We are all propagandists now theconversation.com/we-are-all-pro… via @ConversationUS
There's so much more to say about the new propaganda and how it's turned us all into propagandists, but this is a start. Like the old propaganda sought to "manufacture consent," the new propaganda seeks to "manufacture dissent." And oh boy howdy, does it.
The "manufacture of dissent" style of propaganda tells folks that it's the truth while the "manufacture of consent" model is a lie. That's a lie, they are both propaganda.
Trump's Big Lie is a part of a Bigger Lie: "politics is war and the enemy cheats." Propaganda is communication for warfare, it's undemocratic. The Bigger Lie leads to propaganda & all unethical means of communication. Every news story is an elaboration on the Bigger Lie.
The Manufacture of Dissent sets us in motion to rage & trample & destroy things. But just like the manufacture of consent is anti-democratic, so too is the manufacture of dissent. We have neither the actual consent or actual dissent of the governed. Our public sphere is broken.
In the larger book project I give so much more details about this history, how it works on our cognitive biases, how we act as propagandists when we communicate online, and how scams, algorithms, and etc. all work to keep us engaged and raging.
It's a lot, to be honest. I hope it's useful.

I also try to get people to think about journalistic news values, argumentation, ethics of communication, and ethical persuasion.

We have all of this communication power, but do we think about ethics? 🤔
Also, this continues the work I did in my first book Founding Fictions, which is about how the Founders thought average citizens could act in a government based on the will of the people.
There I explained that we were constituted as romantic heroes, tragic victims, & ironic partisans--all in an effort to keep us and our dangerous opinions as far away from actual power as possible. We've been partisans since Jackson, but we're propagandists now.
Elites have realized that they can no longer "tame the bewildered herd" with the manufacture of consent, so they've set us in motion to rage & trample & destroy things. They still win. We still lose.
And, as an aside: The Conversation is such a great resource for academics who want to reach a larger audience with their work. All content is free, edited, fact-checked. They use creative commons so it can be republished with attribution for free. lmk if you want to learn more.
The Manufacture of Dissent is a profitable business model: npr.org/2021/07/19/101…
Thank you to everyone who is reading and sharing this!
Not a lawyer, from a Comm prof perspective we can blame the manufacture of dissent:
A thing that I think about a lot is that a lot of these critiques of the manufacture of consent originated or were popularized on the left, then were co-opted & re-purposed by the right.
I got to join Ian Masters to chat about the manufacture of dissent:
Adding @noUpside's great piece from 2019 here, she addresses so much of what I wrote in my piece, with more detail:

• • •

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I wonder if folks have thought enough about the difference between an appeal to expertise and an argument by authority?
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Carl Sagan, 1996.
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Is anyone talking to doctors about the difficulties of trying to persuade their patients to get the vaccine? I had a very interesting conversation last night with my neighbor about it. She's ready to maybe quit being a doctor over it, she's so frustrated. #MedRhet
Her patients say that they "looked it up" and so they know more than she does. I tried to help her to think about strategies and gave her some talking points that might introduce doubt/cognitive dissonance in the patient, so that they would rely on the doctor's expertise:
People naturally want to do their own research, we've all learned to google first. The problem with that is that when we don't know something & we're searching for information we're vulnerable. We don't know what we don't know. And we don't know what it would mean to know.
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