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Central #China's Henan Province is experiencing floods after being hit by record heavy rains since last Saturday. 5 national meteorological stations broke the historical precipitation record for 3 consecutive days.
Pouring rain hit the subway station of #Zhengzhou, capital of the province, and left the passengers stuck in the carriage. Luckily, all the passengers have been evacuated now. #floods
1 person died, and 2 people disappeared as of now in Gongyi, a city in the Central #China's #Henan Province hit by the heavy rain. The #PLA is mobilized for rescue operations now. #floods
Check out the footage of the terrifying #floods in central #China’s Henan province. Pray for the local people.
How terrible is the rainfall in #China? In the past few days, #Germany encountered the largest rainstorm recorded in 75 years. Cologne has 154 mm of rainfall in 24 hours (note: it is 24 hours!), while the rainfall in Zhengzhou today is 200 mm in 1 hour! Disaster-level #floods!
A working team was dispatched to central #China's #Henan Province by the Office of State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters to help assist rescue work. Emergency response for meteorological disasters has been raised to level Ⅲ. #ChinaFloods
According to @XHNews, #Zhengzhou received average precipitation of 457.5 mm within 24 hours to 5 p.m. Tues, the highest daily rainfall since the weather record began. The city also reported record-high hourly precipitation of 201.9 mm btw 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. on Tues. #chinaflood
The severe waterlogging has led to the virtual paralysis of the city's road traffic. Over 80 bus lines have been suspended, more than 100 temporarily detoured, and the subway service has also been suspended.
The airport in #Zhengzhou canceled 260 flights into and out of the city, and local railway authorities also halted or delayed some trains. Affected by the rainstorms, several residential communities in the city are without tap water and electricity.
A video posted by the monastic manager of #ShaolinTemple on Mount Songshan, C #China's Henan, shows torrential rain pouring into the temple. All scenic spots in Songshan Scenic Area will be closed to the public from Tuesday, according to management. #flood
It's particularly worrying that some local hospitals seem to be without electricity due to the flood. #China
With average annual precipitation of 640.8 mm, #Zhengzhou has had a year's rainfall dumped in 3 days. And the most worrying thing is that, according to the meteorological department, heavy rainfall will keep hitting some areas of #Henan in the next 3 days.
A Weibo post shows the staff of #Henan Museum are safeguarding the cultural relics TN. “The relics are safe. We're guarding our home,” said 1 staffer.
It reminds me of the man in The Day After TMR, who holds tight of the world's 1st printed Bible & refuses to throw it into fire.
Firefighters are trying to rescue ppl trapped in the water. This video clip will give you an idea how terrible the flood is in #Zhengzhou
More than 144,660 residents have been affected by torrential rains in #Henan since July 16, and 10,152 have been relocated to safe ground, the Xinhua News Agency reported Tuesday, citing the provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters. #ChinaFloods
Local ppl are trying their best to help each other in this terrible disaster😭
Nearly all the hotels in #Zhengzhou cut the prices to shelter the citizens who can't go home due to the flood, while the municipal library and science museums open their doors to take in trapped ppl and provide them with hot water and food. #ChinaFloods
A heartbreaking and sleepless night for #China. I'm not an expert, but I think the #ClimateCrisis is real. it's real, it's real, and it affects all of us😭😭
A video released by Xinhua News Agency @XHNews
According to the #China Central Television, at least 12 ppl have died in #Zhengzhou due to the flood, and approximately 100,000 ppl have been relocated to safe ground.
#Chinese state railway operator said transportation of multiple north-south, east-west bound high-speed railways, normal-speed railways was affected due to flooding, road base deformation and equipment damage in #Zhengzhou, the city hit by unprecedented heavy rainstorm on Tue.
Meteorologists said the typhoon "Yanhua", which is approaching South #China's Fujian Province, exerted "remote control" over #Henan. Water vapor is pushed from the sea to Henan following the path of the typhoon as well as air currents.
They predicted only when the typhoon comes closer to #China, changes its path over the water & touches down on land, the rain will stop. The heavy rains will last until Wed night and strong precipitation will continue in NW & central Henan w/ abt 100 to 250 mm per hour.#Zhengzhou
Local people are struggling and helping each other in the torrential rains and floods. #Zhengzhou
A resident was almost washed away, but ppl around risked their lives to save him/her😭😭#Zhengzhou #China
What we know so far about #Henan floods:

- Maximum hourly rainfall in #Zhengzhou reached 201.9 mm on Tuesday
- Daily rainfall at 10 national meteorological observatories broke historical record
- Heavy downpour caused by typhoon In-fa, subtropical high and topographical reasons
In Gongyi, another city in Central #China's #Henan Province, severe flooding has killed at least 4 people, 14 reservoirs have overflowed, two townships extensively flooded and about 23,000 people evacuated.
Floodwater receded on Wednesday noon in Erqi district of southwestern #Zhengzhou after the area was inundated for about 18 hours since Tuesday afternoon due to heavy downpours. Electricity hasn't been restored yet. #chinaflood
#Zhengzhou East Railway Station is restoring order. It has been cleaned up overnight Wednesday, but there remain many passengers left stranded. Some slept on the floor of the waiting hall and the station distributed free food and water.
Currently, more than 3,000 soldiers from the #PLA, which is generally considered the central force for disaster relief in China, have been mobilized in the rescue effort. And water rescue teams from 7 provinces have rushed to Henan Province, they are all professional firefighters
A footage taken from the inside of the largest hospital in #Henan. The electricity hasn't been restored yet. #zhengzhouflood
Due to the power cut caused by the flood, the hospital known as the largest one in Asia has been busy transferring its patients. 600 critical patients should be the priority, and 200 of them have been relocated to safe places as of now. #zhengzhouflood
Families of the patients are waiting anxiously outside the hospital
It's still rainy in #Zhengzhou, but most part of the city looks better than yesterday. #chinaflood
Local govt: the flood has left at least 25 ppl dead and 7 ppl missing in #Zhengzhou as of now.
Since last Friday, the heavy rainfall hit 89 counties in #Henan with in total 1.24 million people affected. Around 160,000 people have been relocated for emergency, said the local govt. #chinaflood
Please find below more information released during the press conference on #HenanFloods
Update on rescue work: #PLA Central Theater Command has dispatched 730 fighters to the disaster relief. At the same time, 1,159 armed police officers & soldiers, 6,760 firefighters, 690 militiamen, 1,383 vehicles, & 35 assault boats had participated in the rescue: #Zhengzhou govt
#China's Ministry of Finance provided advance appropriation of 60 million RMB from a central disaster response fund to Central China's #Henan to support #flood fighting and rescue work. China also allocated 40 million RMB to support Henan's post-flood
Accumulated rainwater is still above people’s knees on some roads in #Zhengzhou, capital of Central #China’s #Henan Province, as of afternoon of July 21.

Many areas are suffering from blackouts and the telecommunication signals are too weak to dial in and out freely.
In the meanwhile, tornadoes hit a district of #Baoding, North #China’s Hebei Province, for about 30 minutes, causing 2 deaths and damaging several factories. Local authorities launched rescue operations: local media.

This video has been circulating on Chinese social media.
The center of the rainfall has now moved north from #Zhengzhou to #Xinxiang, a northern city in #Henan Province, where my aunts & uncle live. Xinxiang had received 267.4 mm of rainfall in 2 hours, exceeding Zhengzhou's history of 262.5mm in 2 hours yesterday! #ChinaFloods
Hope all my beloved ones in #Xinxiang be safe😭😭 #ChinaFloods
In the meantime, 10 of the 14 construction workers trapped in a flooded tunnel in #Zhuhai, S #China's Guangdong, were found dead on Wednesday. 3 deaths were reported on Tuesday and one worker remains missing: media. R.I.P.
A human touch in times of disaster: a hospital in #Zhengzhou welcomed a newborn baby Tuesday night. Heavy rain cut off the power, and the doctors completed the surgery under emergency lamp. #Henan #chinaflood
Rescue work continued until midnight in #Zhengzhou. Aid workers are using boats to bring supplies into the flooded hospital and school. Patients in critical condition have been evacuated. Due to the complex terrain, each trip to area takes at least two hours.
In #Xinxiang, the center of rainfall today, a man used shovel loader to evacuate kids from their flooded kindergarten.#floods #Henan
#Xinxiang, northern city of c China’s Henan Province, reported 500 mm of precipitation in last 24 hours! (Note: #Cologne in #Germany has 154 mm of rainfall in 24 hours) And the meteorological department says the heavy rain will keep hitting the city in next 2 hours…#chinaflood
#Breaking: the death toll caused by the unprecedented heavy rainfall in #Henan Province has risen to 33, with 8 people still missing. A total of 376,000 people have been evacuated, and 256,000 people relocated: local authorities. #ChinaFloods
Let's check out the situation in #Henan’s rural areas – it's severe as well, but not as widely reported as big cities like #Zhengzhou. This is what's happening this morning in a village in northern Henan. Abt 2, 000 ppl are trapped, and over 70 police are rushing to rescue them.
See another video to have an idea about the situation in some rural areas of #Henan as of July 22.
The govt sent a #UAV over some villages where communication had been cut off by the storm. It helped to restore the networks for 5 hours to allow stranded villagers to contact their families and report their situations. #Henan #Chinaflooding

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Heavy rains in #Beijing again
The city raised a blue rainstorm alert to orange on Sunday morning.
This is the subway station which I visited almost everyday. It was temporarily shut down to ensure operation safety due to flooding.
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