It is getting more and more obvious they are making it up as they go along.
First Johnson tries to avoid isolation through an obscure 'pilot scheme' that even those who were supposedly part of it hadn't heard of.
Then minister says alerts on the NHS app are only advisory and don't require self-isolation - even though the NHS website says the opposite: you must self-isolate immediately if you are 'pinged'.
And if what we must and should do is being made up on the hoof, how can you expect anyone to know what we should and must do?
And if we don't know what we should be doing how on earth can you expect anyone to exercise 'responsibility' in stopping the spread of Covid?
This really is one godalmighty mess.

• • •

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21 Jul
Yesterday's sorry debacle over self-isolation - with ministers contradicting each other over who must self-isolate and when - is a vivid illustration of the wider problem with their mantra that individuals must make 'informed decisions' about Covid. Image
First, how can one be informed when given such contradictory information by the Government:
Different ministers disagree.
What ministers say is different to official informations sources (e.g. the NHS website)
What ministers say is contradicted by what they do. Image
Second, how can one enact any decision without the resources to do so?
The problem with people not self isolating has never been lack of motivation but a lack of support.
Only one in 8 workers is eligible to apply for support to self-isolate. Only one in 3 applicants succeed. Image
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20 Jul
I rarely listen to Thought for the Day, but yesterday I did and I was delighted I did. You should too -only a minute or two of your time:…
On so-called freedom day Mona Siddiqui was talking about the Hajj, just begun., and about the meaning of pilgrimmage
She explained how this is the first year women can attend without a male 'guardian' - now that is freedom'. But then explained more generally about how the sacrifices and hardships of the event are about giving to God and also to each-other so they too can participate.
And she finished by reiterating the point and stressing that, in the end, it is the small sacrifices that people make for each other which are most important - which make the vast numbers at the Hajj into a strong and cohesive community.
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20 Jul
Again the Government is going for vaccine passports.
Again it is suggesting it will increase vaccine uptake amongst the young.
For some yes, but they are those who would get vaccinated anyway.
For those who are reluctant, those you need to persuade it is very different...
Our evidence shows that vaccine passports for social activities puts them off, in part because it makes vaccines seem compulsory and leads people to reassert their autonomy by refusing vaccines - the process of reactance.…
This is supported by international evidence - from Germany and Israel - showing how a sense of compulsion leads to vaccine rejection.
As ever (and as the WHO stresses), the way to increase vaccine uptake is to increase engagement, not to alienate people through schemes like this.
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18 Jul
Was it Stuart Hall who reflected how the claim that Britons are 'freedom loving' has very different meanings according to whether it is invoked to promote anti-Nazism or to stop a black family moving in next door?
I think of the quote often with all this talk of 'freedom day'.. Image
Because the freedom of everyone, especially the most vulnerable, to resume full lives without fear or danger is something I cherish, something I recognise and something for which so many of us have been working for so hard and for so long.
But the freedom of some to do what they like, without heed for the way in which it diminshes the safety and the choices of others (i'll go out without my mask even if t means you have to stay in), is little more than a licence for domination and incivility.
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11 Jul
A fascinating piece on the importance of identity, belonging and a 'sense of us' in the transformation of teh England football team. It chimes with a wider literature on how forms of leadership which create such shared identity enhance performance...…
It is encapsulated in the path-breaking work of @KatrienFransen @filip_boen @DrMattSlater @alexanderhaslam and many others - and summarised in this seminal text 'The New Psychology of Sport and Exercise'
The text addresses not only how identity impacts sporting performance, but also how sporting performance helps shape wider identities - such as national identity - and helps address questions such as how does the England football performance impact our sense of englishness.
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9 Jul
Why is a speech by the UK Ambassador to the UN in a debate about children and armed conflict in June 2015 so relevant to the debate about Covid measures right now. Well it is all about how we, as a society, orient to the most vulnerable amongst us...
Although the Government employ the rhetoric of liberty, the reality after July 19th is that many will feel unsafe about being in public, about being in shops where people are unmasked, or in bars and restaurants with no distancing.
The effect of reopening at a point of soaring infections will be to exclude them from society and trap them at home. And they, of course, are the most vulnerable in our society.
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