Breakthrough cases get more attention because they are so rare, but ironically, that is making people overrate the risks to the vaccinated. Media should focus on how this a pandemic of the unvaccinated.…
The over-focus on breakthrough cases is being gleefully exploited by Fox News. The reporting incentives are all distorted — especially since COVID-19 is treated like a yes/no thing, with very little media consideration of how a not-bad case is not bad.…
This is what happens when stigma enters a conversation about health. We see this with STIs all the time. Merely getting one is treated as a great shame, with very little consideration given to how bad it actually is and how effective the treatment was.
I think a lot of liberals share misleading info about the risks of breakthrough infection because they want to bolster the cause of continued mask mandates and lockdowns. But the main effect is helping Tucker Carlson lie.…

• • •

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21 Jul
Reports that the GOP is "shifting" to a more pro-vaccine message are highly exaggerated. It's just more Republican manipulation of the press, meant to quell criticism while continuing a strategy of sabotaging Biden by making their own voters sick.…
Mitch McConnell knows full well that not a single GOP voter gives a crap about his vaccine endorsement. This is likely more about silencing media criticism than it is actually convincing people to get the shot. Image
As for that Hannity clip of him offering milquetoast vaccine endorsements? Well, as journalists @MattGertz and @atrupar, who actually watched the whole show pointed out, that clip was part of a larger evening of anti-vaccine programming. Image
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21 Jul
It is my firm belief that the vast majority of Republican politicos who tweet stupid shit are doing so on purpose to attract liberal dunks. It burnishes their cred as lib-triggerers and reinforces the conservative victim mentality with an “liberals laugh at us” message.
That said, this one gave me pause. On one hand, slam dunk in attracting “well, actually” dunks from people who think they’re clever for remembering the Soviets sent the first man to space. Image
Plus, the eagerness to defend the historic achievement of the Soviets adds to the “libs are just commies” narrative.
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21 Jul
Oof, I tweeted a short, friendly comment at @chrislhayes about abortion politics last night, and man, it was received as an invitation for half the middle-aged male liberals in America to 'splain abortion to me like I'm real dumb.
@chrislhayes Like, I know you may not know I was a reproductive health journalist for over a decade, but surely you can guess, based on my profile, dudes, that the odds I have personally managed a uterus for many decades are much higher than yours and I don't need to be 'splained to.
Eexponentially worse are the dudes using porn-soaked terms whining that women should remain celibate if they do not wish to be forced into childbirth. But I do appreciate how sexualized they make it, makes it clear that the motive is "angry women are having sex," not "life".
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20 Jul
Something from this piece I really want to underscore is that yes, Fox News viewers are gullible, but that doesn't make them *innocent*. The qualities that Fox News exploits in its audience: Sadism, venality, and egotism.…
I think, when we think of victims of fraud, most of us picture someone who is naive and sweet and exploited. Sometimes! But there's so much truth to the idea that you can't cheat an honest man. And that's basically the real Fox News motto.
The anti-vaccination pitches are aimed directly at some of the worst impulses of GOP voters: Stick it to the liberals! Your ego is threatened if you have to listen to an expert! Vaccines are emasculating! It appeals to immaturity and narcissism.
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20 Jul
For all the hand-wringing about liberal condescension, the truth is that no one — absolutely no one — has more contempt for everyday GOP voters than the Republican elites at Fox News. And the anti-vaccine campaign proves it.…
On air, Fox is anti-vaccination. Off air? They use vaccine passports in Fox offices.
Liberals condescension has nothing on the sneering contempt conservative elites have for their followers. Liberals, for instance, aren’t actively trying to get conservatives killed.
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20 Jul
It's fascinating to me how muted the GOP response to child tax credits and universal pre-K have been. A decade ago, it would have a full-blown misogynist meltdown. This shift is interesting and I'm not quite sure what to make of it.
I think there may be something to the "they're more into racism than sexism" now thing, but I dunno. The two are deeply intertwined. More importantly, sexism is really a gateway drug to racism and especially fascism.
A lot of "apolitical" men got converted to hardcore Trumpers and white supremacists through sexism. They start off in online spaces geared towards complaining that women are too independent and picky about who they date now, and get converted to more racist rhetoric.
Read 4 tweets

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