The Chase Strangio tweet that trans people are so hot and therefore no one should be concerned that transitioning children might complicate their adult romantic lives is a new level of stupid. I can’t stop thinking about it.
If you sterilise children,deny them sexual function, and transition them to look sufficiently unlike their sex while leaving them neccesarily distinguishable from their target sex,they’ll find, as adults,all kinds of potential complications to their love lives.That’s just reality
Doesn’t matter how hot they are. Not only will they potentially suffer from a lack of ability to actually ever genuinely enjoy adult relationships (such a huge loss) but we also don’t know if they will cognitively and neurologically mature in the ways most humans do.
It’s literally an experiment with unknown brain consequences but the leading lawyer says it’s fine because they’re going to be hot. They’re going to pass. They’re going to grow up to look like someone people want to go to bed with. So that’s all alright then, handwave the rest.
They can’t even recognise that it will potentially harm these children terribly. Or engage with the fact that, at best, when it comes to dating it will certainly complicate their adult lives. You can’t have an honest conversation with so much pretence.
There are lots of reasons dating can be difficult for anyone.I’m ill. I get that. As a woman it doesnt translate to any lack of interest from men but those who’ll seriously take you on are a smaller category than those who otherwise would.Who you’d want to be with changes,too
As an adult,you adapt. To a lesser or greater degree everyone’s personalities&circumstances impact our capacity for dating. This isnt the same. This isn’t normally functioning adults with full choices who have limitations as we all do. It’s people stopped ever being normal adults
What we’re doing to children,now,will change the course of their whole lives in ways we dont even grasp. It won’t be an unremarkable “no one wants to date me because x” but “before I was old enough to consent I was put on a medical pathway&may never have normal adult experiences”
It’s “trans adults who never went through this process felt uniquely qualified to insist I was put through it regardless of consequences to my body&life and the only crumbs of comfort they offer are I get to be hot (&only horrid terves would worry about the long term effects)”
Maybe thinking being hot is the only thing that actually matters is exactly what you’d expect from anyone whose relationship to this discussion is so out of touch with the medical suffering detrans people and many trans people have faced.
Being hot is a very online criteria for love. It’s a criteria that excavates love of anything resembling depth or complexity.Attraction matters but it’s the starting point,not the all encompassing whole.Robbing future adults of that complexity for the sake of hotness is repugnant
But I guess hotness is the be all&end all for more than just Chase

The main reason to transition children,with these experimental treatments,is for aesthetic.

If it wasn’t about them growing up to be attractive simulacrums of the opposite sex,society wouldn’t be doing it

• • •

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17 Jul
I never told you this story.For several reasons. But one of the things about being in left spaces has been witnessing so many boundary violations by AGP MtFs because the environment disallows “kink shaming”,accepts TWAW &thinks at least one red flag is what we ought to fight for
And one of the things about being perceived as a gentle person is that the AGPs in those spaces, and actually any of a particular type of male, definitely thinks *you* are the person to bring that stuff around. So my inbox has seen more than it’s fair share of difficult things.
This time, though, I initiated the conversation because a young autistic man I knew suddenly transitioned.

I messaged him to talk it through with him. I imagined he’d been caught up in weird, new ideas of gender because of his autism . And perhaps, in part, he had.
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17 Jul
I have a lot of thoughts about this because this is a tangle. Yes, we live in a world full of exploitative things. Yes, a majority of men watch pornography. So most men we care about do. And what? It isn’t treating men as enemies to say that’s a problem without exception.
It feels like a straw dinosaur. Why are women always rewritten as being unfair whenever they don’t concede to men’s desires? I don’t accept that if a man is nice enough it’s more ok for him to watch images in which we know most women are being abused,coerced or traumatised.
I don’t respect the decision any man makes to place his orgasms higher in the hierarchy of value than women’s humanity

If we have faith in men,anyway,why wouldn’t we believe good men have more humanity than that. If it turns out they don’t, why should women compromise their own?
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16 Jul
This quote is from 1977

“Now that male transsexuals are trespassing in lesbian communities we must deal with them before the trickle becomes an avalanche”
Also from 1977 (with a letter from a transwoman in the middle which really makes its own point). Sadly I can’t find the rest of the article.

“We know there are women all over the country who are very upset about it but few say anything in public”
Whenever I read women of the past raising the alarm about this with clarity,foresight&sometimes perfectly justified anger I think about how society listening to women, then, would have saved so many women, now. I’m also astonished by how this conversation has been from early on
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13 Jul
If you have a minute,let me tell you this❤️

In the 1950’s there was an outbreak at London’s Royal Free Hospital with 292 people becoming ill, many of them very sick indeed. A third never recovered. 14 years later,two psychiatrists (McEvedy&Beard) wrote a paper about the outbreak
They decided without speaking to any of the patients, and contrary to the view on the ground at the time, that it was an outbreak of epidemic hysteria. The very first reason they cited to justify this conclusion was that the majority of those who had reported symptoms were women.
Nonetheless,this paper was popular&with the help of psychiatrists who liked its conclusions,began to take all patients with the same illness firmly out of the realm of any treatments that might potentially have helped them&instead offer them talking cures.
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10 Jul
I ❤️ Mia. &I had too much to say to clog her comments.

I know women who came out as NB. So, I know, it can be a response to sexual trauma&the disassociation from the body that brings. It gives a label for the dysphoria&pain. I think we tend to think of it as vanity but,mostly,no
At least in my experience. When you see women up close who choose to identify like this, they so often seem to be in a level of pain that is like emotionally bleeding out. Anything that might save them, they will leap on. And being a woman is traumatising in their social spheres
It might not be so compared to women in direr straits but it’s still so bad. Take the bombardment we receive of truly toxic ideas of women. This has increased so exponentially with the internet.
I can’t be angry at women, especially, young women who are being overwhelmed.
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10 Jul
The “#WiSpa was a hoax narrative” is gaining pace. Including in the independent today.I do wonder why, If that was the case,the staff at the spa in the video that went viral,&the local antifa group who mentioned a transwoman as though they knew who it was,acted like it was true.
I also wonder why many of the people who say “believe women” are so willing to completely disbelieve women when it comes to this. Not only the woman filming the footage but the woman wanting to remove her business etc and those standing around while it all unfolded.
Not one person who was at the spa has come out yet&said it’s an “anti trans hoax”. This is supposed to be a very lgbt friendly clientele (one of the reasons it’s being called a hoax is people saying a conservative woman would only go there to do this) so wouldn't they deny it?
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