Breakthrough cases DON'T mean vaxes are useless. They DO mean messaging should change:

"No matter your age: obese or have other co-morbidities? Get vaxed. You're NOT protected by others being vaxed. You ARE protected by being vaxed. Not 100%. Get out & exercise, too."
But, per usual, we're focusing on the wrong metrics.

First it was cases rather than deaths, now it's OVERALL vaxes, not vaxes of at-risk people. This GOAL buries the signal, makes vaxes look ineffective when they aren't.
So, instead of the CDC doing a full-court press to try and really convey just how out-size the risk to people with co-morbidities, and get THOSE people vaxed. They are OVER-PLAYING the risk to kids to get kids vaxed.
Why? Well, probably because kids don't have agency--and they're a REALLY big number--about 80 mllion. So if your goal is BIG NUMBERS, HIGH PERCENT, you focus on vaxing kids. If your goal is reducing deaths, you target ALL YOUR RESOURCES on people with co-morbidities.
That's a message that would work for people who are hesitant who matter--at-risk--b/c it's honest & makes sense. The disingenuousness of the arguments now are undermining confidence, and to the extent that there are at-risk who have not gotten vaxed, this is a problem.
Continuing to push the "the only way we get out of this is if 100% get vaxed" when you have 100% vaxed populations (e.g. TX legislators) w/outbreaks w/ similar penetration 12% (but far less deadly) than the Diamond Princess 14% this wide-net approach just falls apart.
Fantastic take from Gato on this--boriquagato.substack.com/p/israeli-vacc…

• • •

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22 Jul
Two Americas:

One blindly following “The ScienceTM” down whatever disastrous path it dictates.

Another that allows its people to choose—and yields FAR better results.

Even in vaccinations, where it matters—with the elderly—red and blue states are EQUAL

h/t @ifihadastick Image
In what, under normal circumstances would be flagrant gas-lighting, but which is now just par for the course, it was suggested that lower vaccination rates were leaving red states behind in the economic recovery. The exact opposite is true. Image
Interestingly, even looking at vaccination rates in the elderly, and excess deaths in the elderly from weeks 13 – 24 (after most U.S. elderly were vaccinated), there is no correlation between higher rates of vaccinated, and lower % Excess deaths. Image
Read 9 tweets
12 Jul
Chalk this up as another CDC failure. In their goal to get high vax #s no matter how, they once again fail the at-risk population.

EVERYTHING they do should be focused on reaching people w/co-morbidities. Instead they are juicing the #s w/kids.

For public health to be useful, it needs to focus on outcomes, not message penetration. They view themselves as marketers, measuring uptake of their messages, not outcomes. This is why states that “follow the science” don’t have better results

If the cdc wanted to have an impact, it would focus almost entirely on the obese, making it very clear how much higher their risk is. But then they would have to disaggregate the data and talk about relative risk, something they are loathe to do.
Read 5 tweets
10 Jul
"My 9-year-old daughter came home from camp two weeks ago after playing three hours of outdoor tennis in a mask. “I thought I was going to faint,” she told me, looking ill after playing in 98-degree weather.."
"Later that afternoon the camp, run by the Sidwell Friends School, called to complain about her mask compliance.

We’re now 16 months into the pandemic and children remain victims of the Covid political theater that has characterized the national debate about masks ever since."
"We’ve had an entire school year to prove what scientists have said all along: Children aren’t major vectors of the virus, and schools and child-care centers aren’t drivers of community spread. Consider three of my children and their two schools. "
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8 Jul
Trying to mask the abject failure of blue state COVID responses, a new success metric has been rolled out: Vax levels. But whole pop. vax levels, mask much lower variance in at-risk groups. What's more, deaths in 65+ from Jan-Jun are NOT linked to vax levels.
Some will say that the vaccination level of the population is important b/c those other vaccinations are shielding the at-risk further. But excess deaths since January are NOT tied to higher levels of whole population vaccination.
The push to vax well beyond the at-risk represents another installment of “following the science” where sadly, fealty to “the science” does not produce any measurable result. This new metric—whole pop. Vax—is designed to wash away all the other failures
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30 Jun
The proof (long-suspected) that the mRNA (like AZ DNA) vaxes do not offer sterilizing immunity is now being used to push wider vaccination among kids to acquire “herd immunity.” This makes no sense—it should be the opposite.
AZ is the only manufacturer that did weekly testing of trial participants to evaluate the efficacy of vaccines in stopping infection—not just disease. These results showed that the AZ standard dose had no impact on reducing asymptomatic infection.

Neither Pfizer’s nor Moderna’s trials did this. Pfizer’s recorded 170 infections (162 control v. 8 vax) However, data in the FDA’s review showed an additional 3410 suspected cases—1816 control/1594 vax. This would reduce efficacy from 95% to 19%.
Read 24 tweets
16 Jun
FL parents send 6 masks to a lab...
- 100% of masks contaminated.
- 50% w/pathogens, including multiple strains of pneumonia- and meningitis-causing bacteria.
- 1/3 with antibiotic-resistant pathogens.
- 2 masks w/more than 70 strains of bacteria.

"Masks work" has become such a powerful mantra for public health, it has stifled not only research showing it doesn't, but also the ability to even question if it might cause harm.
This is a testament to the power of children's immune systems. Every one of these pathogens is SIGNIFICANTLY more dangerous to children than SARS-CoV2. Yet they have been exposed over, and over, and over again.

(note, no SARS-CoV2 was found on the mask, because... )
Read 9 tweets

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