QAnon: Two major strategy changes:
1) involvement in local elections (school boards, city councils)
showing up spewing Q’isinformation
2)many of them aren’t identifying as QAnon—
+ they’re pretending it never existed…

by @rothschildmd
ht @smp0312
“They’re taking their “secret war” to new recruits looking to strike back against a way of life they feel is eroding — without the public acknowledgement that such a war exists….”
“…In doing so, they have the potential to expose new audiences to their violent mythology, without having to explain away the baggage that comes with the term ‘QAnon.’”
Both changes come straight from the top:
1) from several Q “drops” on 8kun
2) from QAnon hero Michael Flynn—“trademarked the term ‘digital soldiers,’ which is what many Q believers see themselves as.”
Sept 17, 2020
“‘Q’ ordered believers to “drop all references re: 'Q' 'Qanon' etc.” to avoid being banned on social media.” Image
Oct 17, 2020
“Q declared that ‘there is Q, there are anons, there is no QAnon.’
Q posited that the very term ‘QAnon’ was a media creation with no real meaning.” Image
“Flynn ordered them at a ‘Reopen/Reawaken America’ event to ‘not allow school boards to dictate what is happening in our schools.’”…
“Flynn has also had the quote ‘local action equals national impact’ attributed to him…”

Regardless of whether that’s correct or not—
📍“…only the feeling of doing something important matters.” ImageImage
“Flynn himself has been relentlessly promoting and raising money off QAnon…”… Image
“…while simultaneously distancing himself from it.”…
“They’re spouting the same conspiracy theories about sex traffickers, [CRT] & the erasure of conservatives represented by “cancel culture” that have long been at the heart of QAnon.”
“They’re scaring parents
while firing up disaffected conservatives.

And they’re doing both without publicly associating with or name-dropping Q.”
Either way, their fear based disinformation is the same:
“There’s a war going on against your way of life,
and the only way to win is if you personally join the fight.”

And it could work. Image
The National Education Association released an op-ed asking “Is QAnon Radicalizing Your School Board?” highlighting board election wins by Q believers in MI, WA, FL & CA.

And that was before their more organized attempts of infiltration.
“The rebranded Q and its leaders are taking their cues from the Christian right and the tea party, making national issues a Main Street problem.”

They’re exploiting real fears. ImageImage
Most people DON’T think Hillary Clinton is a child-trafficking occultist — but many more ARE terrified of their kids being brainwashed or kidnapped—something Q gurus already exploited in the 2020 “Save the Children” hysteria.
Few GOP think TFG will be “restored” to office,
but virtually ALL BELIEVE their way of life is being “canceled” by liberalism’s ways

Whether identifying with QAnon or not —
they ARE taking their “plan” straight to local schools.

🚨”This time, they’re far less likely to fail”
Mike Rothschild’s book on QAnon:
The Storm Is Upon Us:
How QAnon Became a Movement, Cult, and Conspiracy Theory of Everything
Other books quoted in this thread:
1) @cpicciolini,
Breaking Hate:
Confronting the New Culture of Extremism
Also quoted in this thread:
2) Kurt Braddock,
Weaponized Words
Also quoted in this thread:
3) P. W. Singer, Emerson T. Brooking,
The Weaponization of Social Media
Also quoted in this thread:
4) Connor Boyack,
How Politicians Exploit Your Emotions and What You Can Do
To Stop Them
(I meant to add this above) Image

• • •

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“Besides being useful for persuading others, the ability to construct reasons is useful for persuading ourselves.

Persuading others is easier, after all, if we believe what we say.”

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The Constitution of Knowledge:
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Intertech Corp, “intentionally falsified shipping documents, avoided and circumvented export compliance regulations, and obfuscated end-users” as they sent scientific instruments to recipients in Russia.

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His professor gave a warning 25y before former Presbyterian seminarian & Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist, Chris Hedges, wrote American Fascists in 2007; when Pat Robertson & others had begun speaking about a new political religion & control of all institutions.
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PHILLY: Saturday night, ~200 members of the youth-oriented white supremacist group arrived—packed into 3 large moving trucks.

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It was at least their 6th public appearance since the start of 2021.
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