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20 Jul, 8 tweets, 2 min read
If you want to become valuable to your clients, customers, mentors and high profile people who are investing in you,

learn to become a strategic advisor to them.
Whoever it is you're transacting with, learn to engage on matters outside the purpose of your interaction.

The context does not matter;

Whether you're closing deals with a client,

selling vitamins to a customer,

consulting for a CEO,

provide outside your specialty.
Introduce yourself as the client's salesman, lawyer, doctor, consultant or whatever you are.

But by the time you are finished with them, you need to become ALL those things to the client.

Any problem that extends outside your purpose with them,

you will effectively solve.
When you need to advise a high profile client on his back pain,

you can call up your genius chiropractor and solve his problem.

Or when your mentor/investor is looking to buy a home, you can collect relevant information just a phone call away.
"I know a guy" is the essence of communication.

Don't solely operate within the confines of your field.

Become a strategic advisor on everything.

This is by far the best way to maintain customer/client retention,

and provide confidence in mentors to invest in you.
When you have stopped discussing matters within your expertise,

and started discussing topics on food, sport, health, hobbies, politics, lawsuits, economics, tax,

you have won that person over for life.
Becoming a strategic advisor on "everything" as an extension to your expertise is NOT hard.

Two key components are:

Increasing your general knowledge.

Increasing your contact list & providing value to them from time to time. So they can be there for you when you need them.
The most valuable impact this has on you is that you end up killing competitors.

No one will ever replace you. Because you're not just a lawyer, or a banker, or a salesman, or a marketing agent, or a doctor.

You're everything all at once.

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21 Jul
Morality is contingent upon better living standards.

You will care more about animal welfare when you live in prosperity, than you otherwise would under famine.

Morality therefore must be reserved for the right time & place on a individual scale.
The term "help yourself first before you help others" is an ANTI-morality term.

Helping yourself first is largely predicated on looking out for your own interest.

Looking out for your own interest is a phase of progression that requires AMORAL actions.
Helping yourself first - means you must reach prosperity first, before extending that privilege to others.

The attempt to deliver morality before occupying a position of prosperity is self destruction.

It is effectively "helping others, before you help yourself".
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20 Jul
What does high inflation mean?

It could mean that the economy is growing.

Or in America's case, it means the Federal Reserve is buying up government bonds/assets to give them new printed money. -> QE


To encourage lending, investing and to expand the economy.
Does it work?

It does.

Eventually, consumer confidence catches on, increasing the demand for loanable funds, which eventually increases interest rates and lowers inflation.
Would it still work in a pandemic?

Less likely.

Consumer confidence catches on MUCH slower.

People continue to save, NOT spend.

No demand on loanable funds, and thus interest rate remains the same,

risking long term inflation.
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17 Jul
If you’re from a well off family, make it your priority to go through a phase to follow rules, be an employee, work like a slave,

and scrub the floors if you have to.

Destroy the entitlement that comes with unearned prosperity.
And if you come from a poor family, and all you’ve done is work like a dog to provide,

then learn to become a leader.

Understand power, leverage and seizing opportunities through others weaknesses.
If you are born into the top half of the hierarchy,

you must force yourself to experience how the bottom of the hierarchy lives.

If you want to develop character, and destroy entitlement,

force yourself to start over.
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13 Jul
If you want authority & control,

you need leadership.

If you want to become a leader, you have to first kneel before it.

Then you have to take it.

It won’t be given.

Power is never given.
When you kneel before power,

you're a soldier, you comply to your orders.

You're a child, you listen to your parents.

You're an employee, you do your job description.

You don't try to be anything else.

You narrow your potential down to nothing but compliance.
You're effectively a slave.

And your aim as a slave is to become the best slave there ever was.

Because if you want to break free from slavery,

you owe it to yourself that you have to first earn the keys.
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13 Jul
People who think the economy should be left alone to self-correct itself without government intervention,

have little understanding of what happened in the Great Depression of 1930’s.

President Hoover & the republicans applied the same economic thinking;


Hoover’s administration had faith that the markets would “correct” overtime and the economy would recover by itself without monetary/fiscal policies.

They were wrong.

The homeless piled up across 8 shack towns across the country and called the towns *Hooverville*-
The name was a tribute to publicly recognise the inaction of the president in response to the crisis.

100 years later, we have people who still think government inaction is the correct response.

This is false.
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11 Jul
Polygamy has no correlation with cheating.

Cheating is multi-varied; there’s multiple reasons why a man would cheat.

There’s only one reason why a man acts polygamous;

he thinks he deserves more than one woman.
The belief that “I deserve more than one woman” is outdated, that had its usefulness in the past.

Not anymore.

Men in modern day use it to satisfy selfish desires.

A man who is forced not to act polygamous may cheat.

But not for the sake of cheating.-
It’s because he wants polygamy.

So when you as a woman ask him to be monogamous,

and he gives you a half-assed answer,

odds are he will cheat.
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