>Price is $40k
"Shorts are gonna get rekt"
>Price is $35k
"Shorts are gonna get rekt"
>Price is $32k
"Shorts are gonna get rekt"
>Price is $29k
"Shorts are gonna get rekt"
>Price goes to $33k
"Haha told you so"
The funny thing is we all know shorts are gonna get rekt. They always do eventually, it's Bitcoin after all

But being too early is the same as being wrong in this case.
You call for a short squeeze all the way down, you're wrong even if it happens eventually.
Now we wait for the "told you so"
The most hilarious part about this is that I had a feeling we would go to $33k at $29k yesterday, tweeted the above to kinda combine laughing about the shit I see on hereand voice that feeling but didn't buy until price was above $30k

Turns out I'm the retard.

• • •

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18 May
Pain will only get worse until the disconnect between altcoins and Bitcoin fixes itself
I'm saying that alts up BTC down is no bueno.

BTC up + alts up = healthy
BTC down + alts down = healthy
BTC down + alts up = super unhealthy

Need Bitcoin to wipe out alts so that everything can bottom together, or a massive green dildo on both
That doesn't have to be true if we're in a new paradigm where alts accomplish something.

But with the small exception of DEFI, I haven't seen much that would convince me that this is the new paradigm.

It's still trash pump and dumps everywhere you look.
Retail playground.
Read 4 tweets
5 Nov 20
Finally altcoin capitulation.

This shit can go on for much longer than you think.
Prices can go down much further than you think.
Most coins will go to zero.
Many people will lose it all.

Some will make shitloads of money.
This is what patient alt traders have been waiting for. Image
Some people don't get the above tweet.

Capitulation = Last step before either

1) Bottoming
2) Going to zero

That said if you buy early capitulation and capitulation takes the coin down 70%, you're still fucked when it bounces huge so entries have to be timed well.

Good luck.
So Don, how could you possibly time it right?

What makes sense to me the most is that altcoins start getting attractive once:

1) BTC has topped out
2) BTC has actually completed the first leg of its retrace

A lot of ppl are aiming for 1) ignoring 2).
Read 4 tweets
18 Sep 20
I keep saying I want to see majors put in massive capitulation before I get involved.

The reason for that is simple:

I don't wanna buy majors when they're "fairly" priced.
There are better narratives outside the majors.

I basically want to buy them dirt cheap or not at all.
Given like 50% of the comments are entirely missing the point, I'm talking about charts like these:

I don't wanna buy these at range low, they might pump from there, yes, maybe even multiply but they very likely won't outperform new stuff that has a narrative going.
"Why do you wanna buy these zombie coins at all?"

I think the moment old bagholder money rotates out of them to chase the new stuff they'll get their time to shine as well.
I doubt they ever go back to ATH, but if they shake out properly I could see them go quite high.
Read 4 tweets
1 Apr 19
Imagine paying handsomely in funding for the privilege to be short right now.
That'd properly piss me off.
Shorts are getting squeezed on BitMex by funding alone.
We've seen a 7% price increase in the last month - Funding has cost the bears nearly as much in that time.
This could turn into one of the nastiest short squeeze setups in quite a while

1) Bears short
2) Pay stupid amounts of funding for months
3) Account balance decreases
4) Liquidation moves closer
5) BTC wicks up
6) Liquidated

I'll short that, everything else seems too risky.
ETH is potentially even crazier.
A lot of the people that have been trying to short have been shorting the ETHUSD contract because it avoids funding problems.
That has, in my opinion, lead to the recent ETHBTC pair weakness.
ETHBTC catching up to the other majors would be brutal.
Read 4 tweets
14 Feb 19

Jesus Christ, this looks abysmal.
If it's ever going to bounce it better hurry up otherwise I think it might go for the full retrace.

I've currently got a weak long setup - Any close below the green line would invalidate it.
I won't be buying it, just observing.
$XLM update:

That worked out pretty well - Without me on board.
I really don't mind, I usually like to use weak long setups to close shorts instead of starting fresh longs.

This looks like a bearish retest so far but I'll change my tune if it conquers the red box & line.
$XLM update:

Bearish retest it was.
A load of nothing below.
Read 7 tweets
1 Oct 18
$BTC quarterly update:

Relatively promising close.
The last few times we've gotten two quarterly close in such a tiny range was at the end of both bear markets.
I don't really trade based on fractals, it's just something interesting to watch.
Quarterly is still very bullish.
$BTC monthly update:

Not the optimal close I was looking for.
No short or long signal, just chop.
Might just indicate another month of ranging tightly.
That said we're at support, meaning I'm still going to prefer longs over shorts until it fails.

S: 6300-6800
R: 9700~
$BTC weekly update:

Neutral close.
That said after having ht the lower part of the range I'd expect the upper part of it to be hit.
Breaking & closing through either green or red would indicate a larger move to me.
Until then it's just a range.

S: 6000
R: 7000
Read 4 tweets

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