A thread on the TALIBAN:
It is important to revisit Taliban's extremism, cruelties and what the Taliban meant for women, minorities, political opposition and free speech in Afghanistan.

I am forced to write this after a fusillade of apologetic tweets, mostly by faceless trolls and some by well meaning people, who think that the Taliban is being unduly maligned by Human rights advocacy groups across the world.

Now, before someone says that why should Muslims in India talk or condemn the Taliban, it should be asked that why should we give a free pass to Taliban apologists?

As we relentlessly fight against another oppressive regime for securing minority rights in India, it is pertinent to remember that the persecution of minorities was also quite normalised and legalized under the TALIBAN regime in Afghanistan.
Under the Taliban rule, religious minorities were made to identify themselves with orange or yellow armbands, reminiscent of how Jews in Nazi Germany had to wear yellow stars on their clothes. This had to be strictly followed.
There are official statements by the Taliban defending this atrocity, so it's not based on "biased reports of the Western press," which we happily and readily quote while calling out Zi०nism or Hindutva.

Also, the endless massacress of ethnic and relgious minorities, including many civilians from smaller Muslim sects, had nothing to do with either Islam or "FREEDOM FIGHTERS."
In a recent statement, the Taliban have urged women not to leave their homes without a male relative.
They've urged men to grow their beards and barred barbers from shaving beards of men or having an unapproved haircut. Go back and read what happened to the men who smoked, shaved or didn't pray on time! Imagine, random men stop you and ask you to recite religious verses!
On Aug 8, 1998, Taliban captured the city of Mazar-i Sharif in northwest Afghanistan, the only major city controlled by the United Front, the coalition of forces opposed to the Taliban. Consequently, thousands of civilians were openly masaacred. Humble estimate- 2000 people.
This is just one of the many incidents. I am not mentioning the countless massacres of Shias, Hazaras, ordinary Afgans, and journalists critical of the Taliban or the mindless bombings and demolition of protected cultural heritage sites, schools, and hospitals.

When the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, they banned girls from attending school. In the two decades since they were toppled, activists, officials and international aid donors have built schools and tried to make them safe for girls.
Most recent example is the bombing of the girls school which was mostly attended by Hazara girls. I still remember the horrific visuals of the Peshawar school attack by the TTP (Pakistan Taliban) killing so many children.

The new Afgan Taliban has a dedicated media and propaganda cell. They mostly distance themselves from attacks and violence by their fringe affiliates. Isn't this what the Sangh does, when the so called "fringe" gets involved in lynchings or pogroms?
Should we buy Mohan Bhagwat's unity trash? Just because he said it, doesn't mean that he is speaking the truth. There many Narsinghanands, Amus or Rambhakt Gopals out there to expose his shallow words.

The fact that they have control over large parts of Afghanistan or other states want to talk with them doesn't make them the good guys. Nazis had control over Germany! Indian state has huge strategic interests in Afghanistan. It will make good friends with the Taliban.
But our humanity and conscience is not strategic! We can never be friends with the TALIBAN.

And yes, Danish's death is a murder. The Taliban killed him. He had multiple bullet injuries. His body was disrespected. The pictures of his dead body on the ground without the jacket were surely clicked by the Taliban. His body was in the custody of the Taliban.

He was wearing a press jacket. They killed him because they knew that there would be no consequences. THEY have the impunity to murder Journalists like that. If you are in any way falling for the "SORRY" crap of the Taliban then you're betraying your dead brother.
who had put his life on the line to show your persecution to the world. Danish is a martyr. He could have been easily killed when he clicked the pictures of Zubair, the face of 2020 anti Muslim violence in New Delhi. Easy excuses could have been made in that case as well.

Lastly, Taliban doesn't give a damn about your petty existence. Know your heroes. Support those who fight your fight. Also, principles of Justice should be inalienable for everyone everywhere.


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