I passed 5K followers after 9 months.

Better fathers = a better world

We must all do better, so thank you for joining me on this journey.

Here are 10 things I've learned so far...

...about Twitter

...about Life

1. There are some very broken people

If you grew up with a father and a mother in the home, you might as well have been born with a superpower.

Some of the situations I've heard of have honestly broken my heart.

It's rough out there.

I hope I can help, even just a little.
2. If you're not engaging with people on here, what's the point?

Engage with people who reply to your posts.

Try to respond to your DMs.

Leave comments on other people's tweets.
3. You should still block quickly and liberally

Because there are a lot of fools out there.

Don't argue.

If someone asks an honest question, try to answer.

You can usually tell the honest questions immediately. If not, you'll be able to tell after their next response.
4. Quote tweet and shame only if it is high-handed foolishness that needs a response

These are rare because remember, there are broken people out there and they are just projecting their own insecurities.
5. You don't have to respond to every reply or DM

It's your time. You don't owe them anything.

Unless they are paying you...
6. Don't get sucked into the dopamine trap

Timebox your time on Twitter. Don't check it every 5 minutes.

This is a very easy trap to fall into.

And if you do, you'll be giving up more than you get out of it.
7. You attract followers logarithmically (or do you?)

I've had a few viral tweets with 500+ likes. My biggest one has gotten 3.5K likes and over 1.2K RTs. See below:

I've tried to measure the followers I gained based on the number of likes.

At lower numbers, it hovers between 10 and 20%. So a tweet with 200 likes will get me around 30-40 followers.

But the math breaks down once you get to viral numbers.
My 3.5K thread, for example, netted me over 2400 followers by the time things slowed down. That's about 66%.

The quicker something goes viral, the more likely people are to follow you. Which makes some sense.

This was a thread.

And a lot of the tweets within the thread got 500+ likes on their own.

Overall, the thread got almost 12K likes.

And 20% of that number is...2400.

So maybe the 10 to 20% number holds up.

But it has to break some threshold before it kicks in.
8. Don't be stingy on the Likes

If something causes you to smile, or go "huh," or even pause a bit in your scrolling...hit the Like button.

It costs you nothing.
9. Be somewhat stingy on the RTs

It's okay to have a higher standard with RTs because you are choosing to inject it directly into your followers' timelines.

Do more quote tweets than retweets so you are adding value.
10. Be thankful

Always start with gratitude.

Gratitude is the ultimate gravy for life.

Here are some accounts I'm thankful for:

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21 Jul
Some of the comments on this are painful.

You've got:

- men who are begging to be noticed by saying how great they are with female friendships.
- women who are bragging about having lots of guy friends who treat her as a sister.

But wow, are those women being naive.
If one of these girls texted one of her "guy friends that treat her like a sister" and said:

"I like you as more than a friend. Are you interested?"

99.999% of the time her "brother" will jump at the chance.

That's why he's hanging around. To pounce when the moment is right.
Another reason we need a strong Patriarchy.

These women have been left unprotected.

Thankfully, most of the men are weak so they are not being taken advantage of.

But that won't be true forever.
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21 Jul
Envy can twist a person’s affections, making them chase things they don’t even care about.

It is relational poison.

I know this because of dog poop.

We have a dog.

My kids are responsible for picking up all of the dog poop from the backyard.

This is the main way they contribute to taking care of the family pet.

It’s not their favorite job.
But sometimes they still fight over who gets to use the scooper and who has to hold the bag.

One time, the two youngest had gotten outside quickly and had started the chore.

My daughter went out and came back in, visibly upset.
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15 Jul
The biggest lie you have been told about patriarchy: that it oppresses women.

In reality, patriarchy is required for feminine women to flourish.

How does this work?

Strong men allow women to be innocent and soft.

They are safe under the umbrella of masculinity, so they can focus on being women.

Patriarchy isn't just one dude leading his family, however. (though it is not less than that)
Patriarchy was always a cultural system of obligations, duties, and responsibilities.

With these came some authority.

When exercised properly, women blossom and flourish.
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13 Jul
For fathers, it can be easy to relate to their sons.

To play with them. To do boy things.

It comes naturally.

And your daughter will want to join in the festivities.

This is why you should reject her efforts.

Your daughter wants to join in because she wants your attention.

Not necessarily because she wants to do boy things.

She sees you with her brothers. She wants to be a part of your world.

Do not take the easy route.

What is the easy route?
Letter her play like one of the boys is the easy route.

You validate her call for attention. You solidify in her mind that in order to get attention from you, she must act like one of your sons.

This is a recipe for disaster.

It can lead to resentment and insecurity.
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30 Jun
Sexual debauchery leads to the collapse of a civilization within 3 generations.

TLDR: The sexual revolution was a mistake. A poison. It unleashed termites into the foundation of the west.

How do we know this?

Read on.

Oxford anthropologist J.D. Unwin studied 86 societies and civilizations to see if there was a relationship between sexual morality and human flourishing.

What did he find?

This thread is a summary of a summary. Read to the end for the full article with additional resources.
First, Unwin defined four categories of cultures. Each is differentiated in their pursuit of art, engineering, literature, agriculture, etc.

1. Dead - these cultures are only focused on the day-to-day needs of life. They don't care about higher questions and so do not progress.
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28 Jun
Every image you put inside your head stays there forever.

You may never directly recall that image.

But it is there.

Shaping your perceptions.

Molding your affections.

For good or ill.
Before you watch something...

Before you read something...

Before you look at something...


Do I want this to be a part of me forever?
Every once in a while it might pop up. Something you wish you had never looked at.

Like stumbling across a forgotten minefield.

You can overcome it.

But it will be there like a scar.
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