Then we went racing through the mountains of Dracula in Romania.

Most of you men arnt even living life.

You’re barely existing. Then you die.

Tick tock.
Some humble Romanian villagers on their way to Dracula’s castle on 1,425 horses.
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11 Jul
AMERICANS truly can not understand the savegaery of the UK.

The Eurocup final will be MESSY.

Wether England win or lose there will be riots and violence.

I can’t possibly explain this to a yank.

(Super Bowl + BLM riot) x 100

Fuelling the jet.

GOTTA be there.


IM BETTING 10,000 dollars ON ENGLAND.

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10 Jul
Every book is a children’s book if the kid can read.
Swimming is good for you’re health. Especially if you’re drowning.
You can’t lose a homing pigeon.

If it doesn’t come back - it was just a pigeon.
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8 Jul
The lessons of THE WAR ROOM Operator Summit in Ukraine this coming October will be taught by an ex-special forces WAR ROOM general. 

A thread...
The skills we will be teaching can be learnt in only two places on planet earth.

1) The special forces regiment of a first world military. 



Now ask yourself. 

Which would you prefer:
Enlist in an army for low pay, live a restricted life for years, then hope to get selected for special forces training.
Pass training and use the skills you’ve learnt to benefit a corrupt government.

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